How Can I Use My Birth Chart to Develop Intuition?

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How can I use my birth chart to develop intuition?

Thanks for asking that amazing question! So many times people think your birth chart simply tells you what you were born to be like, when in fact, it’s a much more complex tool! Every planet, and every sign—and when you get more advanced, every aspect and transit—has the potential to be a stepping stone towards creating the life you want to lead. This includes developing psychically, too! Of course, some signs are better at it than others. The earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) are very practical, while the air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) are very analytical. They’ve all got some intuitive aspect, though, and planets in these signs will enhance or play down that psychic energy. Let’s take a closer look!

Intuitive or Psychic?

Is there a difference? Some would say yes. To be intuitive means you have hunches about things. defines intuition as ‘keen and quick insight,’ and ‘direct perception of the truth.’ It’s possible to be intuitive without being psychic. The definitions of psychic include ‘outside of natural or scientific knowledge,’ and ‘sensitive to influences or forces of a nonphysical or supernatural nature.’ This means that a psychic flash could come from a guardian angel or a spirit guide.


You like to be on the cutting edge of things. You’ll get your intuitive flashes by knowing what the next fad is when you see it. Trust your judgement, but don’t be too hasty. Your attention is short, and you might miss something important if you lose your focus.


You’re naturally an earth sign, practical and reliable. Your intuition comes more through safe bets than it does by taking chances. You usually appreciate nature in some way or form. It could benefit you to learn to read the messages the Earth sends to you by learning about totems.


You maybe naturally clairaudient. You’re innately communicative, so it makes sense that you’ll find a way to communicate with your spirit guides. The problem for you is to be quiet long enough to hear what they have to say!


You’re one of the most intuitive signs anyway! Trust your hunches and your gut feelings, they’re not usually wrong. The only sticky part is if you let yourself get too involved. Learn how to shield yourself, so others can’t drain your energy.


You have a knack for being in the right place at the right time. You’re such a socialite, and don’t shy away from attention. Somehow you always know where to go to hit ‘the happening,’ and your charisma gets you the right kind of recognition from the right kind of people!


Your intuition comes from sensing when something is out of order. You’re naturally critical by nature, and while some people would see that as a challenge, when it’s properly channeled it will work to your advantage. The problem lies when you get too critical of others, and don’t give them the room to be who they are.


You’re all about balance. Your intuition lies in recognizing atmospheres and disharmony. You can’t abide friction, and seem to know just what to say to smooth everything over again. Just don’t dither too long, or you’ll become part of the problem instead of part of the solution!


As a water element, you were born with keen powers of intuition. As a Scorpio, you’re intense, and deep. Combine the two, and you’re able to read deep into situations, and see things that aren’t obvious to others. It’s all part of your enigmatic charm!


You’re known for your optimism and for being a bit luckier than the average person. The reason for that is you were born understanding the Law of Attraction, and you seem to be able to effortlessly apply it to your life. You don’t even realize how intuitive you are, because it’s just part of your nature!


You have a pragmatic business sense that’s an enigma to most, and makes you a whiz with facts and figures. It may not seem intuitive to you, but not everyone can balance the books or stretch their money like you can! You’re able to read into financial matters, too, and know when to be frugal with your assets.


Your intuition takes you into the depths of humanity. You genuinely want to make a difference, and have the ability to know what cause to champion to make that happen. You’re insightful and original, and that—coupled with your ability to ‘read’ an audience—will take you far!


You’re another water element sign who’s got above average psychic talents. Pay attention to your dreams and your hunches because they’re usually correct. Keep one foot rooted in reality though, because your downfall is to create a fantasy world and then try to live in it.


Another way to find out how to use your birth chart to develop intuition is to look at your Moon sign. In astrology, the Moon rules your psyche, unconscious, feelings, and emotions. You’ll need your time and place of birth to get this right, though, because the Moon changes signs every couple of days.

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