Unleash Your Happiness Potential Through Numerology

Have you ever wondered how to find out what you were born to do? The answer might be easier than you think. Numerology has helped people to understand their purpose and approach to life for centuries.

Your name isn’t an accident. It was given to you when you came into the world, and that’s the name you use for numerology calculations. It doesn’t matter if you got married or divorced or changed your name for other reasons for this exercise.

The vowels in your given name at birth reveal a lot about the inner you and your path to finding happiness. This is where your passion lies, and reveals what you need to know to find the desires of your heart. You’ll find your motivation and drive when you know this number. It’s your soul’s identity.

So, how do you find what this number is? That’s fairly simple. Remember, it concerns the vowels in your name. You simply convert the vowels in your name to a numeric value, using the chart below.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9




For example, if your given name at birth was Susan Jane Smith, the vowels would be U, A, A, E, and I. We see from the chart that U is a number 3, A is a number 1, E is a number 5, and I is a number 9. 3 + 1 + 1 + 5 + 9 = 19. Now you have to reduce that down to a single digit (unless you get a master number of 11, 22, or 33; those have their own interpretations). 1 + 9 = 10, 1 + 0 = 1.

In numerology, this is called your Hearts Desire Number, and it will help you to unravel questions like ‘why am I here,’ ‘what’s my purpose,’ ‘how can I be happy.’ By understanding your Hearts Desire Number—and other facets of numerology, for that matter—you will have tools to create the life you truly want to live, and the happiness you might feel is escaping you.

Number 1

You’re incredibly independent, and a natural leader. Your path to happiness comes from knowing when and how to take charge, and then doing so. You’re not bad at being a team player, as long as you get your way! You’re headstrong and will move mountains to do what you think is right, even if you’re the only one who thinks so.

Even if you’re a natural introvert (which you probably aren’t), you’ll still have strong opinions and won’t be shy about sharing them in some way. You’re creative and self-sufficient. In order to really experience the full potential and joy in your life, you have to find a way to unleash your inner self and express your own individuality.

Number 2

Your path to happiness has to come through things being harmonious. You should try your best to avoid conflicts, or at least mediate them in a peaceful manner. You don’t have a temper, but you can be very stubborn. Not everything is a battle you have to win. Realize when it’s time to gracefully back down.

You’re reliable and like to be relied on. Your life will be happier if you have a partner or close circle of loved ones on whom you can depend. You like to support others, but you’re usually not very comfortable in the spotlight. You’re diplomatic and tactful, and that will win you the respect and acceptance of others.

Number 3

As a number 3, you find it easy to be optimistic. You’re happiest when you’re creating something, being original, and expressing yourself. You’ve got pretty romantic ideas as to how life is supposed to unfold, but when it doesn’t work out that way you have the potential to really sink into despair.


this doesn’t last very long and you’re soon back to your jovial self. Because you spend your time looking for reasons to be cheerful, you might come across as superficial or unreliable. Your path to true joy is to find the balance between being independent and free, and where to put down foundations.

You have to learn to take the rough with the smooth, so find a way to compromise.

Number 4

You’re probably going to feel out of your comfort zone unless your life is structured, so make plans and adhere to them. You do need to learn to be flexible along the way, and to avoid doing something in your plan if your heart isn’t into it or if you feel the timing is wrong. It’s okay to bend the rules once in awhile, and that’s something you should practice from time to time.

Yours is not the life of a maverick, either. You prefer the traditional values rather than being on the cutting edge. Your biggest lesson is not to get too bogged down in your work, and not to take things too seriously. You have a strong sense of responsibility, but you don’t want to come over as dour. Your path to happiness is to learn how to balance work and play.

Number 5

You’re never going to be happy as long as others are trying to control you or pigeonhole you into how they think your life should be. You’re so independent and original, and you have to be free to go where life takes you if you’re going to be truly fulfilled.

You may seem a bit of a rebel to those who don’t understand you, but as long as you understand yourself, you’ll not take things too far. Going new places, learning new things, meeting new people; these are all ingredients for your life to be fulfilled. You don’t like to be predictable, and you abhor routine and banality.

To be truly content with your life you need to find a way to be responsible, but not bored. It may be a fine line at times, but the more you understand yourself, the more you’ll be able to walk it.

Number 6

You can’t help but give of yourself, for that’s what makes you feel complete. You’re at your happiest when you’re looking after someone, comforting them or helping them in some way. Your family and loved ones are important to you, and usually when they’re happy, you’re happy.

You will have to learn how to help without interfering though, or people could end up resenting you, which would make all parties concerned uncomfortable.

You’re drawn to beautiful things and probably enjoy decorating your home and making it nice. You do need to learn to stand up for yourself a bit more. When you’re taken for granted, you get moody and sad. Find the right balance between caring for others and looking after your own needs, and your life will be very fulfilled indeed.

Number 7

This is probably one of the most independent

numbers, because you’re happy with your own company, and enjoy spending time with yourself pursuing a new interest, or learning about a new philosophy. You are very studious, and often live up in your head. Finding the deeper meaning to

life is important to you.

Spiritual growth is also important to you, and for your life to feel fulfilled you’ll need to find a dharma that meshes with your principles. You’re not one for a lot of socializing, and conversations mean nothing to you unless they’re deep and meaningful. For you to feel truly content with your life, focus on finding like-minded people for your friends and lovers.

Number 8

You’re at your happiest when you’re in control, and heaven

help the person who challenges you for that control. You have leadership skills and you know how to put a plan in

action. You aren’t particularly tactful, though, and that’s something you need to work on.

You mustn’t alienate the very people who can help you find your life’s purpose and your ultimate goals. Part of your life’s lesson is to learn how to reach the top and yet remain humble and courteous. You’re very ambitious and strong-willed, and that’s both an asset and a challenge.

You easily rub people the wrong way if this is out of balance, coming over as a braggart rather than being seen as someone who’s reliable and confident. You’re not overly emotional, you’re more concerned with career and business matters, and have the potential to develop a very rewarding career.

Number 9

You are very humanitarian and focused more on the bigger picture rather than the smaller details. You have a lot of compassion, but you sometimes sacrifice too much of yourself in order to help others. You’re independent and original and you genuinely want to make the world a better place through your ideas and service.

Your life’s happiness lies in finding the balance. You can’t help others if you yourself are depleted. One way you can feed both your own needs and the needs of those around you is to tap into your artistic abilities and self-expression. The paintings that move people to tears, the greatest love songs; they’ve all got the ‘9’ energy in them.

When you capture this and channel it to share with others, you’ll find that you are meeting your soul’s needs in more ways than one, and you’ll create a rich and fulfilling life for yourself and others.

Number 11

This is one of the Master Numbers, and it comes with its own set of challenges. One such challenge is that, with an 11, you’ll be tempted to stifle or ignore your own talents, which is something you shouldn’t do. They were given to you in order that your life might be full and complete.

To ignore them or to turn away from them creates karmic debt that you’ll have to balance out, either later in this lifetime or in a future incarnation. You’re driven to create peace in all situations, and may take on leadership positions in order to do that. You’ll be tempted to put your own quest for happiness aside and deal with helping the Earth as a whole.

In order to find true fulfillment in your life, you have to find a way to do both. Relationships aren’t easy for you, but you may find contentment with a wide variety of loved ones and companions, and some kind of creative activity you can turn to at the end of a trying day.

Number 22

This is the second of the Master Numbers, and it comes with quite a lesson. Your path to happiness is to help uplift mankind as a whole, and you’ve got the tenacity to create just that. You can’t lose yourself along the way, though. Everyone needs downtime and you’re no different.

You won’t be relaxed and content if you don’t get over the idea that you have to be helping others all the time, and learn to relax in doing something that you enjoy. You’re reliable and productive, but this sometimes makes you intolerant of others who don’t have the same high standards as you.

Your path to happiness lies in learning how to blend this calling to help others with tolerance for those who don’t feel the same, and then blend it with an enjoyable activity so you can escape your duties for awhile. You can’t give your best to everyone else if you’re not nurturing your own spirit.

Number 33

This is the rarest of Master Numbers. It’s usually reduced to 6, and is only applicable if the other Master Numbers (11 and 22) are present elsewhere in numerology calculations. This number comes with a great responsibility, but also the freedom of choice.

Many who have the Master Number of 33 actually choose to embrace it as a 6, rather than to try to live up to its demands and expectations. Only you will know which path is right for you. Trying to live up to the demands of 33 and failing will incur karmic debt to be lived out at another time.

As a 33 you won’t even have to question what your path to happiness is, for you will have known it from birth. It’s the path of giving yourself freely and unconditionally. There’s a divine and pure mannerism in your character. You don’t know what it’s like to feel jealous or experience rage.

Your whole life’s purpose is to be peaceful and to bring that peace to the rest of the world. There’s no messianic complex, no conceit or arrogance. You simply walk in love and spread kindness as a 33.


Please remember that looking at the vowels of your name is only one aspect of your numerology. This does indeed point to your happiness potential, but just as you may have had more than one name in your life, there may also be more than one path to your fulfillment.

It takes a full numerology reading to understand all your options, and a full life to live them to their completion.

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