Tarot Numerology: 7’s of Tarot

While you might be familiar with many of the common red flags of the Tarot — think: The Tower or The Devil! — you may be less familiar with the ways that a 7 in your spread can mean trouble… or generally that it’s time to buckle up and ready yourself for a bumpy ride.

Confused? Concerned? Or now questioning what you thought that 7 was telling you about your week ahead? No need to fret! We’ve covered what a 7 in your Tarot spread might mean for you below!

What Does a 7 Represent in the Tarot?

Before jumping right into each individual 7 of the Minor Arcana, it’s important to understand what a 7 generally signifies first!

7’s can bring forth a variety of struggles and obstacles, but only because it equally wishes for you to step up to meet the demand of the challenge. Unlike The Devil or The Tower, for example, 7’s don’t often represent challenges that leave things up to fate.

As difficult as the situation may seem, there should still be a way out so long as you keep your wits about you.

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As equally as a 7 discusses struggle, it can also represent the kind of success you’ll acquire if you look closely enough and strive to see the silver lining. This is why in the Major Arcana, The Chariot is the representative for the number 7. It is often known as a card of victory and success, but The Chariot also represents what it will take to achieve that victory and success in the first place. (After all, it’s ruled by Cancer in the zodiac — a hardworking, dependable sign that is willing to wait to claim its victory!).

Life Path 7

If you needed more proof that a 7 may be difficult, but is truly meant to be overcome, look no further than to those who hail from life path 7. In numerology, the unique souls of life path 7 are meant to go against the grain. As seekers, explorers, and problem-solvers, they are witty, cerebral, and active thinkers that define what it means to “think outside of the box” in order to get the job done.

Don’t know what your Life Path Number is? Find out with our free Life Path Number Calculator.

When presented with a tricky 7, it is definitely their stamina and intelligence that you should attempt to channel!

Keep their wits and adaptability in mind as we explore the 7’s in the Minor Arcana of the Tarot, and you’ll quickly understand that 7’s are problems designed to be solved. After all, they are building up to your ultimate Chariot moment later down the line, so keep the faith!

The 7’s of Tarot Through Each Suit

Now you know that a 7 is bringing you a challenge, but the kind of challenge it may be presenting will vary from suit to suit.

Thus, the kind of solution you may need will also vary from suit to suit! We’ve broken down each 7 below so that there are no surprises as to what you’ll be facing off with — and so that you can ready yourself for the upcoming roller coaster ride.

7 of Wands

The fiery and passionate suit of Wands alone makes this card embody challenge itself! It is a struggle of perseverance, willpower, inner strength, and fortitude.

In this particular situation of struggle and uphill battles, the 7 of Wands asks you to remember what you’re fighting for and to keep honor, dignity, and faith close to your heart.

You may be dealing with those that are fighting dirty, but this card promises success in its own way if you are able to secure a win without stooping to that level.

7 of Swords

Deception is afoot with this card, and someone or something may be trying to lie, cheat, or steal their way to victory. It may also signal that an opportunity is presenting itself, but perhaps it involves sacrificing your moral code in order to achieve it.

While this is never a fun card to see, know that this kind of win is a double-edged sword, and does not come without consequence. Karma will truly come around for those who embody the energy of the 7 of Swords!

This kind of obstacle can be overcome by keeping your dignity and values in check — and knowing that nothing good comes from engaging with an “opportunity” that wears two different faces.

7 of Pentacles

The suit of Pentacles is a suit of work, career, finance, and resources, and what’s one of the most common poisons to our successes in this area if not procrastination?

This tricky card represents the balance between working too hard and not working enough, and it can be difficult to know whether or not we’re taking a well-deserved break or simply putting the work off until later (AKA: procrastinating).

Planning and getting your ducks in a row is often crucial to achieving success later down the line, but so is not getting caught up in the moment, and keeping your eye on the prize!

When you see this 7, seek a healthy medium between these two ends of the work-related spectrum.

7 of Cups

While obstacles may indeed physically present themselves in front of us, sometimes the most difficult ones are within our own minds. The 7 of Cups warns of indecision, illusions, and getting too knee-deep in “what if’s.”

In the elusive, fluid, and emotional suit of Cups, things are not always as they seem, and this card encourages you to keep your head out of the clouds.

Getting practical input from a third party, or even checking in with the wisdom of the Tarot itself, can help you bring yourself back down to earth in order to make a well-informed decision.

Use Number 7 to Your Advantage

The 7’s of the Minor Arcana may bring to the forefront some of the most frustrating, annoying, or taxing problems that we otherwise wish we didn’t have to see, but like The Chariot, they still promise a wealth of success and victory if we are able to fight with strength and integrity.

Perhaps you still won’t be cheering with enthusiasm if you see a 7 in your spread, but the 7 will be cheering you on as you put up the good fight!

If you still seek solutions apart from the 7’s, the Tarot is riddled with answers throughout all of its cards.

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