7 Crystal Healing Rituals to Start Now Before the Year Ends

We all need a little reboot once in a while. Or sometimes we just need to get away. Once in a while, transits from astrology throw us a curveball. We’re in the mix of a couple of retrogrades right now, and so this has us all a little on the ugh side. What you need to do when that happens is tap into the other tools in your toolbox. We have Daily Numerology Readings, Daily Tarot readings, and of course, Daily Horoscopes that can guide you through the day-by-day when you just have that ugh feeling.

It’s that blah time of year when we all need that little boost. When you do, you want to use one of these 7 crystal healing rituals. Use one of them once a day, every day of the week, and you will wrap up 2018 with a lovely little boom.

A Note on Cleansing Your Healing Crystals:

Before you start any crystal healing crystal, you need to prepare it. We’ve talked about this before, and about grounding your Self and your crystals so that your crystals can be free of toxic and negative energy.

The reason we engage in crystal healing rituals is to create a free space in our minds, hearts, and souls. And, for healing! We want the purest space possible. We have to cleanse our crystals first to do that.

There are a number of ways to cleans your crystals. You can do one, or all of them at the same time.

Salt Water.

Salt is an ion that functions as a natural cleanser. Put a little bit of sea salt in water and add your crystal to it, and leave it for 24 hours. I like to pour the salt on top of my crystal before adding water, just to ensure that purity effect.


Sage is probably the most common way to cleanse crystals. Sage is a natural herb that comes in stalks. You can usually buy it bound, or you can bind it your Self. Light the stalk of sage and wave it around your crystals. Do it for as long as you need to, and you can almost literally feel the calming effect as you do. Sage is a natural cleanser, and so you will detoxify your crystals if they have any negative energy on them.

Sunlight & Moonlight.

Crystals come from the Earth and they have an inner energy that is the energy that we draw on for healing with crystal healing. They are accustomed to the sunlight for charging! Charge it! Putting your crystal on a windowsill where it can get the Sun is a great way to charge it, which offers the same benefits as cleansing it. You can do that for 24 hours before you use your crystals, or keep your healing crystals on the windowsill when they are not in use. The energy from the Sun is soaked up by the crystal, and it becomes a superpower! Moonlight functions in the same way. Placing your crystals under the Moonlight on a window sill the same way you do the Sun is a powerful way to cleanse them. The best time of the month to do so is around the Full Moon, and especially during the five-day Full Moon zone. Charge it!

Now that you have your crystals cleansed, it’s time to start engaging these rituals. Either do one a day for a week, or use any one of these rituals, any time you need that boost from the blahs. From broken hearts to manifesting miracles, we’ve got a ritual for that!

1. A Ritual for New Beginnings:

This ritual can be done with any of the healing crystals. This is a sacred ritual to help you launch some new beginnings.

  1. Hold the crystal in your non-dominant hand, and close your eyes as if you are meditating.
  2. Spend a moment or two emptying your mind of any negative thoughts.
  3. Visualize an egg. Eggs in Easter represent new beginnings. Picture one now, and picture your Self in the center.
  4. Ask the Universe to show you your next new beginning.
  5. When you see it, open your eyes and write down that new beginning.
  6. Now, write down three things that you need to do in order to achieve that goal.
  7. Now place that crystal over this list, and keep it in a place where you can see it every day.

2. A Ritual to Say Goodbye:

This ritual is a ritual that will help you clear out any of the negative influences in your life. You want to think about what negative things you want to remove before you start this ritual. Negative people, negative relationships, negative jobs. Where is the toxic energy flowing?

This ritual is going to help you say goodbye to all unhealthy things. Name it. Using selenite block or any form of selenite crystal is the most popular choice for this ritual. But you can use your favourite crystal as well. Use a crystal that you won’t be needing for two weeks. Whatever crystal is speaking to you today for this goodbye is the one that you will need for this ritual.

  1. Set the intention. Write down the thing that you want to rid from your life. From a bad habit to a bad person, write it down. What do you want to say goodbye to?
  2. Block it. Put the piece of paper on top of your crystal, and put it in a sacred space of yours. That could be your bedroom, your window sill, nightstand, wherever you feel is safe.
  3. Leave it undisturbed for 14 days.
  4. The crystal will work to clean this thing out of your life over the next 14 days.

3. Sharing is Caring – Grab a Partner

This ritual is all about relationships. So you will do this ritual with a partner. For this ritual, you are seeking a way to get closer with your partner. You want to use rhodonite and jasper for this crystal healing ritual. For your next date night, do this easy ritual before you head out. It will lead to a more emotionally intimate evening and relationship.

  1. Set the intentions. Each partner needs to take one of each of these stones. Now you are going to sit across from each other and hold the crystal over your heart. Take a few big breaths with each other. Now decide, with each other, to be honest, show respect, and appreciate each other.
  2. Turn-taking. Now each of you will take turns in sharing. Have one partner hold their palms face up, this is the listener. The other will continue holding the crystal over their heart, this is the speaker. The person will begin with their thoughts, and they must be set in love. The sentences must begin with, “I feel.”
  3. The only thing the listener is allowed to say is, “I hear you.”
  4. Now switch tasks.
  5. For the next sharing, do the same things with the crystals, and then share with each other appreciation. Have the talker start by listing 3 things about the other partner that they appreciate about them. “I appreciate when you bring me a coffee on the way home from work.” Things like that. The other partner must finish by saying, “Thank you.” Then take turns.
  6. Do this every time you have a date night.

4. Sage Burning Ritual:

If you are not yet a master at burning sage, this is another quick and easy ritual. This one is going to take the cleansing of your crystals up a notch. This one is about setting the intention with each and every one of your crystals. Cleansing your crystals will cleanse you.

  1. Gather up your crystals and collect your sage.
  2. Line up your crystals and start burning your sage.
  3. Use the sage over the crystals and set the intention to create purity in your life and remove negativity.
  4. Now do that with every crystal. Pick them up one by one and tell the crystal what you want it to do. That’s it! Your sage burning party sets the intentions for any crystal healing ritual you want to do.
  5. It’s not imperative that you do this, but it will make your future crystal healing rituals that much more empowering.

5. Broken Heart Ritual:

Who doesn’t need help from a broken heart? We all have been there, and we all will be there again. This ritual is a little bit longer and can take up to half an hour. Use rose quartz for this ritual, but obsidian is also a very powerful healing stone for broken hearts.

  1. Clear your space, your schedule, and your time.
  2. Open a window, light some sage, and have the sage wafting in your room as you perform this ritual.
  3. Cleanse the stone you have chosen using any of the steps discussed above.
  4. Hold it in the palm of your hands and program it to heal your heart. Ask it to! “I ask this crystal to cleanse my heart from pain and negativity. Empower me to find the love, and stay in love. I forgive. I forgive myself. I forgive all of the energy that does not serve me.”
  5. Keep repeating this intention until you actually feel better. It’s tough. We get it. Do this as long as you need to, sweetie. We’ve got you!

6. Love & Beauty Rituals:

When it comes to love and beauty, Venus is our go-to gal. When it comes to crystals, we call on her favourite stone, the stone of love and healing. There is no other crystal that does as good a job as rose quartz.

The really great thing about this ritual is that it has two functions. It is a love ritual AND a beauty ritual. And who doesn’t love a little more beauty in their life? So go ahead and charge your rose quartz and let’s get to it.

  • Rose quartz for beauty. The first thing you want to do is put all of your rose quartz stones on a plate. Then, add your favourite beauty products to that plate. Store the plate, with your beauty products. Your beauty products pick up the love and light of the rose quartz and will supercharge your beauty the next time you put on your makeup.
  • Rose quartz essence. If you have any rose quartz essence or essential oil that is rose, put that in a spritzer and spritz your face before you put on your makeup. It’s healing, loving, and beautiful.
  • Rose quartz altar. If you have enough rose quartz stones to create a plate, gather them on a plate again. Put a plate of rose quartz stones on an altar. This can be anything from a small table to a shelf or nightstand. Just put them somewhere you can see them. Every time you pass them, remind your Self how beautiful you are. Love will come to you!

7. Manifest Miracles with Tiger’s Eye:

We talk about manifesting miracles a lot here. One crystal that is very powerful for that is tiger’s eye. But citrine works just as well as a miracle worker. The more you have, the better. Make sure they are charged! You are going into this wanting to manifest some wonderful things in your life.

  1. Gather your tiger’s eye or citrine.
  2. Place them all on a plate like a compass – north, south, west, east. We do this because four is the number for foundations. The fourth house in astrology, for example, is the house of roots, the things that keep you rooted in life. So 4 is the number we use in this ritual to manifest miracles.
  3. Decide now what miracle you want in your life. Say it out loud. We don’t want to look for miracles like winning the lottery. That’s a fine wish to make any time, but this is a serious ritual about manifesting real miracles. Do you want to improve love? Or do you want Prince Harry to divorce Meghan Markle and come knocking? Be realistic.
  4. Leave these intentions grounded in the stones overnight by moonlight.
  5. The next day, put the stones in your pocket and take them with you for the next 10 days.
  6. Repeat the ritual.

Concluding Thoughts…

Your crystal healing ritual is your own. These are not rituals that are set in stone. *wink* See what we did there? Your intentions ARE set in stone. They are set in stone when you decide what you want in your life. Use these crystal healing rituals to heal from broken love, to manifest love, to feel more beautiful, or to just create more abundance in your life. Check out the crystals in our shop to gather up what you need to complete your set for these rituals.

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