How to Choose the Perfect Christmas Present, Based on Life Path Numbers

Sometimes the thought of buying presents for your nearest and dearest just makes you go “Eek!

It’s no surprise, really.

How many times has someone got you that bar of soap or gadget you’ve never used, and you’ve done your absolute best to feel appreciation (which is just as well – it truly is the thought that counts, remember?) only to experience that inevitable heart-sinking feeling at the realization it’s something that will never see the light of day again after it gets stuffed away in your drawer for all eternity?

It happens to us all!

However, there is a way to gauge what your loved one would want without frantic worrying – and the answer lies in numerology!

Some Numerology Basics

Suppose you’re bad at math (like me). No need to get anxious. It’s easy!

Numerology is an ancient science of numbers that gives you information about a person’s personality.

You do it by applying a number to each letter in their first and last name, and the numbers of their birth date, if you know it. Then you simply just add up all of those numbers, condense the final number into a single digit by adding two digits together, and bam. You’ve got a Life Path number!

Need to figure out someone’s Life Path number? Use our free Life Path number calculator.

Your Gift Guide, Based on Life Path Numbers


Life Path 1: One of a Kind

Ones like anything one of a kind, unique, or new.

As such, they’ve got pretty happy souls now that we’re transitioning into the Age of Aquarius. They love anything which is different and which nobody else has.

Try the latest gadget from an electronic store or a one-of-a-kind creation from Etsy. Something vintage wouldn’t be out of the question either, so make sure to explore your latest thrift shop for some quirky finds.

Life Path 2: Sentimental

The 2s on your list wants something personal or thoughtful. A poem you’ve written, tickets to a show you’d enjoy together, or a framed picture of the two of you (if you’re close) would make their day.

A lovely gift idea for them is a personalized mug, which always goes down well with them. Be prepared for the heart-melting reaction.

Life Path 3: Luxury

When shopping for a 3, think either entertainment or pampering.

A spa day, cozy robe and/or slippers, or scented bath oils are perfect. These people love indulging in pampering and love anything that makes them feel good. These lavender bath salts will work wonders on them.

Life Path 4: Practical

Don’t even think about getting a 4, something they can’t use. They want something functional or from the Earth, so they’d love an organizer or bag with lots of pockets.

They’re money savvy, so they’d even be happy with plain old cash or a savings bond, and because they understand the value of money, they’re not expecting some big extravagant gifts.

Something nice and simple does the trick. This set of kitchen tools would be highly appreciated!

Life Path 5: Sensual

If you’re shopping for a 5, consider that they might prefer an adventurous activity or a trip to a new place, even if it’s local.

But if you do get them an item, know they are very sensual, so they’d want anything they can taste, touch, or feel. These people need grounding, so it’s a good idea to get them something to connect with their spiritual side.

These yoga flashcards are a great way to get them in touch with their spiritual selves.

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Life Path 6: Cozy & Intimate

6s particularly enjoy music, food, and cuddly things. Dinner and a show would make their day (if possible).

They also love flowers and cozy home decor.

Remember, these are the great romantics of numerology, so they’re all about the heart-melting and the swooning. These crystal bowl candle holder sets, or something similar, are sure to please their aesthetics!

Life Path 7: Brain Food

They are learners and sleuths. Move on, Sherlock – 7 has arrived. Educational books, an enticing podcast subscription, or anything involving mystery would make a 7 smile.

Gift certificates, antiques, or something historic would work great too.

Just remember they’re particular about quality. This selection of criminal mind puzzles is guaranteed to entertain them for days on end!

Life Path 8: All the Things!

8s just love gifts. All gifts. Especially cash or gift cards! They’re impressed with brand names or anything signed by the creator.

Overall they’re easy to please.

If you want to make an 8 really happy, though, give them something that fires the imagination. This set of fragrance oils will take them all around the world while still in the comfort of their own home!

Life Path 9: Personal

A 9 just wants to know you care.

Something personalized or custom made just for them would make a big impact. A small surprise trip or a virtual concert would mean a lot to them too.

What they really need is relaxation. This neck massage pillow can really help them after a long hard day.

What Will You Buy This Holiday Season?

Wasn’t that easy? Who wouldn’t want to gain more insight into the people they care about using numerology-assisted gift selection? Choosing presents based on numerology can be both rewarding and accurate!

Now instead of racking your brain for the perfect gift, you can have fun shopping quickly and with more confidence. So go ahead and rock your holiday shopping this year!

Oh, and pass this article along to those you know so they know what you’d fancy as a gift this year too. It’s only fair, after all – plus, it may mean you won’t get lumbered with so much soap this year.

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