Crystals that Boost Motivation Throughout Each Season

Crystals are exceptionally useful for many ailments – spiritual, emotional, and physical – and crystals are effective year-round. However, certain crystals vibrate with a unique lifeforce during certain seasons while they seem to hibernate during others, appearing less potent or effective. While cleansing your crystals is necessary to recharge and refresh their energy, some stones simply seem to glow more intensely during different seasons.

As seasons change, so do the energies that surround us and the energies within ourselves. Each shift of nature brings with it transitions within our minds, bodies, and spirits that can be both invigorating and emotionally draining. New seasons bring back old memories, both bad and good, and remind us of the inevitability of passing time. It is a beautiful experience that can also be evocative, causing us to momentarily lose focus and even motivation.

As the Northern hemisphere settles into spring and the Southern into autumn – you will find this guide useful for choosing and utilizing the best crystals for staying motivated through the changing seasons and revitalizing your energy.

Crystals for Spring

Springtime invokes images of blossoming flowers, sounds of cheerful morning birds and the scent of dew on grass during the sunrise. This season is inherently refreshing and associated with starting over, renewal and regrowth. However, our internal nature doesn’t always match that of Mother Earth, and revitalizing as springtime may be, sometimes we get stuck in emotional or spiritual ruts. This is where the healing energy of crystals comes in.

  • Amethyst is lavender to purplish stone and an excellent crystal to work with during spring, as it purifies your energy and brings peace within. Amethyst is especially useful when dealing with addictive behaviors, such as overindulging in unhealthy food, excessive alcohol, shopping or even drug use.
  • Citrine is a bright, lively crystal that ranges from yellow to brown and is associated with opportunity and regeneration. This crystal stimulates mental activity and provides clarity while urging creativity and expression.
  • Emerald is a deep, forest green crystal that is wonderful for encouraging motivation and resembles an emulation of spring in jewel-toned, crystal form. This beautiful, rare stone is associated with expansion and rejuvenation and will inspire you to blossom alongside the blooming fields of daffodils and tulips.

Summer Stones

Summer is a season that conjures feelings of relaxation, camping, social adventures and enjoying the warm weather. It is a season that correlates with thrills and amusement. This can be a difficult time to deal with emotional upsets or challenges, and you may lose incentive if your energies are not aligned. Fortunately, there are warm, energizing crystals that can help.

  • Sunstone is an obvious choice for summer and a gorgeous stone that ranges from pinks to oranges, peaches and reds and sparkles under sunlight. This crystal is associated with luck and independence and encourages creative expression. It inspires confidence and encourages physical activity.
  • Carnelian is a warm stone that used to be referred to as “the setting sun” by Ancient Egyptians. Its colors, which range from pink to orange and red, resemble a summer sunset and inspire the same feelings of admiration and gratitude for life’s beauty.
  • Tiger’s eye is a deep brown-to-black stone with mesmerizing flashes of gold and copper that emit a protective, grounding energy. This crystal possesses the energies of earth and fire, pulling the sun’s energy toward us in a grounding manner that provides motivation all summer.

Autumn Gems

In many places, autumn elicits the visual wonders of changing leaves, the smell of crackling bonfires and the taste of cinnamon and apples. As the daylight begins to decrease, the sensory marvels may not be enough to fend off negative thoughts or shifting moods. Most people simply respond positively to more sunlight than less, and this decrease in vitamin D and daytime can cause many people to lose motivation. If you find your energy waning amidst the falling leaves, consider adding these crystals to your metaphysical tool chest.

  • Moonstone is a semi-translucent stone that ranges from clear to white and even grey, and it contains beautiful, sparkling flashes of blues that are simply gorgeous. This crystal is intuitive, feminine and connected to the moon – a perfect stone to use during Autumn Equinox rituals. It is emotionally reassuring and calms the soul. Moonstone is also inspirational and will keep you excited for fall.
  • Moss agate is mysterious stone that resembles a forest floor, with greys, browns and mossy greens running throughout. This beautiful stone is restorative and will boost your confidence while attracting abundance and opportunity. It is also a stone that helps to shield from environmental upsets, like inclement weather and seasonal allergies.
  • Red Jasper is an opaque, crimson crystal whose energy administers strength and endurance. It is a grounding stone that is deeply rooted within Earth and will help you feel grounded as well. A palpable spiritual energy resonates throughout this stone, encouraging you to connect more deeply to the universe.

Winter Crystals

Winter, for many geographic locations, means short days, long nights and the possibility of snowball fights. Many people struggle with the short days, lack of sunlight and oft dreary weather. Happily, there are crystals that can warm the heart, soothe the soul and lift the spirit.

  • Rose quartz is a pinkish, semi-translucent stone that acts as an excellent elixir for heartache of any kind. This crystal promotes self-love and confidence, making it a perfect stone for combating the winter blues. It will bring you a sense of nurturing peace that will keep you motivated all winter long.
  • Lepidolite is an icy stone that ranges from dusty pinks to lavenders and has a flaky, sparkling appearance like melting, candied ice. This stone assists with and eases transitions, allowing the mind and body to adapt to the challenges brought on by this season. It also decreases negative energy, depression and anxiety.
  • Turquoise is a ubiquitous stone that most people can immediately recognize and recall. It is a deep, opaque teal color with thin, brown veins running throughout. Turquoise promotes mental clarity and possesses a serene nature that washes over those who work with it. This stone is wise and will share that wisdom with you, increasing intuition and allowing you to trust yourself and your emotions.

In Good Season

The weather does not account for our life circumstances, and much as we might like to enjoy every aspect of the changing seasons, we sometimes need a little boost from the metaphysical tools that are so willing to help us.

Utilize the energies of these healing crystals to keep yourself grounded, balanced, positive and motivated throughout the changing seasons, and ready to face any challenges they may bring.

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