Happy Thanksgiving! Attitudes of Gratitudes, Zodiac Sign by Zodiac Sign

It’s gratitude time again! The holiday season and the spirit of Thanksgiving will soon be upon our North American friends. It’s always a great marker in the calendar year to remind us all to be a little more grateful for the blessings in our life, great and small. The truth is, no matter where you live in the world, it’s never a bad season to show your gratitude.

Today we are going to explore attitudes of gratitude by zodiac sign. We want to show every single one of you why we are grateful for you, and also how you can show attitudes of gratitude to your beloveds this holiday season, and all year long.

Mutable Signs – Unexpected Moments

The mutable signs are known for their flexibility and adaptability to just about any situation or season that crosses their path. That’s why we love you!

  • Sagittarius: We love your big dreams, Sagittarius, and are so grateful for your always positive outlook on life. Your bouncy exuberance as the mutable fire sign is contagious. Thank you, Sagittarius! To show your attitude of gratitude to people you love, continue coaching them to be the best they can be. Thank them for being part of your Big Picture in life too.
  • Virgo: You are the friend we call when we are stuck on the side of the road, or hit with any life crisis. Thank you, Virgo! We also love your attention to detail, and your ability to cut through the nonsense during high drama times. Show your gratitude to your loved ones this year by reminding them through every storm, you will be there.

They already know this, but the reminder is a joy.

  • Gemini: As the mutable air sign noted by the twins, you appreciate the little things in life, Gemini, and we appreciate you for that. You don’t always use the words “thank you” but show your appreciation in different ways you believe will help the people you love. Don’t be afraid to use the words though, Gemini, your beloveds do need to hear it.
  • Pisces: Ever the dreamer, we love you, Pisces, as the emotional mutable water sign, as you are closely connected to your soul spirit. You are skilled at spreading compassion wherever you go, and always have a trail of thankful admirers, even if you don’t know it. Keep doing that.

To show your thanks to someone this year, look them in the eye when you express your attitude of gratitude. Your love and thanks will be felt in the depths of their soul.

Cardinal Signs – Fierce Gratitude

Cardinal signs are at the front of the pack when it comes to leading and taking charge. You don’t do anything the small way. We are grateful for your fierce and fearless presence in our lives.

  • Aries: As the cardinal sign of the fire signs, your energy is so appreciated Aries, and we love how you take life by the horns. You do that in your own life, and push us to do the same in ours. We also love how you don’t hold grudges.

This year, be the first in the family to provide peace offerings, and be the first to tell your loved ones individually why you are grateful for them. When you do, you will continue to be the family’s golden child.

  • Cancer: Male or female, you are the eternal mother and nurturer of the zodiac and like every mother, you don’t hear appreciation for those gifts enough. Know that we love you for loving us and listening to us unconditionally. Thank you! Your sense of humor always has us rolling too.

To show your gratitude this year, honor the funny moments in your loved ones lives, and they will continue to be eternally grateful.

  • Capricorn: As the cardinal earth sign, Capricorn, your reputation of being practical and grounded precedes you. We love and appreciate how you take care of everyone in your life and their practical needs. Your sense of humor and sarcastic wit is underestimated. Of all signs, you have the most difficulty expressing gratitude the conventional way.

Share your classy touch of wit with your loved ones this holiday season and make it personal. They’ll eat that up faster than any turkey going around the table.

  • Libra: This cardinal air sign is known for grace and charm, and also your personal style. You are also the most diplomatic sign, and known as the Secretary of State in your family. We are so grateful for the peace you bring to the table. To show your gratitude this year, bring personalized gifts that sparkle but honor the individual traits of your loved ones.

They will continue to appreciate you as the world’s best peace keeper.

Fixed Signs – Your Gratitude is Un-Moving

Fixed signs have a reputation for being a bit stubborn. As a fixed sign, I prefer to use the word “loyal.” If a fixed sign loves you, you will likely have their love for life, even if you make a few mistakes along the way. You just never give up on people you care about, and we will always have our deepest gratitude in return.

  • Scorpio: As the emotional, fixed water sign, your loyalty is never questioned, because you embody it with a fierceness that never goes unnoticed. Thank you for sticking by us, Scorpio, even when we make mistakes. We love you for your empathy, and your ability to help us get to the nitty-gritty secrets of any matter.

While you aren’t the most open sign when it comes to showing gratitude, don’t be afraid to use these words more this season, Scorpio. It will reach the depths of the soul of your beloveds.

  • Leo: Ruled by the Sun, as the fixed fire sign, you love attention. Your showmanship is unparalleled in the zodiac. At the same time, you love to make the people around you feel like rock stars as well, and for this we will always appreciate you. Nobody can stay mad at Leo, you’re just too charming and fun.

To show your gratitude to the ones you love, follow up your fiery words with real-life actions. Flattery is wonderful, but so are those small moments in life that show you care.

  • Taurus: The fixed sign of the earth signs Taurus is loved because you have this wonderful balance to your soul. You are sensual and beautiful, and make everything around you beautiful thanks to your ruling planet Venus. What we love most about you is your ability to handle intense days and times with a calm and practical air, infused with love.

You show your love and appreciation through beautiful gifts and small unexpected tokens of love, and this means the world. Keep doing that!

  • Aquarius: If you have an Aquarius in your life, your biggest complaint may be that you never know what they are feeling. This gratitude season, embrace that realism in the ingenious Aquarius and realize that’s okay. Your Aquarius is probably the first person you go to when you have a problem that just needs listening.

We love your no-nonsense and common sense approach to life, Aquarius, and appreciate the idealism you bring to every situation. It’s more difficult for you to express the word thank you, but if you compliment the people in your life more, your gratitude will be felt around the world.

Concluding thoughts….

Every zodiac sign has their light and shadow sides, but every zodiac sign also has things we love to love about them. This Thanksgiving, or anytime you want to show your attitude of gratitude, take the time to make sure your favorite people know just what you love about them. If you’re stuck finding the words, just use this list! We won’t tell.

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