Color(s): Pink, purple

Affirmation(s): "I am emotionally balanced and filled with peace."

About Lepidolite

Lepidolite is known to reduce stress and bring us awareness, helping us find feelings of inner peace and harmony.

Also referred to as “The Peace Stone,” this crystal is best used during times of transition or when changes must occur in order to find emotional balance. 

The Heart chakra is the center of our awareness as its primary, so it's no wonder Lepidolite is often used in healing and unblocking that center, helping the user connect to their higher self.

Libra placements should have this crystal in their collection as this stone promotes balance, a quality that is very important for this Air sign.

How to Use Lepidolite

One of the best ways to use Lepidolite is by wearing it—its presence against the skin assures its energy is maximized. 

This is also an excellent stone to boost harmonious energy in your home or office. Place a piece on your crystal altar or place one on your workspace.

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