Tarot Cards For the Cancer Zodiac Sign

What do we love about the Cancer zodiac sign?

If you are a Cancer, if you know a Cancer, or Cancer features prominently in your birth chart, you’ll be able to relate to this! Represented by the crab, Cancer people are typically very nurturing and sensitive. They are ruled by the Moon, the astrological entity which represents the divine feminine, intuition and magic.

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Cancer is a cardinal Water sign, very emotional, and very fluid. They feel deeply, and are hurt easily, prone to withdrawing into their shell when they have been wounded (or, for the more snappy crabs, releasing their claws on someone who’s upset them!)

That being said, other zodiac signs must not be fooled into thinking that Cancer is a wet blanket.

In fact, this sign is associated with a warrior. Not the same type of traditional warrior of the zodiac such as Scorpio and Aries (both ruled by Mars, the planet of war), but instead a warrior driven by their emotions and, when at their best, driven by the highest ideal of love.

The Moon warrior is a different type of warrior altogether. A Cancer would go to the ends of the earth to protect those they love; they would fight to the death to defend their family and loved ones.

It is one of the most noble qualities of their sign as their heart is what guides them and leads them to making great sacrifices. Now, let’s dive into the connection of the Cancer zodiac sign to the Tarot.

What About Cancer & the Tarot?

The Major Arcana: The Chariot

Cancer’s warrior attributes are highlighted in the card it relates to in the Tarot, specifically the Major Arcana: The Chariot.

The Chariot card often shows a warrior inside a chariot, which is being driven by two sphinxes of opposite colors. The Chariot is not moving; instead, it is motionless and this represents Cancer’s cardinal element.

Cardinal signs are associated with moving forward and new beginnings, and this aspect of the card shows how Cancer will plot their path with steely determination.

When Cancer channels their energy they are strong, driven and passionate, like The Chariot. Like the warrior in the picture, Cancer has a very protective shell which they value a great deal, as it protects them from getting hurt.

This armor also represents their tendency to keep their feelings in so it minimizes the risk of being wounded. They are very sensitive, so they need a strong armor.

The opposing colors of the sphinxes represent the softness of the Cancer crab on the inside, and the hard outer shell.

An evolved Cancer has learned how to balance their inner energies with their outer shell, and this is the most successful type of Cancer as they can channel their powerful emotions towards the greater good. It is then that they become the master of The Chariot and they are able to ride through life as an unstoppable force.

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The Minor Arcana: The 2 of Cups

In the Minor Arcana, Cancer is represented by the 2 of Cups.

Cancer can be represented by any of the Cups Court Cards because Cups represent emotions, and Water signs. The 2 of Cups best represents the desire that Cancer has, which is to feel closeness with another.

These are warm-hearted and loving individuals who need someone to take care of. The 2 of Cups shows what lies in the deepest part of their soul: the need to bond with others and establish a relationship so they can harness their natural nurturing side.

A Cancer is at their best when they are able to express their love to its fullest extent. The 2 of Cups with its imagery of two people holding their cups out to one another, and bonding is the quintessence of the Cancer person.

For this caring sign, there is no greater reward than experiencing a loving bond with someone at a deep level.

The 2 of Cups also represents the Cancer desire to find someone who matches them, to find the Yang to their Yin.

The Moon is not a lone entity in the sky. She works with the Sun to keep the earth bright; one takes day, the other takes night. The Moon is represented by Yin energy and the 2 of Cups shows a perfect partnership where Yin and Yang come together in harmony.

The Cancer person seeks their other half who they can adore in the same way – the Sun to their Moon.

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Embrace the Cancer Qualities in Tarot

Our lovely Cancer friends are caring, nurturing and sensitive. They are also fierce when they need to be and determined to protect those they love. The motherly love associated with this sign helps make the world go round.

Next time you see a Chariot or 2 of Cups pop up in your Tarot reading, just remember the qualities of Cancer and it will bring even greater insight to your reading!

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