Tarot Numerology: 6’s of Tarot

A 6 in the Tarot encourages us to return to matters of the heart — but not all 6’s are made equal!

Depending on which 6 within the Tarot that you receive, how you approach matters of love, romance, interpersonal connections, and communication could vary widely. If you’re not sure how to read a 6 in your Tarot spread, read on for our breakdown of what it means for you to see your cards bring a 6 to the forefront.

What Does a 6 Represent in the Tarot?

As the Tarot is intimately related to other systems of understanding the human existence (like numerology and astrology), let’s first review what a 6 means in general!

In June, the sixth month of the year, we celebrate Gemini season, which is ruled by the card The Lovers. Not so coincidentally, the representative of a 6 in the Major Arcana is The Lovers itself — and it is the epitome of representing love, relationships, communication, and all of the sometimes not-so-fun stuff that comes with.

Hijinks, miscommunications, confusions, and heartbreaks and all, The Lovers can represent the highs and lows of what it means to be in union with another individual (romantic or otherwise!).

Life Path 6

That isn’t all! Some similarities become abundantly clear when comparing these themes to what those of life path 6 in numerology tend to face and live out. As the caretakers, nurturers, and helpers, those who fall under life path number 6 are often grappling with the messy, beautiful, and complicated world of interpersonal connections on a day-to-day basis.

When we link this back to what these themes mean for the Minor Arcana of the Tarot, you’ll notice that every 6 tackles the general umbrella of interpersonal connections and love very differently — but that doesn’t mean you can’t see a common thread!

Look closely, and you’ll find that each 6 of the Minor Arcana has a different piece of wisdom and insight to share about this ever-pertinent theme in our lives.

The 6’s of Tarot Through Each Suit


The 6’s of the Minor Arcana don’t all communicate the same thing about our relationships, our roles as caretakers and helpers, or love and communication in general. It might be hard to initially grasp onto what every 6 means because of this, but we’ve broken down each 6 of the Minor Arcana below and related it back to the themes of a 6 in numerology!

6 of Wands

At first glance, as a card of accomplishments and glory, this card may seem to be the least related to the theme of interpersonal connections, love, and relationships. Remember: the focus is still placed on being recognized publicly and within communities for one’s work and actions.

The glory and success are not contained within a vacuum and purposefully are noted to be within the frame of a wider community of people. When you see this card, it might be a signal that others will begin to recognize you for your efforts, and that what will be communicated to you is success and admiration.

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6 of Swords

We can leave it to the tragic suit of Swords to have one of the harsher representations of what a 6 might mean in your life!

With the 6 of Swords at play, it is time to move on from the past, whether this is a relationship that was holding you back, a community that no longer serves you, or a heartbreaking memory that needs to be finally released. Bigger and better things are on the way, but the 6 of Swords forces you to wave goodbye to the connections that don’t belong anymore first.

6 of Pentacles

Ever had “too much of a good thing”? This card reminds you that it’s possible to give too much of a good thing too.

While the 6 of Pentacles can represent a giving and generous nature, and many acts of kindness, it encourages you overall to look at the motives of your actions, and equally, to make sure that you receive what you give in return.

Are you giving enough? Or are you giving too little? As this card resides within the suit of Pentacles, this can easily be about money and resources. Energy and time are included within your set of resources too! It’s time to re-evaluate your efforts when you see this card.

6 of Cups

The suit of Cups is the suit of love, relationships, and romance in and of itself, but the 6 of Cups in particular returns us to a more pure place.

As a card of nostalgia and the past, the 6 of Cups recalls you to your roots, and reminds you of where you came from! Some of the most powerful revelations and messages come from revisiting familial or childhood roots, and it’s in this kind of love that we sometimes find the answers we need.

Use this card as an opportunity to healthily revisit your past and see what it has to communicate to you.

To summarize…

Love, communication, acts of kindness and generosity are topics that expand far and wide, and the diversity that exists within these situations is vast and numerous.

Thankfully, Tarot itself is an expansive practice, and there are many ways that the 6’s of the Tarot will deliver a message of what it is that is happening within your communities and interpersonal connections, or what it is that needs to be done!

Return to the 6’s of the Tarot when you find yourself confused, frustrated, or bewildered at a connection in your life, and seek their wisdom and guidance for the next steps.

The 6’s are the tip of the iceberg of the wisdom that the Tarot has to offer.

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