What is the Tarot Trying to Tell You in a Love Reading?

love tarot reading

How does she feel about me? What does he think of me? Is he still mad at me? What does she like best about me?

These are just some of the questions we ask the Tarot when we’re asking about a love interest.

Tarot is a very popular tool when it comes to love and relationship questions. In fact, love and relationships are so synonymous with the Tarot that there are entire decks dedicated purely to this topic.

It stands to reason. Who doesn’t want to know how their love interest feels about them or what their other half really thinks of them? Someone might say, “Well, why don’t you just ask him/her?” but as we all know, it’s never that easy.

Tarot can be a useful tool when asking about love and relationships because it provides invaluable guidance and really helps us make some good decisions.

Tarot Cards With Symbolic Love Connections

2 of Cups

The twos are very important in the Tarot (more on this later), and although they won’t often be the only indicator of a soul mate relationship, they can certainly help to validate things.

High Priestess

The High Priestess energy is telling you there is more to the story than you are seeing right now and you need to use your intuition; acting is not recommended at this time.

Knight of Cups

This is always a welcome card in a love reading. It indicates someone has fallen head over heels in love with you, or you have an admirer from afar. The Knight of Cups is very romantic and it indicates that a time of powerful romance is upon you.

The Lovers

The Lovers can indicate a soul mate connection. Someone’s feelings for you run strong and deep, but The Lovers is also about choice, and you may choose not to be together for whatever reason.

6 of Cups

The 6 of Cups, in particular, especially paired with The Lovers, has a strong soul mate connotation. The 6 of Cups is about nostalgia and often nostalgic love.

10 of Pentacles

You always want some Pentacles in a love reading! The 10 of Pentacles indicates someone sees permanence with you. They can envision themselves growing old with you and maybe starting a family.

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What to Look for in the Cards

Remember that the Tarot is never a “one size fits all,” and a good reader will not just use the images on the cards but also psychic insight.

Upright court cards mean someone could be helpful; inverted court cards indicate that they have the potential to create delays or obstacles. Let’s explore all Tarot cards and what they are trying to tell you in a love reading.

Tarot Card Meanings in Love Readings

The Major Arcana

The more Major Arcana cards there are in your reading, the more life-changing and profound this situation is going to be, and the more important it is for you.

The Fool

The Fool, the first card of the Major Arcana, represents one of two things: a leap into the unknown or breaking away. This is where your intuition needs to come into play.

The Magician

The Magician assures you that you have everything you need to have love in your life. If it’s inverted, check that you’re not trying to manipulate someone. True love is never forced or deceptive.

The Magician can also represent someone who is very attractive to others. If you’re asking how a love interest sees you, they think you’ve got the whole package!

The High Priestess

Here’s a card that echoes your allure and your sense of mystery. If this card is upside down, then you probably need to do some things differently to find your true self before you’re ready for true love.

The High Priestess also indicates a deep connection between two people. You may dream of this person, or they of you, and it can indicate a soulmate connection, as well as a karmic one.

The Empress

This is a happy card and indicates that love is around you. If it’s reversed, then you’re putting up some kind of blocks to the fulfillment that true love has to offer. You might be depending on others to make you happy—and only you can do that!

The Empress is also known as the “perfect woman” so it’s a very welcome card to get in a love reading if you want to know how someone feels about you.

The Emperor

The Emperor shows you that you’ve got a solid foundation here. Your romantic interest may be older than you as well. If this card is upside down, you may be a bit of a control freak when it comes to your relationship.

This card also indicates that someone wants to protect and take care of you. It is a symbol of strength.

The Hierophant

Your ideas about love and intimacy are very traditional, secure, and you might need to loosen up a bit to feel really fulfilled.

If The Hierophant is inverted, it’s a sure sign that some of your beliefs about romance are being challenged and you might need to adapt.

The Lovers

This is one of the most welcome cards in a love reading because it represents intense and powerful feelings. This is a soul mate card and the feelings run deep and true.

At the same time, The Lovers represents a choice. Often, the person in question needs to choose between their head or their heart.

The Chariot

Things are moving forward with The Chariot!

It’s reassuring you that whatever you desire from intimacy and love, you’ll be able to find it if you persevere. Watch out if it’s reversed, though, because that’s often an indication that you’re too pushy in your love life.


Your relationships, or your ideas about them, are strong when Strength appears. You’re able to take control when necessary, but you’re not bombastic or arrogant about it. Of course, that changes when this card is inverted. If that’s the case, then you need to work on your self-discipline.

This card also commonly comes up when there is something someone is dying to say to you, but something is stopping them from doing it.

The Hermit

This card usually indicates that you need to spend some time in your own company focusing on introspection, not romance. When it’s upside down, it’s a sure sign that you’ve got some issues you need to work on before you’re ready for someone else.

The Hermit can also mean that someone is contemplating a relationship with you. There may be a spiritual connection.

The Wheel of Fortune

Relationships are changing when this card appears! This can be in a good way, or in a challenging way, depending on your outlook. When it’s reversed, you’re going to fight that change. Make sure that you don’t hold onto what’s just satisfactory and miss out on what’s even better!

The Wheel of Fortune is also a card of destiny. It can represent a karmic connection where two souls are destined to meet.


This card is all about balance. It often appears when you’re uncertain whether to make the plunge and commit yourself to someone, or whether to break off the relationship.

Justice indicates that you may be choosing your head over your heart.

The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man is indicative that there are some sacrifices you need to make. You might need to give up your relationship altogether. When it’s upside down, you’re dragging your heels about these decisions.

This card can also represent stagnation in love readings. Someone is in a state of limbo and unsure whether to make a move.


Death is actually a good card when it comes to finding true love and being content with your level of intimacy.

It shows that there are new beginnings on the way, and things are evolving. If the card is inverted, then that evolution is being stifled in some way, and you need to find out why.


You need to look at the way you’re balancing love and intimacy in your relationships when this card appears. Do you have a healthy appetite, or is there a discord? This particularly applies if the card is reversed, and you need to pay attention to what’s out of balance.

Temperance also indicates a harmonious relationship between two people. There is Yin and Yang – these two people complete each other.

The Devil

This card is a good indication that something’s off. You may feel trapped in a relationship, or you could be thinking that you’re going to be alone forever. When it’s inverted, there’s even more urgency to change, and you need to be the one to instigate it.

The Devil is also a strong sexual card. If you are asking about someone’s feelings for you, it could indicate they have powerful lustful thoughts about you, usually forbidden.

The Tower

This is a bit of a scary-looking card, and its meaning is unsettling. You have to change, or those changes are going to be forced upon you. Someone may be hiding something from you when it’s upside down. Though The Tower may seem unwelcome, these changes are necessary to get to a better place in your relationships.

It’s not all bad though. If in the position of how someone feels about you, this card can mean you rock their world!

The Star

There’s a lot of hope on the horizon when this card is in your reading. It’s the light at the end of the tunnel, and a promise that love and intimacy are about to get a lot better! Even when this card is reversed, it’s still a very good sign that things are improving, although it may happen slower than if the card was right side up.

The Star indicates that someone’s feelings for you are pure and beautiful. You are a light in this person’s life and they feel a strong desire to be close to you.

The Moon

Your emotions are running high, and that may not always work in your favor. It’s too easy for you to jump to conclusions and think the worst when The Moon card is involved. When it’s upside down, your hunches are probably right, but get the facts first and at least try to employ some logic. Don’t do something that you’ll regret later.

As feelings, The Moon can represent magic and mystery – the person excites them and they can connect to them at a subconscious level.

The Sun

Your independence is important to you, and you need to make sure that your ideas when it comes to intimacy and love aren’t forcing you to compromise other areas of your life. It’s still a good omen for happiness, though. When The Sun is inverted, it could be you who is cramping someone else’s style.

As feelings, this is a terrific card – someone thinks you’re smoking hot! They can also find you bright, bubbly, cheerful, and optimistic. You are like a ray of sunshine in their life.


If you’re in a relationship, this could be where it all comes together, or where it all falls apart. More than a bit of karma is involved, here, so make sure that you’re taking responsibility for your part in things. When this card is upside down, you’re jumping to conclusions and need to rethink the situation.

Judgement is a card that comes up in the feelings position when someone has had an “A-ha!” moment and is ready to take action on it. They may have realized you are the one they want to marry. Or, if surrounded by cards that suggest otherwise, that they’re ready to break it off.

The World

If you’re looking for love, you’re probably well on the way to finding it. If you’re already with someone, then expect things to improve. Either way, this is a good card—unless of course it’s reversed. Then, you may feel like you’ve got the weight of the world on your shoulders.

The World is a wonderful card for feelings. It indicates that you are everything this person wants. You literally mean the world to them!

The Minor Arcana

The Minor Arcana is made up of four suits, each of them representing a different quality.

The Minor Arcana is made up of four suits, each of them representing a different quality. Cups are the ones that deal mainly with love and matters of the heart, but the other suits also have their place in readings about intimacy and love. The suit of Swords will help you understand what you or the other person is thinking.

Wands assist you in determining what action to take, while Pentacles help you to take ideas and thoughts and make them manifest, make them real. To interpret the cards, simply apply the suit to the numerical value.


A new window of opportunity is opening. Pay attention so that you don’t miss anything! All Aces are good news.

When the card is reversed, make sure that you’re not throwing obstacles in your own way.


Twos represent a choice. It’s not a selection of choices; there’s usually one clear way or another.

The 2 of Cups is an excellent omen for partnerships of any kind. Upside down, twos show that you’re dithering, or procrastinating about your decision.


There’s a definite coming together where threes are involved.

These can be intangible things such as love and sensuality and intimacy; or they can be tangible things, you meeting your partner’s friends and family for example. The 3 of Swords is the only card that has a negative connotation. It often points to infidelity and heartbreak.


Fours indicate stability. When a four appears, you’ll know that things are going well.

The 4 of Wands indicates a celebration! Make sure you’re not holding onto things so tightly that they can’t evolve, though.


Fives show you where things are out of balance—in fact, the 5 of Pentacles looks absolutely dismal!

They appear when your relationship might need a tuneup. Inverted or upright, pay attention, because it will be easy to get caught up in unnecessary drama when fives appear.


Sixes show that you’re making progress towards finding what you want.

Intimacy, love and more are coming to meet you, so don’t give up. There’s a lot of energy in these cards, but it will be harder to access if the cards are reversed.


These cards represent what you want, and also your feelings towards getting it.

Perhaps you’ve got too many choices when it comes to who to be with, such as depicted in the 7 of Cups. When the sevens are inverted, then it’s a sure sign that you need to pause and rethink.


The eights are all about boundaries and focus. Eights show you where there’s still work to do, and inverted eights indicate that you may have to work even harder towards your chosen goals.


Nine is nearly to ten, but not quite, and that’s what these cards show you.

You’re so close to your goals, so don’t give up. When the cards are upside down, it’s a sure sign that you’re your own worst enemy.


Tens are all about completion. You’re at the end. The question is, is it the happily-ever-after end, or are you at the end of your tether, with no choice but to finish your current relationship and start over with a completely different person?

When the cards are inverted, it’s still the end, although it may take a bit more time in coming.

The Court Cards

There are four court cards per suit, and they are usually named Page, Knight, Queen, and King. They can represent actual people, but they also represent a mirror into your own thoughts and feelings.

Court cards often mean that the timing of finding love will depend on someone else and isn’t completely within your control.


These cards are the youngest of the court cards. They indicate newness, and also messages coming your way. If the card is inverted, make sure you’re not missing any of the subtle messages that the Universe is sending you.


Knights represent young maturity of either gender. They show you where the action is, and what to do about it. They’re motivated and vivacious. If they’re reversed, then you could be coming on too strong.


The Queen is the penultimate court card. She may point to an actual person, and in this case, it’s a mature woman who knows who she is and how to use her assets to get what she wants from life.

When the Queen is upside down, there’s an imbalance between give and take, and that has to be corrected for the relationship to get back on a firm foundation.


Kings represent maturity, wisdom, control, and authority. They point to male energy—living or dead—that’s had a profound influence on you.

When the King is inverted, perhaps you’re being a bit too authoritarian, either over yourself, or your partners.

Embrace Tarot & Love

As with anything, Tarot takes practice. The more you practice, the better you become. You can try different love and relationship spreads and even make up your own to get insights on your love life!

When it comes to relationships they can be very tricky to navigate and of course we do not always know what is going to happen. The Tarot is an excellent tool for helping to guide us in the right direction.

Love and relationships prompt powerful emotions in us and when these emotions turn negative, it can be very difficult to cope. In the Tarot, we have a helping friend who is always on call to help us and offer assistance when needed!

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