How to Navigate the Holidays with Tarot

Everyone has plans for the holidays (or you might not have plans this year at all due to the global pandemic). But like any big event of the year, we often go into the holidays with a little trepidation or nervousness because at any given moment, something could go wrong that throws off the best-laid plans.

You’ve made your lists, checked them twice, and triple-checked them twice. But still … you worry.

What if your Thanksgiving dinner doesn’t turn out?

What if that very special parcel that’s going to make your friend’s Christmas doesn’t arrive on time?

What if no one gets along?

What if everyone feels extra nervous because of the pandemic?

For these little questions in life, and around all of life’s big events, the Tarot helps you ease that uncertainty. Today we will look at a variety of ways to keep those holiday plans intact, with the help of this invaluable tool!

The Basics of the Tarot

Tarot is a tool that can help you align your life with the highest good for you and the planet. Instead of using it to predict how your holidays will go, we want to show you something deeper and more valuable.

The Tarot taps you into your own intuition, which can provide guidance and healing to you.

Even if you aren’t familiar with the deck, you can start now. Don’t feel overwhelmed! This article will cover everything you need to know: how to use the Tarot, holiday tarot questions, and a Tarot spread crafted specifically for the holiday season.

A Simple Way to Use Tarot During the Holidays

First, Prepare

First, let’s help you prepare your space and environment for your Tarot readings.

Find a quiet spot. You don’t want to be disturbed when you are using the cards because you’re tapping into your subconscious mind, and the subconscious is a big fan of quiet and stillness.

You can have a few crystals by you if you like – this enhances your natural abilities. And Tarot really likes crystals. These two are like those two best friends who love spending time with each other.

Have your deck to hand. You can purchase decks online or choose one from a metaphysical store. Don’t worry too much about the deck you get. Most people like to start with Rider-Waite, the traditional Tarot deck. However, most of the time, it is best to go with your intuition and choose the deck that feels right.

We’ve got our very own Astrology Answers Tarot deck if you want to try it out!

Once you’re in your quiet space, possibly with crystals, and of course, with your Tarot deck, you’re good to go.


Pull Your Card(s) for Holiday Guidance

Perhaps you’re wondering if you should call your family, if now is the best time to start your holiday shopping, or if you really do want that New Year’s Eve kiss from that special someone this year.

So many questions! Choose the one you’re most curious about and make sure your mind is relaxed and clear.

Now you shuffle the cards with the question clearly in your mind. When you feel you’ve shuffled enough, it’s time for you to pull the cards.

Important Note: Try to ask the Tarot open-ended questions rather than yes/no questions. The Tarot tells a story. It’s up to you to interpret the story using your knowledge of card meanings, images, and intuition. Open-ended questions make it much easier to read the cards, rather than a yes/no question, which can be limiting.

It’s best to start with a nice simple spread first, which only has one card. This way, you can familiarize yourself with the deck slowly but surely. Let’s say you wanted to know the perfect outfit to wear for a small holiday dinner. you might ask: “What should I wear during the holiday dinner?”

Shuffle your deck, and pull out one card.

Let’s say you pulled the Sun. The Sun is a card of joy, happiness, and optimism. It will usually have a positive and uplifting image on it. If you received the Sun regarding “what to wear,” it would indicate bright and sunny colors or something that makes you look smoking hot! Something that makes people turn and stare.

Take a good look at the image on the card too. Your intuition will pick things up. Is there someone on the card wearing a certain outfit? What colors are there? These are all clues and hints as to what you could wear.

Important Note: There is another way to pull cards, which may be easier at a beginner level. Shuffle the cards a few times and then spread them out on a table. Pick one from the deck and then lay it in front of you.

This method is a nice way of using Tarot for your intuition because it has a “pick-a-card” method, which keeps things nice and simple!

How Does Timing Work With the Tarot?

It is difficult to predict time with Tarot (they say time does not exist in the spiritual world), but there are some helpful hints with the suits that can give you an understanding of when it could be.

Generally speaking, Swords and Fire are quicker moving suits, meaning your answer is: it will happen soon. Cups and Pentacles are slower moving, with Pentacles being the slowest. So you’ll have to wait a bit.

Keep in mind many Tarot readers have their own timing system, so these are not set in stone:

  • Wands: Days or hours. So if you ask and get the 3 of Wands, for example, your situation will manifest very soon, almost immediately. This could also be pointing you to a time of day. Like, 3 o’clock for a three-card spread.
  • Swords: Weeks. If you ask how long it will take for something to happen and get, say, the Ace of Swords, the answer is within one week. But swords and wands can interchange sometimes depending on the situation, and I’ve seen things manifest within the hour for an Ace of Swords or Ace of Wands.
  • Cups: These usually are month-long answers. Let’s say you are wondering if you will get engaged this holiday season, and you pull a cup card. That may be telling you the love is there, but you’ll need to wait. Or another question may be, when will I see a loved one? The answer is within months.
  • Pentacles: Pentacles are the slowest moving timing questions, and again the answer is usually years. You probably won’t see too many pentacles showing up for a holiday timing question, but if you do, let us know, and we will see if we can help you get to the bottom of it.

How to Interpret the Suits When Buying Holiday Gifts

We all have that one person on our list that is impossible to buy for. When it comes to asking the Tarot about gifts, it’s essential to pay attention to imagery.

In all likelihood, when you ask the Tarot and get your card, you will be inspired by the symbolism immediately. Expect to think, “Oh, I know what I’m getting them now!” That’s a sign the magic of the Tarot is working.

But the suits of the Tarot can help too:

  • Air signs & Swords suggest gifts involving paper or gadgets: some nice stationery or a sweet accessory for their phone or tablet.
  • Earth signs & Pentacles are coming up for the gardener on your list. Get some nice gardening tools or make a gardening gift basket. But pentacles may also be money, and who doesn’t want free money at the holidays? Get them a gift certificate to somewhere they can treat themselves.
  • Water signs & Cups are coming up for gifts that need to come from the heart. That means don’t break the bank but put some love and thought into it. The 6 of Cups, for example, may be telling you to just draw something or write something sweet for that special gift. The 7 of Cups may be hinting to use your imagination and fantasy to find that special something. The key here is to lead with love, and you’ll know what to get.
  • Fire signs & Wands come up for gifts that feed the sparks of fire. This could be actual fire. In which case, a fireplace poker or accessory set, or a set of candles would be a nice gift. Or it could be something super sexy. You’ll know it when you see the card.

Make sure to check out The Ultimate Zodiac Gift Guide for more insights.

A Holiday Tarot Spread

Now onto the exciting part! We’ve got a holiday spread just for you. Try it with your favorite Tarot deck using the information in this article and see how it works.

This spread is designed so that you can use it for your own questions. A common concern for people around the holidays is wondering if it will go well. So you can ask any question revolving around this, and this spread will, one way or another, answer it for you. Some questions might include:

  • What do I have to plan for on the day?
  • How will I feel on the day?
  • What should I be mindful of this holiday season?

For the example spread, we’re going to use: “What should I be mindful of this holiday season?”

Shuffle your cards with your question in mind. Then pull four cards:

  • Card 1: This card represents me
  • Card 2: What to be mindful of
  • Card 3: The positives
  • Card 4: The negatives


Card 1: Queen of Pentacles

This is a great card to get to represent me! (Representing me means how I will appear/feel on the day). The Queen of Pentacles is comfortable, practical, and nurturing. This indicates that I will be very comfortable with the festivities, and there will be good food and drink (the Queen of Pentacles represents all earthy things, including food!).

Card 2: 8 of Swords

I would take the 8 of Swords as a warning card.

It often represents someone who feels stifled from speaking their mind or feeling trapped in their own thoughts. Someone may feel out of place or uncomfortable, or have something pressing on their mind. I would take this as advice to be extra-sensitive to those around me and if I see anyone acting “off,” then to offer help in some way.

Card 3: 3 of Cups

This is a great card to get in the “positives” position.

The 3 of Cups indicates happiness and celebration. Imagery often shows people having a good time. It indicates that people will be happy and have a laugh with each other, enjoying the festivities!

You might also want to check out: What Holiday Treat Are You, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Card 4: 5 of Wands

This indicates some kind of disagreement! Nothing too serious (it’s the 5 of Wands, and this is a card of sparring and bantering with each other – possibly even flirting!) Some discussions may get a little heated, but this card does not indicate anything too concerning.

All in all, it looks like it’s going to be a jolly time!

Happy Holidays!

The holidays can be wonderful, exciting, challenging, and unpredictable (especially in 2020) all in one. Hopefully, this article has provided you with some guidance to navigate your holidays. With any luck, it will be of some help to you, especially if you are feeling nervous or uncertain in any way.

How do you make the Tarot work for you? Remember, with the Tarot, creativity is the true tool. You can adapt spreads or change them completely if you want – it’s entirely up to you.

The important thing is to trust your intuition. You can also check out more Tarot articles that can help you learn even more about the Tarot. You’ll be an expert before you know it.

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