Your Lucky Crystal for 2022, Based on Your Life Path Number

2022 has certainly been a year of ups and downs so far, and chances are you’ve been frantically going through your crystal collection to help you get through these turbulent times.

Maybe you’ve been wearing your rose quartz pendant to help promote universal love or your tiger’s eye bracelet to bring you greater courage.

Crystals are wonderful things.

To tap into the magic of a crystal is to tap into the essence of the Earth itself. We have lucky crystals for all different things: crystals for healing, crystals for traveling, crystals for strength, crystals for love, crystals for wisdom – and so forth.

We want to make 2022 a bit easier for you when it comes to choosing the perfect crystal for you. 2022 (in line with the Year of the Tiger, which is a year of rollercoaster ups and downs) will yield unexpected events and shocking encounters, so harnessing the power of crystals can help keep you steady and level-headed during these turbulent times.

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Life Path Numbers & Crystals

Your Life Path number is a major clue when it comes to the best crystal that works for you!

The Life Path number is all about the soul, and your soul knows a little bit more about the direction your life is going in. Therefore, it’s important to find the crystal that will work best with your soul.

At the same time, you want a crystal that will work with the energies of 2022, which will center around unexpected occurrences, possible changes in direction, and greater opportunities for spiritual growth.

To find out your Life Path number, use our numerology calculator before reading ahead!

Your Lucky Crystal for 2022

Life Path Number 1: Tiger’s Eye

Life Path 1 is all about independence, determination, and leadership.

2022 is going to demand your leadership skills come to the forefront. At times, you may feel unnerved by this and reluctant to answer the call of the universe. Tiger’s eye brings you strength and courage. You have a great deal of this within you and this crystal helps to keep you grounded and stable, while enabling you to harness your natural strength and determination for whatever situation arises.

How To Use Tiger’s Eye

Wear this lucky crystal around your wrist as a bracelet. Keep a stone in your pocket, especially to meditate with if you find yourself lacking confidence or experiencing uncertainty.

Life Path Number 2: Rose Quartz

As a Life Path 2, you’re sensitive and diplomatic with a kind heart.

In 2022, your compassionate nature may be required to spread far and wide. For yourself and for others, promoting peace, harmony, and love is on the cards for you this year. More than ever, staying balanced within is important and rose quartz helps to bring you this sense of peace and harmony. This crystal enables you to keep a cool head while soothing and calming others too.

How To Use Rose Quartz

This is best worn as a bracelet around the wrist or as a pendant close to your heart. Rose quartz is a crystal of the heart and helps expand your powerful strength and compassion outwards. Keep a piece next to your pillow for a more restful sleep and to ward off negative energies.

Life Path Number 3: Sodalite

Life Path 3 is all about networking, communicating, and being inquisitive.

In 2022, speaking your truth may become more prominent than ever. The sodalite crystal helps you connect to your inner wisdom and enables you to see beyond falsities that may be presented to you. Sometimes, trying to distinguish between your rational mind and intuitive one can be a struggle for you, but sodalite helps you see things with greater clarity and wisdom.

How To Use Sodalite

Carrying a piece with you is the best way to harness the energy of this stone. It is also effective to place a piece on your desk when working or keeping by your bed. Wearing it around the neck near your throat chakra is especially helpful.

Life Path Number 4: Moonstone

As a Life Path 4, you are giving, caring, and compassionate. In 2022, you may find that your caring and nurturing qualities are being stretched out.

Therefore, it is important to recharge your batteries often and be sure to engage in plenty of self-nurture. The moonstone crystal helps you tap into the deep feminine part of your nature which promotes self-care and helps to rebalance you from within. Too much Yang energy in your environment can lead to an imbalance and moonstone enables you to generate this balance within, which then projects into your external world.

How To Use Moonstone

Moonstone is best worn as a pendant or bracelet, but it is also handy to carry a thumb stone crystal around in your pocket that you can refer to whenever you feel your energies out of balance.

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Life Path Number 5: Sunstone

Life Path 5 brings you creativity, mental stimulation, and a desire to get to the truth.

In 2022, you may find yourself seeking the truth and trying to shine a light on situations that are confusing. Sunstone, as the name suggests, helps to shine this light on confusion or darkness. It promotes positivity and happy energy to assist you when your energies are feeling depleted.

How To Use Sunstone

Meditating with this 2022 crystal is the best way to harness its energy. Let its warm and vibrant energy fill your body. Just five minutes of meditation with sunstone can make a huge difference!

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Life Path Number 6: Black Tourmaline

As a Life Path 6, you are responsible and focused. 2022 has some unexpected moments ahead and you may find that your natural focus is thrown off. Black tourmaline helps to ground you and protect you from negative energies so you are able to view things with clarity and stay focused on your path.

How To Use Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline has extremely powerful energy so it is important to use this crystal in moderation. For example, it is not advised to place it under your pillow or wear it continuously throughout the day. When you feel your energies are becoming out of sync, take 5 minutes to meditate with this crystal and to clear negative energies around you.

Life Path Number 7: Angelite

As a Life Path 7, you are balanced, intuitive, and harmony-loving. 2022 may require you to have complete trust in your intuition and there may be a few moments where you doubt it. The angelite crystal puts you in touch with your higher self and helps you remember the phenomenal power of your own intuition, which can then help you make decisions with greater clarity.

How To Use Angelite

This is a wonderful lucky crystal to carry around with you and meditate with when you feel particularly stressed. Angelite is a crystal that brings an immediate sense of calm and peace so carrying a small piece in your pocket can be very helpful.

Life Path Number 8: Pyrite

As a Life Path 8, you are ambitious, strong, and influential. 2022 may present its fair share of challenges to you and pyrite can help you become the strongest and best version of yourself to overcome them. Pyrite is known as the warrior stone, and a warrior you are. This crystal builds self-belief and confidence in yourself so that you have the strength to move forward into your destiny.

How To Use Pyrite

This 2022 crystal is best worn as a bracelet or a pendant around the neck. It helps to have a piece next to you while you sleep to ward off negative energies.

Life Path 9: Blue Jasper

As a Life Path 9, you are an idealist and a humanitarian with a strong connection to the spiritual world.

In 2022 you may find yourself thinking about the deeper meaning behind everything and wondering how you can use your special talents to bring greater balance. Blue jasper puts you in touch with your higher self and connects you at a deeper level to your spirituality. It also helps to dispel fear and negative thinking, which thereby clears your energies and brings you greater clarity and wisdom.

How To Use Blue Jasper

Wearing a piece around your neck or carrying a tumble stone in your pocket that you can meditate with when you are feeling confused or experiencing negative thoughts is the best way to harness this crystal’s energy. A palm stone of this crystal is highly recommended.

Wishing You Luck for 2022!

Make sure to get your lucky crystal soon if you haven’t already got one in your crystal collection!

Remember, the Life Path number is like a blueprint, a map that helps navigate your soul’s journey. Souls-like crystals and one thing we all need is a lucky one to help us through the coming year.

What does your lucky crystal say to you? Do you already have one in your collection? Let your 2022 crystal be a clue as to what to expect for the rest of the year, and remember, your crystal is there to help and guide you!

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