Which Signature Scent Attracts Your Zodiac Sign?

Scientists have proven that smell is the first sense we register as infants, long before we are aware of sight and sound. Studies show that memory is most easily triggered by scent as well. Clearly, smell is a meaningful and emotive part of our lives – so why not try to find your perfect perfume using your zodiac sign?

Discover the Notes of Your Zodiac Sign’s Signature Scent!

Aquarius – Water Musk

They may be an Air sign, but Aquarius should turn to the sea for their fragrance inspiration. Clean and refreshing, water musk is slightly more bracing than traditional musk. Briny sea elements like salt create an intriguingly sharp note, which Aquarius can embrace wholeheartedly. This Air sign is notoriously non-traditional as well, so a modern interpretation of a classic element is a perfect pairing for their taste.

Best Fragrance to Try: ‘Rain’ by Commodity Goods

Pisces – Violet

Not known for being too assertive, violet is a softly unassuming floral note. Dreamy and delicate, this flower gives a sweet touch to perfume which is the perfect fit for a laidback Water sign. Don’t be fooled though – just as this note is strong enough to carry a fragrance, Pisces is no ‘shrinking violet’ and can take center stage when they want. To avoid smelling like potpourri, keep the rest of the scent bright and crisp.

Best Fragrance to Try: ‘Daisy’ by Marc Jacobs

Aries – Suede

There is something luxurious and rugged about the scent of suede that triggers an almost primal reaction upon smelling it – making it the right pairing for an Aries’s no holds barred attitude. While suede may seem like an odd note in fragrance, it creates a straightforward earthy base that suits this Fire sign’s assertive and dynamic personality. Don’t worry about ethics though, modern suede notes are synthetic!

Best Fragrance to Try: ‘Tuscan Leather’ by Tom Ford

Taurus – Cloves

With a warm and homey feel to it, clove is a comforting yet sensual scent that has a distinctly Taurus energy. Often associated with decadent food and drink, it evokes the urge to curl up and indulge. The woodsy spice note of clove endures, much like this Earth sign’s tenacious attitude. Unlike other scents and signs, the pairing of clove and Taurus is never overbearing or aggressive – just stable and calming.

Best Fragrance to Try: ‘By the Fireplace’ by Replica

Gemini – Rose

Though this classic floral element may seem a little tame for a Gemini, there is really no scent more versatile and adaptable than rose. It can be soft, bold, delicate, assertive or harmonious in turns, all dependent on how it’s applied – and how Gemini is that? Though this Air sign can be difficult to predict and prone to whims, one thing they never are is basic, so keep the rest of the fragrance complex and deep.

Best Fragrance to Try: ‘Florabotanica’ by Balenciaga

Cancer – Jasmine

Delicate and alluring, jasmine is a whimsical floral note that creates a sense of drama and romance – sound familiar? True to Cancer’s personality, this scent can be luxurious or daring in turn; it all depends on the pairing. While neither is particularly aggressive, lest you think jasmine is too sweet, like this Water sign, it can have a hidden edge. Keep things vivacious and fun by picking a scent that’s spicy too.

Best Fragrance to Try: ‘Flowerbomb’ by Viktor & Rolf

Leo – Lemon

Lemon notes are a ray of sunshine in a bottle; bright and cheerful, it has an instant mood-boosting effect that puts a smile on your face. Like this straightforward and confident Fire sign, citrus-based fragrances are bold. As Leo’s natural charisma is hard for other’s to pull off, not everybody can make a citrus note work for them. This sign doesn’t ever shy away from the spotlight though, so lemon is a perfect fit.

Best Fragrance to Try: ‘Citrine’ by Nest

Virgo – Cedar

Unlike other woods in perfume, cedar is simple and uncomplicated; it is not overwhelming or demanding in a fragrance. Much like this Earth sign, cedar is accessible and easy to appreciate, without creating discord. Just as Virgo is not known for being complicated or fussy, cedar is a straightforward scent too. Though Virgo can be rigid sometimes, this note pairs well with just about any other smell.

Best Fragrance to Try: ‘Smoked Vetiver’ by Clean Reserve

Libra – Musk

The most versatile of perfume scents, musk can be incorporated into every layer of a fragrance with varying intensities and depths. Like Libra’s personality, it creates a perfect harmony and balance, lending either warmth and stability as a base, or a powerful confidence as a top note. There is also a relaxed note to musk that suits this Air sign’s need to embrace a little laid back ‘me’ time every now and again.

Best Fragrance to Try: ‘Musc Imperial’ by Atelier Cologne

Scorpio – Patchouli

This is not your granny’s patchouli! Modern perfumery makes this botanical element dark and moody, often tempering the heavy edge of it with delicate, hidden elements- which makes it a perfect fit for Scorpio. Though it can sometimes come off a little intense, patchouli essence is also a comforting smell. While Scorpio may not be known for this trait as other Water signs, they still have their softer side too.

Best Fragrance to Try: ‘Angel’ by Thierry Mugler

Sagittarius – Bergamot

Fresh, radiant and inviting, bergamot is a unique perfume note that sits between earthy and citrus. Similar to Sagittarius, bergamot has an effervescence that usually brings a smile to people’s faces. While both bergamot and this Fire sign can be a little overwhelming if they’re not tempered in their enthusiasm, complementing the strength of it with sweet floral notes will hit the right spot.

Best Fragrance to Try: ‘Pure Poison’ by Dior

Capricorn – Espresso

Just as bracing and invigorating as a fresh cup of coffee, espresso notes create an immediate focus in perfumes that is deeply enjoyable. The subtle yet confident air this lends a fragrance is the right pick for Capricorn; just as an espresso base note creates a stable foundation for brighter top notes, this Earth sign is reliable and focused. To avoid smelling like a café, make sure the rest of the fragrance is brisk.

Best Fragrance to Try: ‘Black Opium’ by Yves Saint Laurent

Hopefully, you’ve been inspired to go out and explore the world of signature scents based on your zodiac sign! Head to your local perfume department and test a few fragrances to find your new favorite scent.

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