How a Capricorn Can Hold Onto Their Inner Child

If you’ve ever read a Capricorn horoscope, you know that this sign is possibly the most serious of all the zodiac signs. Since the Sun moves into Capricorn over the holidays, we have some easy tips for how a Capricorn can loosen up this holiday season and connect with their inner child again.

There are certain understandable reasons for Capricorn’s infamous seriousness, but it’s important that we all nurture the inner child inside of all of us to stay balanced. This goes for all zodiac signs! But, in honour of Capricorn’s birthday month, today we have 9 ways for even the hardest-headed Capricorn to reach out to their inner child.

Understanding the Capricorn Horoscope & Characteristics

Most Capricorns express love by providing for the people they care about in some way. They want everyone to feel safe and have what they need. Capricorns themselves need a sense of security in their lives – this is what drives them. That means they work harder and longer than any almost other sign. When work is their main focus, taking time for entertainment, relaxation, and exploring different forms of artistic expression typically get put on the back burner.

Capricorn needs a plan or they don’t know how to structure their lives. They start with a big goal and then work backwards to create stepping stones towards it. Being ruled by Saturn, the planet of discipline and responsibility, Capricorn can live in the future and miss out on enjoying the present moment or seeing the humour in their day-to-day activities. They can become overly serious if they don’t infuse their life with some colours, jokes, and flavours that enliven their senses.

They Seek Out Achievement Sooner Than Other Signs

Capricorns, as Earth signs, mature mentally at a younger age than most. It’s common for a young Capricorn to decide what they want to be when they grow up and even the type of house they want. Capricorn is unique in that they accomplish big goals by establishing set routines and rarely stray from their plans.

Work First, Play Later Mentality

You’ll notice a Capricorn isn’t impressed when people are too spontaneous, because to them, nothing is worth sacrificing security. If you want to do something fun with a Capricorn, give them a few weeks to plan ahead so they can put you in their schedule. Know that calling a Cap on a Tuesday night to go see a movie in an hour creates anxiety and it’s better to let them work and do what they love instead of trying to change them.

The Sea-Goats of the zodiac don’t like to leave things undone or procrastinate when it comes to responsibilities. They don’t like to rush because they want things to be done right. That means they have a lot more patience than most, but it also means they will spend more time making sure something is done right the first time. Be patient with Capricorns. It’ll be worth it.

Don’t misunderstand, though; Capricorn does actually enjoy luxury and the finer things in life that their hard work has won them. Capricorns work hard to be able to enjoy these things, but part of the enjoyment comes from the satisfaction of a job well done. They are proud of the way they are able to achieve success on their own terms.

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9 Ways Capricorns Can Channel Their Inner Child and Live a More Carefree Life

1. Try an Adult Coloring Book

Keep an adult coloring book on the coffee table at home to pick up at the end of the day for a few minutes. If you want, you can also make it a ritual to color for a few minutes a day at your desk at work, too. Colors evoke emotions and inspire creativity, and a lot of people find that coloring relaxes them. When we are relaxed, solutions to tough problems just come to us, so if you’re wanting an answer, color! Then, be proud of the work of art you’ve created.

2. Dance in the Grocery Store Aisle

Capricorns need to learn how to help the people they often manage grow. But to understand how to grow, we must first go through the process ourselves. Stepping outside of our comfort zones is a great way to see how to break routine ways of thinking. Something simple and fun like dancing in the grocery store aisle can help loosen up that seriousness!

3. Jump on a Trampoline

There’s something about a big trampoline that immediately brings us back to childhood. Challenging ourselves to do a flip, finding that our body enjoys movement and even laughing so hard you can’t control it are all things that can happen on this bouncy place of mischief.

4. Free-Writing or Free-Drawing

Doing things that help you be present will allow the body to relax and allow stress to reduce. Writing a story as it comes to you can help stimulate the imagination or even writing out your feelings can help alleviate built-up emotional tension that can cause pain in the body.

5. Play Hide & Seek

You may think this is overly childish, but going back to the games we played as children can really get you to think on your toes and engage with how other people think. It’s a lot harder to hide when you’re an adult too, so you will have to be smart. This game reignites a sense of playfulness almost instantly. Suspense, the victory of finding someone, and the creativity required not to be found are all valuable for us to experience even as adults. Grab the kids or a few friends and get a little silly!

6. Play with Pets

There’s nothing more fun and stress-relieving than playing with cute animals. Animals and our pets remind us how important it is to just play for pure pleasure. Plus, rolling or running around on the floor with your fur-babies actually helps you get a much better rest at the end of the day. If you find you’re overly serious, head to your local animal shelter to volunteer for an hour or two and awaken your inner child.

You might even meet your new best friend! Pets force us let go of control and realize that sometimes messes and unexpected love are just what we need.

7. Run Through Sprinklers

Water is something we explore as children because it’s otherworldly and wild. Running in a sprinkler tickles your skin, makes you forget about your worries, and helps you cool down in the warm months. If you feel emotionally stagnant, go swimming, play in a pool, or even take a hot bubble bath to awaken yourself to your senses again.

8. Finger Paint

Try your hand (literally!) at finger painting. Be an impressionist and make a finger painting using a photo of a friend or a place that inspires you for reference. All creativity can turn into art. Doing this can help you let go of your perfectionist tendencies and prove that something can be fun and beautiful without being perfect.

9. Go to the Zoo

When we are around other creatures, we see the wonder of being human. We see what a miracle it is that we are conscious, able to talk, have relationships, and build and invent things. Reconnecting with nature is humbling and it can help us find joy in simple pleasures again, like eating an ice cream cone or laughing at the monkeys.

10. Watch Comedy Movies

Comedy has a unique way into our hearts that offers us a form of self-reflection. The ability to laugh at ourselves and stop taking ourselves so seriously is a great skill and stress reliever. Comedy also helps us see that life is better when we lighten up and allow ourselves to be silly, just like we were in childhood. Stand up comedians are adults that show us it’s possible to laugh at the day-to-day things we all experience as adults.

11. Cook Something New

This will get you back in touch with your senses while engaging your mind. Think about things that appeal to you, find a recipe, buy the ingredients and experiment. This is a great way to get creative, make a mess and reap the benefits of your work instantly! Take a break from your own routines and let yourself live through your senses just like kids do.

12. Go to a Play

Live theatre is a great place to awaken your childlike wonder. Actors tend to have very alive inner children, and being around them is always inspiring because it shows us our own potential for fun and creativity. See a play about a fairytale or an adaptation of a classic story for an extra dose of heartwarming nostalgia.

13. Travel

Take a vacation if you can! Being in an environment where people are laid back, not working, and trying new things can help you find a new part of yourself or even parts of yourself that have been sleeping. Being in a place where the agenda is playing all day and every other adult is wearing their play clothes will help you kick back!

Letting Your Inner Child Out Is Important, Here’s Why

Our creativity is only able to manifest at its strongest when we get in touch with our inner child.

If we start to see new ways of doing things, new approaches to old problems, and fun ways to go about our day, we live with more joy and attract more good things. When we are able to use our playful spirit to keep our vibration up, we suddenly shift into a world where we are a magnet for more fun and love. Art is a tool to show us our own ability to use our emotions to co-create in the Universe. When we stay in the logical brain for too long, we start to think we don’t have the ability to affect reality with our thoughts.

Don’t Mistake Letting Out Your Inner Child with Acting Childish

Capricorns can strike a balance between having fun and keeping themselves safe and healthy. Some people think partying is the only way to have fun as an adult (I used to). But really, making art, learning an instrument, making a blanket fort, having a movie marathon, baking cookies, or having a pajama party are all childlike ways to have fun without regretting your decisions. You don’t have to be wild and out of control to have a good time.

Check out this fun article for more ideas on how to have fun and play, 10 Ways To Have More Fun and Play More As Adults.

In Conclusion

Every zodiac sign has its strengths and weaknesses. We could all learn a thing or two from Capricorns about hard-work and responsibility!

Continue to pay attention to your horoscopes on a daily basis and you’ll get to know your tendencies better. When we want to get along with people, it’s important that we self-reflect and bring balance into our personality. If we aren’t aware of our own ways of thinking and how they can be different from others, it can be very hard to relate to or understand them as well. Watch how your own moods and thoughts follow the planetary movements and use your horoscopes to set your intention, harness the cosmic energy you’re dealing with, and decide the type of life you want to live!

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