The Ultimate Zodiac Gift Guide

Who doesn’t want to find the perfect gift for each of their loved ones? There’s something about the holidays that turns gift-giving into a bit of a scavenger hunt, with most of us feeling frustrated and insecure in the end: will our friend actually enjoy that trendy kitchen item, or did we succumb to peer pressure and clever advertising?

The Perfect Christmas Gifts For Each Zodiac Sign

While the holidays are about bringing family and friends together, we often choose to show our love and appreciation with trinkets or treasures—and watching our loved ones open the gifts we so carefully chose for them can be the most exciting part of the year. That is, of course, unless you’re not feeling so confident about the gift you’ve chosen.We all have different tastes and preferences, but if you really want to make a good impression, look to astrology to stir your own creative insights.

Gift-giving is a Love Language that can open hearts, make lasting memories, and build positive feelings between others. With the knowledge of the zodiac signs you can make someone you care about feel special.

This year you can take the guess work out of gift-giving with our handy astrological gift guide. We can learn so much from the stars, including but not limited to the genre, style, and type of gift people are likely to appreciate based on their zodiac sign. This guide will steer you towards the perfect gifts for each sign, so keep reading if you want your gifts to be a hit this year!

The Perfect Gift for an Aries

Aries is a sign ruled by Fire—you’ve probably noticed their passion, which can be an excellent indicator of the gift they’d most like to receive. Aries appreciate spontaneity and adventure, but each Aries has their own unique style to account for.

Many Aries fall under the category of the thrill-seeker, enjoying the rush of adrenaline that accompanies an outdoors adventure. If your Aries friend falls under this category, you may want to consider a gift that will facilitate the rush they so desire, such as a trip to the local amusement park or a weekend at a ski-resort (depending on your budget, of course.) Tickets to see a band they love will also get their blood flowing.

Some Aries prefer to more intellectual endeavors, which is where their personal style might come in handy. Most of these fiery individuals have a pretty unique sense of style, which may give you a good sense of what they’d like, from scarves to boots and everything in between. Think about the items you most see them wearing and go for something different yet similar—bonus points if it’s something they can wear every day, like a bracelet!

With selections ranging from cheese and beer, to clothing, salsa and even jam, you’ll keep them on their toes and excited for the next round.They are not known to walk away from something they fall in love with to think about it and come back later. This holiday season, get ahead of them with an, “…of the month” club to truly wow the Aries on your list. It’s really twelve presents in one and every month, Aries will be delighted and surprised by the bevvy of options that come straight to their door.

Top Gifts for Aries

  1. A Wild Experience – Something full of adrenaline like an amusement park day, tickets to a concert or a beer tour of a city.
  2. Bold Accessories – Add something fun and vibrant to their wardrobe like a hat, necklace, or pair of fun socks.
  3. Useful Tools – Things that will help with their various hobbies or interests.

The Perfect Gift for a Taurus

Taurus is an Earth sign ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty and love. As such, Taureans have a refined sense of style and taste—they enjoy the finer things in life just as much as they enjoy the splendor of nature. Their senses guide them through their lives, giving them an increased appreciation for such things as delicious tastes, bright aromas, soft fabrics, and pastoral art.

Taurus appreciates gifts that allow them to experience life through these sense—taste, sight, smell, touch, and sound. Perfumes and colognes are an excellent gift for Taurus, especially if you know the notes that they typically gravitate towards. This sign also has an appreciation for art, so try finding a unique, one-of-a-kind piece for that empty spot on their living room wall.

The Taurean appreciation for food also makes them the perfect recipient for gourmet treats or fabulous tastings. On the other hand, Taurus loves to eat! Keep in mind they are a fixed sign, so going out to try a new, hot bistro probably won’t be as meaningful as heading to their fave Italian restaurant where they know exactly what they are going to get. Make a reservation at a restaurant in town to delight their taste buds. You might also try pairing a bottle of their favorite wine with complimentary chocolates.

Top Ideas for Taurus

  1. Dinner – Treat your Taurus to a night out for Dinner at their favourite restaurant
  2. Indulgent Treats – Chocolate, wine, or anything else that they do not normally treat themselves to.
  3. Lifestyle items – A new painting for their living room or a gift card to their favorite home store.

The Perfect Gift for a Gemini

As an Air sign, a Gemini is an intellectual who spends a lot of time in their heads. Their interests are varied, so you have a lot of options for gifts that will surprise and delight your Gemini friends and family. When it comes to style, theirs is unique—so if you’re thinking of fashion items, head to the local thrift store and look for something wild.

Books are a wonderful place to start when thinking of what Gemini might like, especially if you know what kind of topics they are typically drawn to. Most Geminis make great writers, which means a special notebook or journal with a nice pen would be a fabulous way to encourage them to jot their brilliant ideas down.

Does your Gemini love sci-fi, but they have a short attention span? Look to a Top 10 Sci-Fi Short Stories list and round them up for your gift idea. Horror movie fan? Comics? American historical films documenting conspiracy theories?

Geminis are always gathering new information, and they’re typically interested in technology of all kinds. They may make the best recipients for handheld electronics, such as gaming consoles, digital cameras, or e-book readers.

Top Ideas for Gemini

  1. A Notebook or Book – Find a book or notebook that screams loving Gemini and personalize it for them. They’ll love it.
  2. Lessons – Get them a gift card or subscription to a class – specifically for new skills like dancing, painting, or photography.
  3. Technology – Something useful and modern will be the perfect gift. Our suggestion is new headphones or an expansion pack for a game they love.

The Perfect Gift for a Cancer

Cancers are a Water sign, ruled by the Moon, and they are deeply in touch with their emotions. You’re not likely to find a Cancer that operates on practicality over feeling, so you might want to steer clear of sensible gifts that fulfill a pragmatic purpose—go for the gifts with feeling. Cancers typically spoil their loved ones and not themselves, so the thought will be greatly appreciated.

Cancers make excellent hosts, and they love having people in their home. They take pride in their abode, making any manner of interior decoration perfect for your crabby friend. Try to stick with themes that already exist in their home but focus on beauty and ambiance.

Romantic and sensitive Cancer wears their heart on their sleeve, seeking out deep and meaningful relationships – they will not be concerned at how much you spend on them, and are likely to shed a few tears if you really put some thought into your gift.

Cancers so deeply appreciate those they love, they like to hold onto the special memories made with friends and family. Photographic keepsakes are likely to melt the Cancer’s heart—try making a special photo album or picking up a neat instant camera for them to take on special trips.

Top Ideas for Cancer

  1. D.I.Y. Gifts – They will appreciate homemade gifts more than others so make them a candle or knit them a scarf.
  2. Homewares – Tying into the D.I.Y. element, either buy or make them a painting or a blanket that is tailored to their likes and color palette.
  3. A Photo Album – They love memories and photography so a photo album or a gift that embraces the feelings of this item would be perfect for a watery Cancer

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The Perfect Gift for a Leo

Leos are ruled by the Sun—a Fire sign that loves to be the center of attention. Leos are bright and bubbly, spreading their warmth to everyone around them, because they like the spotlight, Leos tend to try to look their best, so focus on their style.

Excitable fire sign Leo needs to be inspired and feel vibrant, vital, like the king or queen of the jungle they truly are. Lions love to be the center of attention and really want to feel as though they are special, admired and desired by others. In other words, make a big deal about them, spoil them as they would generously spoil you in return and make it count.

This sign might make the perfect recipient for skincare and beauty products, like illuminating highlighters or dewy face masks or, if they have many of these products to begin with, try something useful and unique like this makeup mini-fridge.

You may want to find a special piece of jewelry for your Leo friend—something that not only makes them feel appreciated but that reminds them each day of your connection. Try finding a necklace or bracelet containing stones associated with Leo, like citrine, sunstone, or peridot.

Top Ideas for Leo

  1. Quality Time – They want to do things with you, so find experiences or items that will lead to you spending quality time together. Board games, paint nights, and movie passes are a must.
  2. Luxury/Beauty Products – Anything from a moisturizing face mask to a makeup mini-fridge will be a perfect gift for a Leo. Give them a bottle of wine or some luxury hot chocolate power so that they can have a wonderful night in, they will love that.
  3. Crystals – Buy them a crystal or two that represents what you wish for them (wealth, love, etc.) or one that is just really, really pretty.

The Perfect Gift for a Virgo

Virgos are an Earth sign rule by communicative Mercury; they are analytical, practical, focused, and hard-working. Virgos want to understand the things around them deeply, and they will work tirelessly to achieve such understanding. Their brains are practically wired to solve puzzles, which make any type of puzzle an excellent gift.

Picky, picky Virgo has exacting tastes, which can make it tres difficult to shop for them! Don’t run straight for the gift card section, there are other ways to approach this very particular sign.Because Virgos are super practical, they really appreciate functional gifts. Think about any hints they may have given you in the past couple months: has a kitchen appliance of theirs broken down? Do they need to make a specific home repair, but they’re missing a certain tool?

Virgos will appreciate the attention to detail as well as their ability to use the gift towards a special purpose.

While they may be pragmatic, Virgos are also sentimental—they love a homemade gift. This may be the best time of year to utilize your unique talents and make them a gift they’ll never forget. Whether it’s an alcoholic treat in a mason jar or a hand-painted picture, Virgo will love that you took the time to make it for them.

Top Ideas for Virgo

  1. Games – Virgos love board games, video games, and role play games. Find out which one they love the most and get them one that you can play together.
  2. Tool or Specialized Item – Get them a tool that they would never buy themselves or something that will make their life easier while also aiding in their hobbies. If they collect figurines get them a shelf to display them on, it will play right into their pragmatic side.
  3. D.I.Y. – Virgos love personalized things because it shows that you pay attention to their likes and dislikes. Get them something edible or something they can hang on their wall, as long as it came from the heart, your Virgo will melt.

The Perfect Gift for a Libra

Ruled by Venus, Libras are another intellectual Air sign with the appreciation for beauty that is synonymous with Venus. Venus is the planet of beauty and love, and Librans delight in making sure that their surroundings are always gorgeous. You’ll likely never find a Libra with a scarcely decorated home.

Whether this means a tight circle of friends, a companion, a spouse or a combination, when it comes to Libra, great gift ideas start with considering things you can do together, or items that represent your commitment or memories. Planning a special date or friends weekend getaway is a great way to go.

For Libra, try to play into their love for all things aesthetically pleasing. They love art, so a unique print would make a lovely gift. On the other hand, a trip to the local art museum would also entice their senses. I’ve never met a Libra who didn’t absolutely need another decorative pillow.

Playing into their sensual approach to life, Libras also appreciate good music. Try burning them a personalize playlist, filled with all of the songs that remind you of your favorite Libra. You might also try scoring tickets to a local concert and surprising them.

Top Ideas for Libra

  1. Knick-knacks – Libras love unique decoration so find them a knick-knack for their house from the antique store or a print from a local artist. They will love it.
  2. Music – They love music so speak to this with a record or tickets a concert.
  3. A Philosophical Trip – Get them something that inspires thought and change. Our recommendation is a trip to a museum, a book, or tickets to a documentary.

The Perfect Gift for a Scorpio

Scorpios are a Water sign ruled by the secretive planet Pluto. Pluto deals with the underworld, and Scorpios seem to have a fascination for all of life’s darker aspects and mysteries. They are intellectual and emotional at the same time, and they love to have each facet of their personality stimulated.

To really wow the Scorpio on your list, consider how important those deep connections are to them. Scorpios seek out and hold close the intimacy they create within their relationships, so think about that quality when planning their presents.

Your Scorpio friend may be drawn towards the occult or philosophical ideas, so head to your local bookstore for unique books that catch your eye. Their interests are varied, so you’re likely to find a topic that they’d enjoy very easily. Scorpios are also known for their sensual side, so you may want to check out something like the Kamasutra.

Although Scorpios are dark and mysterious, there is an area of their life wherein the Scorpio is quite playful, and that area is the bedroom. Scorpios are not afraid to express themselves sexually—so depending on your relationship with the Scorpio in your life, you may find the most suitable gift within the walls of your local adult toy store.

Look for something that will show them how much you know them, as well as how much they mean to you. It could be as simple as planning a night in with their favorite food and movie, recreating your first date, buying concert tickets for their ultimate fave band, even taking them axe throwing with a group of friends.

Top Ideas for Scorpio

  1. Divination Tools/Tarot Cards – Scorpios have a love for the esoteric and mysterious side of life. Find something beautiful and mysterious for them to enjoy.
  2. A Novel – Get them something that they can dive into and read for hours. Lean into their area of interest and find something educational or completely escapist.
  3. Something Spicy – Whether its for a jokey gift or some serious play, Scorpios will appreciate passionate gifts more than others. If you aren’t feeling the heat from your Scorpio, a gift card for them to explore with is always the best. Axe throwing also falls into this category.

The Perfect Gift for a Sagittarius

Ruled by benevolent Jupiter and feisty Fire, Sagittarians are lovers of travel and adventure. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, and as such, Sagittarians are seekers of wisdom and experience. They’ll typically try anything at least once, maybe twice if they didn’t hate it.

Eternal optimists, they believe everything holds a wonderful possibility, we need only try it to find out. While Sagittarius certainly enjoys traveling and adventure, your pocketbook may not be able to accommodate in the way you would like.

This is the perfect sign to give the gift of spontaneity. You can put together pretty much any day trip and your Sagittarius friend will be thrilled to see a new adventure and a new day. Try planning a small road trip or taking them to the nearest amusement park to put a big grin on their face.

Sagittarians are seekers of knowledge and new philosophies, meaning they will probably love to get their hands on a new book they haven’t read—whether it’s a novel or a historical nonfiction piece. Sags love to cram as much information in their craniums as they can, so you really can’t go wrong with just about any topic.

Top Ideas for Sagittarius

  1. A Trip – Take your Sagittarius to an amusement park, a concert in another city, or a weekend in the mountains. They will appreciate leaving their current environment and making memories with you.
  2. Book/Classes – Sagittarians love to learn so finding a book or a class that will help them develop a new skill is the best way to go. Try a sushi making class or a book about the dark secrets of history.
  3. Imported Items – Getting a Sagittarius something luxury from far away will make their heart sing. These may include coffee mugs, coffee beans, imported chocolate, or small tokens of lands they would love to travel to someday (like a necklace or bag).

The Perfect Gift for a Capricorn

Capricorns are an Earth sign ruled by practical Saturn. They are responsible, loyal, and focused on what they want to get out of life. They appreciate tradition and enjoy sentiment, although they tend to be reserved with their emotions.

Being an earth sign, it would be a smart choice to find a natural gift – no plastic or poly blends – something made with a quality and attention to detail, but carrying a sense of elegance and simplicity at the same time. Capricorns have excellent taste and likely don’t want to collect things just for the sake of it.

Focus on your friendship. Capricorns are loyal to their loved ones, and though they may not show much affection, they appreciate a reminder of the friendship you share with them—whether that comes in the form of a nice dinner together, a night on the town, a special scrapbook, or even a friendship bracelet. They will appreciate the thought of any gift that reminds them of your special connection.

Being practical, Capricorns also enjoy practical gifts. You might hire a cleaner to spruce up their house for the day if they don’t have the time—or buy them a gift card to their local mechanic if their tires need rotating. It may not seem that exciting, but it will fill their heart.

Top Ideas for Capricorn

  1. An Act of Service – Get a Capricorn something they would never buy themselves but improves their well being. We suggest a house cleaner to take some of the stress off of them or their own photo shoot since they never take enough time to pamper themselves. Getting some cute holiday photos or serious head shots taken will make them feel confident, appeal to their perfectionist eye, and help them upgrade their Instagram.
  2. A Special Night – Plan a full night of activities that they would enjoy and end it with sweatpants and pizza. They love being tailored to, but also going to bed early because there is so much to do the next day.
  3. Sweet Treats – Capricorns love snacks and will be delighted with chocolate covered popcorn or sugary sweet 5 cent candies. If your Capricorn can’t have sugar, indulge their sweet tooth with a sweet letter or crafted item.

The Perfect Gift for an Aquarius

Aquarians are an Air sign with a revolutionary personality—they’re always innovating and coming up with new ideas for changing the world. While many people may not appreciate a donation made in their name, Aquarius is a sign that truly wants to see the world improve. Try donating to a charity that you know they support to see their eyes really sparkle.

They need some place to keep their brilliant ideas, so try finding a special notebook that reminds you of your airy friend. That way they can keep track of all their inventions and innovations.

Alarm clock on wheels? Perfect! Sudoku toilet paper? Sounds great! You can go crazy with gift ideas, they’ll be tickled by anything that isn’t boring. Tech products will bode well also, just make sure they don’t already have it. Avoid anything sentimental, it will not go over well.

Aquarians love to travel, so you can feel safe getting them anything that involves: Luggage to travel notebooks to passport holders and everything in between. They’d even love a fuzzy neck pillow to keep them comfortable on their next long flight across the globe.

Top Ideas for Aquarius

  1. Donate to a Charity of Their Choice – Aquarians want to make a change in the world, so donating to a charity under their name will make them feel like they made a difference in their community.
  2. Personalized Notebook – Either make a customized cover or find one that speaks to their internal mantra. This gift will allow them to write and take note of their ideas.
  3. Travel Items – Either a neck pillow or a map of the world they can hang on their wall. Anything that reminds them of the thrill of travelling to a new place will intrigue and delight them.

The Perfect Gift for a Pisces

Dreamy, Water-ruled Pisces is also ruled by the imaginative, intuitive planet Neptune. Pisces spend a lot of time daydreaming and living in their own special fantasy realms. This sign is naturally drawn towards the arts—music, visual art, dance, theater, you name it.

Plan a trip that will connect to Pisces artistic sensibilities, whether you take them to the local art exhibit or a concert, an open mic night or craft emporium. Pisces like to express their deep emotions through creative endeavors, so they might appreciate the gift of a painting class or instrumental lesson. Even a lovely, oversized book full of delightful pictures on a topic they love could knock them over.

Pisces love music and stand loyally by their favorite artists. They’d melt over a trip to see their favorite band, but they also enjoy memorabilia such as t-shirts and posters. Make a special playlist for Pisces to let them know how much you love them.

Top Ideas for Pisces

  1. Artistic Endeavors – Take your Pisces out to a local artistic experience and allow their creative side to bloom. They also love concept of expanding their skills so an open mic or a painting class will be perfect.
  2. Playlist/burned CD – Make a special playlist or, because they are the oldest of the zodiac, a traditional CD to put in their car. If this feels like not enough, buy them an accessory to help them listen to music like a nice AUX cord, record player, Bluetooth speaker, or headphones.
  3. Divination Tools – Pisces are the spiritualists of the zodiac so getting them a brand new Tarot deck or crystal is the perfect gift.

It’s the Thought that Counts

It doesn’t matter how much money you have to spend this year, remember that it’s the thought that counts. Most of us are on some kind of a budget, and your friends will appreciate anything that you chose for them, because it came from you.

We all stress about gift giving – we so very much want to wow everyone on our list, but sometimes it seems like there are just too many options. For the most part, a little creative thinking, snooping and risk taking can really pay off when it comes to garnering gifts – and for the majority of the zodiac signs – we all appreciate when someone goes out of their way to make us smile.

Try to remember the whole point of why we celebrate the holidays by sharing presents – we are recognizing the important people in our lives during a time reserved for the nearest and dearest. Now get out there and enjoy that shopping!

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