What Holiday Gifts to Avoid Giving, Based on the Zodiac Sign

Most of us look forward to the holiday season; after all, there are so many great parties, events and opportunities to eat our faces off while celebrating with the people we love most. There are those who seem to give the best presents year after year, consistently dazzling their Secret Santas, even making people cry when they open their gift and see how much thought was put into it.

A few weeks ago, we posted a spectacular gift guide titled The Perfect Christmas Gifts For Each Zodiac Sign, According To Astrology. Full of personalized and out of the ordinary ideas, following it will make you the Santa of the hour – and will let your loved one know how much you wanted to put a smile on their faces.

This article is not about that.

This is for those of us who just can’t seem to hit the mark, no matter how hard we try. Today we’re diving into the opposite – what to absolutely avoid buying for each astrology sign – so you don’t feel like a bozo and they don’t question your entire relationship. Let’s get into the astrology zone, shall we?

Sagittarius Sign – Jigsaw Puzzles

Sagittarius dislikes: clingy people, details, negativity, limits, being alone

Mutable sign Sagittarius wants to be entertained, inspired and awed by all the wonderful people, ideas and adventures the big wide world has to offer. Fire signs need to stay active at all times and there are no limits – there’s just too much to experience, to learn, to change.

Giving this vibrant tornado a jigsaw puzzle is like stealing a trophy from a kid at a dance competition – shockingly disappointing. To Sagittarius, there’s probably nothing more boring than sitting alone trying to fit different blue and yellow pieces together to make a flower. They might even laugh at you because they think it’s a gag gift.

In summary: Outgoing sign – emphasis on open. Get them out of the house, don’t get stuck inside.

Capricorn Sign – Bungee Jumping/Adventure Gifts

Capricorn dislikes: fantasies, being ridiculed, crazy schemes, low end or cheaply made products

While it’s true that Cardinal signs tend to be enterprising initiators, Earth sign Capricorn is not likely to take the lead when it comes to adventure sports or challenging daredevilry. A gift that includes all night rollercoaster riding, bungee jumping, skydiving or drag racing of either kind will likely not tickle the fancy of your average Capricorn.

On top of shoving them way out of their comfort zones, engaging in activities like these could also open them up to being ridiculed on the social media posts that are sure to follow – another area they are not willing to traverse. Don’t ever mess with a Cap’s carefully crafted image. Ever.

In summary: All truth, no dare. Stick to challenges of the mind, not of the body or reputation.

Aquarius Sign – Weekly Boot Camp

Aquarius dislikes: uniformity, broken promises, being bored, imitations

Just don’t tell Aquarius what to do. Even if they wanted to what you said in the first place, they may go against you just to prove they can. Therefore, signing them up for a super militant and scheduled boot camp may not be the way to go for this year’s gift.

While they may enjoy the challenge of a new sport or unique mix of activities like Barre Fusion Pilates, signing Fixed sign Aquarius up to be yelled at or forced to do things someone else’s way is not something they’re likely to enjoy. Aquarius will respond to being firmly motivated by an expert, but will directly rebel against anyone who seems like they’re trying to be the boss of them.

Also, avoid signing them up for 3 months of weekly classes that fall on the same day. They bore easily and may resent having someone else commit them to something so structured before they even know they’ll like it – or have time for it.

In summary: Seek motivation in groups, not on being individually challenged by ‘authority’ figures

Pisces Sign – Horror Movies/Cuddle Replacement

Pisces dislikes: Insincerity, cruelty of any kind, being criticized, know-it-alls

One of the worst things you can do to Pisces is to indicate in some way that you don’t value their feelings and compassion – or that you don’t want to spend quality time with them. I know a Pisces who said the worst gift they ever received was a boyfriend pillowfrom her then boyfriend – who just preferred not to cuddle with her. #Heartbreak.

Water sign Pisces are empathic – meaning they absorb very strong emotions from others – even TV shows can upset them if someone is being hurt. Gifting them a movie night that includes a totally graphic film (people being killed, general violence, someone in pain, animal cruelty – even if obviously fake) will backfire on you because they’ll probably have a very emotional reaction – or just run out and be upset for hours to follow.

In summary: Kindness and compassion, not murder and mayhem

Aries Sign – Tickets to a 5 Hour Play or Opera

Aries dislikes: waiting, getting advice from others, things that are easy

As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries is sometimes considered the baby of the crew. Have you ever given a little kid an amazing present only to have them quickly lose interest in favour of banging a pot with a spoon? That’s Aries to a tee. This Fire sign wants to get up, get active and conquer the world, not get bogged down in details and slow-moving parts.

While giving them tickets to La Boheme may seem like a great idea to spend quality time together, save the opera for Capricorn or Pisces – Aries will be bored to tears and will likely drive you and everyone else crazy trying to sit still for that long. Even popcorn wouldn’t save this from being a disaster.

In summary: Don’t bore them. A is for active.

Taurus Sign – Ugly Stuff, a Surprise Trip

Taurus dislikes: being rushed, unnatural materials, cheapness or low quality

You probably won’t go out of your way to find something hideous for the special Taurus in your life, but keep in mind how notoriously picky they can be about what they will wear, display in their house or show off to others. Even though they love a good deal, avoid buying them anything made of inexpensive materials. Polyester will just piss them off.

Fixed sign bulls hate to be rushed and prefer to be in control of their own schedule and decision-making process. While springing a surprise trip on Gemini may unlock the key to their heart, it will really freak Taurus out. Leaving them out of the planning will have them worrying about how much money you spent, if it’s nice enough, what they should pack, how it interferes with their schedule, etc.

In summary: Skip the poly-blend and don’t leave them out of big decisions that involve their time!

Gemini Sign – The Same Gift as Last Year

Gemini dislikes: Being bored or confined, repetition

Geminis have brains that won’t slow down for anything – and that can be exhausting! Adaptable Gemini is a Mutable sign, so they’re used to making swift changes, really welcoming them as part of their usual routine. In this case, how do you shop for the chatty sign of the twins?

Whatever you do, make sure you’re not getting them something they already have or are repeating a gift you gave in years past (no fruitcake here). Geminis are proud of the fact they never stop learning, moving and growing. To gift them something they conquered months ago or to assume they would appreciate a duplicate of anything previously given would be insulting – or at the very least – lame. They might write you off for not being interesting enough to roll with them. Don’t risk it.

In summary: Look forward, not back.

Cancer Sign – Gift Cards

Cancer dislikes: People who are fake, cold-heartedness, people who threaten their loved ones

Romantic and sensitive Cancer wears their heart on their sleeve, seeking out deep and meaningful relationships – they will not be concerned at how much you spend on them, and are likely to shed a few tears if you really put some real thought into your gift.

With this in mind – presenting Cancer with an impersonal gift card is a slap in the face, unless you are relatively new on the scene. Cancers take a great amount of care when it comes to choosing the people they surround themselves with. If you’re lucky enough to have one in your world, you’ll know how difficult it can be to break through their shell. Once they trust you, it’s a bond they’ll never sever – so protect it.

They’ve probably given you clues all year, so will expect you to have at least a base knowledge of where to start. Handing them a Harvey’s gift card is more likely to make them feel like you put absolutely no thought into their feelings than it is to excite them about build-your-own-burgers.

In summary: They spend a lot of time thinking about you – reciprocate and show you’ve been listening.

Leo Sign – Ordinary, Dollar Store

Leo dislikes: being ignored, not being spoiled, penny-pinching, anything ordinary

Excitable Leo needs to feel vibrant and vital, like the king or queen of the jungle they are. Lions love to be the center of attention and want to feel special, admired and desired by others. In other words, make a big deal about them, spoil them as they would generously spoil you in return and make it count. Kings and queens do not appreciate feeling like they are not special snowflakes. You don’t have to go nuts on your credit card, but whatever you get them, make sure it makes them feel like a big deal.

Do not give them the gift with purchase that arrived on the side of your shampoo bottle, (unless it’s fabulous) or something drab, like white tennis socks or the classic king-sized KitKat bar (it comes in Green Tea and Strawberry – do you even care about them?). Your Leo will think you don’t find them special at all and that will cause problems for you.

In summary: Up the wow factor – run-of-the-mill means run for the hills!

Virgo Sign – Front Row Hypnotist Show Tickets

Virgo dislikes: Being the center of attention, excessive noise

Virgo is more than happy to let someone else shine in the spotlight and their neighbour signs of Leo and Libra are usually more than happy to fill the position. Noble Virgo prefers to sit back and observe, happily planning their lives and making sure everyone else is healthy and happy.

Therefore, one of the worst presents you could give to the sign of the virgin would be front row tickets to a comedy set (You know comedians just love to make fun of the folks brave enough to sit that close) or a hypnotist show, where (gasp!) they might be pulled up on stage and publicly ridiculed. They would probably enjoy watching, but from a safe zone – much, much, much farther away.

In summary: Avoid public humiliation and loud noises.

Libra Sign – The Latest Trend/Choose Your Own Adventure Books

Libra dislikes: loudmouths, conformity, violence, making fast decisions

While harmonious Libra does enjoy bringing people together to find common ground, this Air sign does not want to blend into the crowd. Logo t-shirts will not be appreciated here – they are proud of their personal sense of style – Libras like to set the trends, not to be slaves to them.

Some of you may not remember Choose Your Own Adventure books, but you should. Libra really hates being put in a position to make quick choices – they want to think it all through and make sure no one could possibly feel left out or offended by their decisions. Giving them a gift that will force them to make gut-wrenching selections will fluster and annoy them.

In summary: Stay away from brands and anything that might force quick decisions.

Scorpio Sign – Sentimental/Palm Reading

Scorpio dislikes: dishonesty, shallowness, flattery, revealing secrets

While fellow Water signs Pisces and Cancer will be tickled by a very sentimental, personal gift, Scorpio might give you murder eyes if you try to elicit an emotion from them when they aren’t ready for it. Do not gift something very meaningful or based on an inside joke unless you’re in their wolf pack. The forced intimacy and social obligation will make their skin crawl… keep it superficial but decadent.

Another one to avoid would be taking them to a palm reader. While Scorps are all about mystery, transformation and secrets, they will want the terms to be their own when it comes to sharing their deepest and darkest with a total stranger.

In summary: Don’t push them into a gooey place or dictate when they reveal themselves.


There you have it! If you stay away from these gifting traps, it should be smooth sailing this holiday season. We all want to wow the folks on our holiday gift list, but it can be hard to know exactly where to get started. Knowing what to avoid can prove helpful – at least you know what NOT to do!

Now we want to know – what was the worst present you ever received and why?

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