Your Guide to Moonstone: Lunar Vibes

                                    Moonstone in a bowl surrounded by Amethyst crystals.

The Moon is a mysterious, powerful force in our lives. An ancient entity, the Moon bestows us with wisdom, and it influences our emotions much like it controls the tides of the ocean waves. In astrology, we regard the Moon as being just as powerful as the planets, and sometimes even more so. Connecting to lunar energy can help us discover more about ourselves, our relationships, and the world around us.

And fortunately for us, there are many ways to connect to the Moon and align ourselves with her energy—starting with crystal healing.

Moonstone is a crystal that belongs to the feldspar group of gemstones, known for their shining luminescence. Moonstone has a direct line to the Moon, sharing her energy and soaking up the guidance emitted by her phases.

This is the ultimate guide for learning about moonstone and how to work with its energies to enhance intuition and open yourself up to the lessons and messages flowing from the Moon above.

What is Moonstone?

Moonstone is as ancient as the Moon herself and carries with it just as much wisdom. This crystal is often thought of as a talisman for the journey within oneself.

The first thing that you should know about moonstone is that it comes with an optical phenomenon built in—much like the phenomenon of the Dark Moon, when the Moon is not visible to the naked eye. However, moonstone’s optical magic has more to do with what you can see. Moonstone exhibits a phenomenon called adularescence, which causes the surface of this crystal to exhibit a radiant glow. This is what makes moonstone look like it’s emitting a rainbow from its core.

This might also explain why, according to Hindu mythology, moonstone is thought to be comprised of actual moonbeams. Other legends say that moonstone increases good luck. It has also been suggested that one can see the future by holding a piece of moonstone in their mouths during a Full Moon.

It’s easy to see why moonstone is considered magical, but let’s take a closer look at the metaphysical properties of this lunar crystal.

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Moonstone Healing Properties:


Moonstone connects to the Third Eye chakra, the chakra that regulates intuition. It is no wonder, then, why moonstone works so well to enhance intuition. Working with moonstone allows you to hear the messages emanating from your higher self with clarity. Moonstone will connect you to your center, allowing you to trust your instincts and follow them.

If you’ve been having trouble following your gut, you need a piece of moonstone in your life.


Moonstone, like citrine, attracts fortunate circumstances. This is also a result of enhanced intuition, as you’re better able to determine which path will be more fortuitous. This stone attracts abundance, opening doors and highlighting new opportunities for you.

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Emotionally, moonstone is surprisingly healing. The Moon is connected to our emotions, sometimes more than we are.

We may end up feeling overwhelmed during certain lunar phases, like the Full Moon, when we’re confronted with the emotional energy of the Moon herself. Moonstone connects to this lunar energy, allowing you to go with the flow and allow the emotions to pass.


Moonstone amplifies emotional strength and courage. When you have the energy of moonstone in your sphere, you feel more capable of facing your emotions, acknowledging your feelings, and giving them a voice.

When our feelings are bottled up, we will eventually become overwhelmed and overflow. This crystal allows you to access your emotions without letting them control you.

New Beginnings

This is also a stone of new beginnings, connecting to both the Fool and the Moon cards in the Tarot. This may connect to the fact that moonstone allows you to release negative emotions, giving you the sense that you can start over and try again.

Moonstone is an excellent crystal to work with when beginning new ventures, like a new job or a budding romance. Because it stabilizes the emotions, you’ll be able to experience the excitement of these new experiences without getting bogged down in worry or anxiety.


Moonstone is great for creativity of any kind because it promotes inspiration and engages your imagination.

If you’re feeling stuck with creative blockages, find your moonstone and get to work. This crystal opens your mind and enhances your intuition, allowing you to let your creative flow commence.

Because it increases courage, it will also increase your confidence in your artistic abilities.

Working with Moonstone

This crystal is so connected to the Moon that it makes an excellent tool for Moon rituals. Moonstone can be included in any Moon ritual, no matter the phase. Working with moonstone can also remind you to pay attention to the lunar phases each day, learning more about the influence they have on your life and how certain transits make you feel.

You can also simply carry a piece of moonstone with you throughout the day to promote emotional balance and intuitive healing.

Meditating with crystals is a great way to enhance the results of your meditation while connecting with the energy of the stone. Hold a piece of moonstone in your left hand while you meditate to soak in its healing energy.

You can also place a piece of moonstone under your pillow while you sleep to promote deeper sleep and more peaceful dreams.

No matter how you choose to work with moonstone, you’ll delight in the inspiring, healing, abundant energy that this crystal provides.

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