8 Ways to Show Your Capricorn Partner the Love Today

Are you trying to show love to your favorite Capricorn today? Loving a Capricorn is a lot different than loving other signs and the things they like might confuse you if you don’t understand how they think. Have no fear! We will help you every step of the way. Each of the 12 zodiac signs has their own way of relating to the world and their own unique personality that you can cater to and make them feel extra special.

You’ll notice that the more you work to understand your Capricorn, the easier it is for you to get along with them and make them feel valued, respected, and heard. The reason so many people clash is because they don’t realize we aren’t all carved out of the same block of wood! While some people need constant change, others crave routines. While some people love to indulge and be spontaneous, others find comfort in being pragmatic and reserved.

Your goal, should you wish to improve your relationship, is to know thyself and the Capricorn partner so you can make sure both of you understand and accept each other fully.

There’s no greater gift than to have someone understand you on a soul level and astrology is what allows us to create maps of the soul. Instead of judging your partner’s quirks and shortcomings, use this insightful info about the zodiac sign of Capricorn today to highlight their strengths so you can let the positive energy build between you! You have a lot of power in your relationships once you are equipped with the wisdom of the cosmos.

Classic Capricorn Characteristics

A Capricorn is an Earth sign, which means they need consistency, they love a plan, and they don’t like things changing all of the sudden. They are loyal people who keep few friends, but they keep them for life.

They Plan Long Term

If you don’t understand the value Capricorns place on stability and financial security, you’re missing two main components of their core being. They are creatures that seek to provide, prefer long-term plans, and are natural leaders who are organized, methodical, grounded, and good with money.

They are Slow to Open Up

A Capricorn is slow to open up to new people and prefers to sit back and observe others before trusting them. They are capable of holding grudges for a long time – hard-headed Caps don’t forget when someone wrongs them or the someone they care about because they are very protective over the people close to their heart.

If a Capricorn says they are going to do something, they do it. If you don’t keep your word in a similar way, most Capricorns will have a hard time ever trusting you.

They are Hardworking

They say a Capricorn makes a great business owner, accountant, or finance professional because many Caps think in numbers. If you really want to get on their good side, make smart choices, work hard, and don’t try to micro-manage them. Capricorns are known to be the hardest working sign in the zodiac, and if they can’t work in their own way, it’s like taking away their lifeline that makes them feel accomplished and valuable.

Capricorns Have a Reputation of Being Surly & Having Trouble Expressing Their Feelings

If your Capricorn partner doesn’t seem to get overly excited or overly upset about anything, it’s because emotionally, they tend to be pretty even keel. Capricorns don’t usually have the emotional highs and lows that Water and Fire signs are particularly familiar with. Capricorns pride themselves on consistency. Sometimes, they can come off as cold when meeting new people because they are inherently cautious of others when they first meet them.

They always have their guard up because of their protective instincts, so if they don’t warm up to your friends and family right away, be patient and give them time to come to their conclusions on their own. Caps themselves are very patient and able to handle stressful situations with ease because they are good decision makers with strong leadership abilities.

Capricorns may not say “I love you” all the time – but look for the ways they show it. Maybe they work late hours to put a down payment on a house to show their love. Maybe they go to bed early during the week so they can be extra productive and get a raise at work to pay for a vacation for the two of you. Capricorns say I love you mostly through their actions – they may not be the most lovey-dovey and affectionate, but they do know how to make you feel safe and looked after.

Tap Into Your Capricorn’s Romantic Side with These Tips

Don’t get me wrong, Capricorn is still one of the most romantic signs. They love to spoil their partners, have romantic dinners, and get dressed up to go out. Plus, they’re reliable: they love steady long-term committed relationships and tend to have lasting marriages. Here are some insider tips on how to open and nurture the romantic side of your Capricorn today:

Element: Earth

How do you appeal to an Earth sign? Take them out in nature! Cook them an earthy meal with root vegetables and savoury herbs. Appeal to their love for doing things with their hands and ask them to help you with a creative project, or just for help putting together your new IKEA bookshelf. Taking them to a history museum, a car show, or something that shows human progress are all ideas that are also right up a Cap’s alley. For a quieter Capricorn, a nice fire, some red wine or cider, and an old movie make for a night they won’t forget.

Quality: Cardinal

This Cardinal sign enjoys being the leader so let them pick where you are going to eat or ask them to surprise you and tell you that you trust them. Allow them to pick you up or plan the weekend without needing to control things. They like to be able to make decisions and hey it’s one less thing you need to concern yourself with right? They also love when you’re on time, follow through with what you say and communicate exactly what you need so they can trust you. If something happens and you need help, they will be there and happy to be your rescuer. If you don’t need help you can say, “help I need a nice dinner or I might not make it through the week.”

Color: Brown, Black

If you’re wondering what colors to wear on your date, remember that a Capricorn loves class and sophistication. They love mature, sleek styles that are practical and sensible but good quality. If you’re considering a new hairstyle, don’t go for a purple or blue that a Pisces would find endearing, but something more timeless like brown or black.

When it comes to home decor, Caps love the deep rich colors and dark wood that offers a sense of prestige, coziness, and intellectual stimulation.

Day: Saturday

If you think this is a stretch, I can assure you it’s not. They are working during the week because that’s what they are good at. You’ll rarely find an unemployed Capricorn, so don’t give them a hard time if they are hyper-focused and working late during the week. Wait until the weekend where they can treat you with their hard earned money and show off what they’ve worked so hard to impress you with. It seems like a bit of a charade but there’s something to be said for people who have a knack for figuring out how to be successful!

Ruler: Saturn 

Saturn is a masculine planet that is said to be the ruler of time and karma. Falling under Saturn’s ruling means that Capricorns have a strong sense of morality, loyalty, and timeliness. Saturn is about learning lessons over time, so sharing how you have grown and matured can be good talking points that will impress any Capricorn. They’ll feel secure because they’ll see you have the power of self-reflection and that you try to make sound decisions that are grounded in life experience.

Best Zodiac Compatibility with Capricorns

There are some signs that naturally get on with Capricorns, but all signs can find a way to relate to Caps and appreciate what’s important to them. Fellow grounded Earth signs Taurus and Virgo get along well with Capricorns. The intensity of Scorpio matches Capricorn’s work ethic and determination, so they can find common ground there. Finally, and surprisingly, opposites Capricorns and Pisceans can help balance each other and find ways to explore new ways of thinking together while both liking companionship and the pleasures of a good time with good food and music.


Capricorns are known for giving sound advice, so your Cap partner just might be the most reliable person you know. They can easily give you advice on a business plan or help you make a five-year plan with actionable steps that you can actually stick to. The Capricorn mind is organized and ordered, making them helpful when huge projects need to be executed by planning the small steps along the way. The patience it takes to build a skyscraper is something a Capricorn possesses. Appealing to the leader in them is always a bonus.


Capricorns aren’t always able to put their emotions into words and can come off as cold. They aren’t concerned with chit-chat about the weather or idle gossip. If you’re concerned they didn’t notice your new hair, it’s probably because they are thinking about how to refinance their loan, build their next company, or when their car payment is due. They may lack social graces and be blunt, but they come through when you need someone to lend a helping hand.

How to Show Your Capricorn Partner the Love Today

When it comes to getting along with someone, we also need to know how to show them love in a way that will make them feel appreciated and not in a way that we necessarily like to be loved. Everyone has their own preferences and here’s what a Capricorn tends to like…

1. To a Capricorn, Actions Mean More than Words

Capricorns dislike empty promises, so don’t tell them you’re going to do things you won’t end up doing. You can do small actions like bringing in the mail, making them coffee, lighting a candle, or buying their favorite movie to show you love them. They speak the Love Language of Acts of Service.

2. Always be Honest & Upfront

Capricorns can usually sense when someone is lying so if you can’t make the Christmas party for any reason, just tell them the truth. It’s better than a white lie, and since they are big on trust, Caps have an uncanny ability to sense dishonesty. Always say what you mean and mean what you say with your Capricorn partner.

3. Slow Down & Focus on Emotions

Capricorns don’t like to rush and they don’t like impulsivity. If your emotions are making you anxious, take some time and talk through how you’re feeling and why so they can get to know you and feel like they can trust you.

5. Give Capricorns Their Alone Time

Don’t smother a Capricorn because their cool, methodical nature needs time to process and order their thoughts. They don’t like to do a million rushed things in a day and it would be better to plan one nice evening a week than five stressful and rushed get-together. Don’t text or call them all day because they will feel bombarded.

6. Splurge on a Night Out

Let your Cap treat you to a nice evening out where you can dress up and eat at a fancy restaurant. Wear your best and they will feel like it’s an extra special moment for you. Let them spoil you sometimes because they are fulfilled when they can provide security for others. You can also bet they love the extra details like box seats, VIP tickets, or a driver for the evening. They love to splurge and reap the rewards of their hard work.

7. Explore Your Sexuality Together

Capricorns are committed and loyal types – they go all in but are slow to move to the more serious stages. If they let you in, that means they’ve given it thought and they trust you. Talk openly about what you like and ask them what they’re comfortable with. They live in their senses and will enjoy a healthy sexual relationship.

8. Support Their Dreams

This is a BIG one. Capricorns are goal oriented people, and if you tell them their dreams are silly or don’t respect their goals, they won’t feel any romantic connection to you. They are able to accomplish big goals more than any other sign and even if you don’t think it’s possible, for them, it probably is. They want to tackle large tasks that can take years of planning, long hours, and involve many moving parts. That’s what they thrive on.

Things to Avoid Around Your Capricorn Love

It can be helpful to know what turns off a Capricorn so you can know why they are repelled by certain people and so you can be sure to understand what doesn’t appeal to them in yourself. Here are some things that will show up as a red flag to a Capricorn.

Not Having a Plan

Capricorns want to know your goals – that’s how they figure out how to use their time and energy to support you. If they don’t know what you want, they won’t know how to categorize you and you will feel like a wild card in their minds. Similarly, on dates, Capricorns much prefer having a structured itinerary of activities to flirting spontaneously.

Avoid Being Negative About Work (or Bringing it into the Relationship)

Anything that makes work seem like it encumbers upon life doesn’t ring right with Capricorns. They are proud of their work and look forward to it! Don’t complain about work or resent your work, because to them, it’s what allows comforts and luxuries that many don’t have. Work gives Capricorns purpose. Don’t gripe about coworkers and instead focus on how to improve and be efficient at what you do.


Capricorn lives by a respect code, and if they don’t feel respected, they shut down. If they don’t share your love for fine art or pets, don’t put them down. Find the positive ways they contribute to the world and focus on them so they feel proud of who they are and not who you want them to be in some fantasy world. If you call them names or belittle them, expect them to buck as they don’t take words lightly. Think before you give your Cap criticism or they’ll be out of your life before you can blink.


Have you ever met someone and built a picture of who you think they are only to find they are actually quite the opposite once you get to know them? In today’s age, we must find ways to relate to people with different values because the world is already so divided. Look for what makes you both smile and laugh and you’ll find you have more in common than you think.

Know your own weaknesses and be able to voice what you’re working on. If you found this helpful, consider sharing it with a friend who dates a Capricorn or has a close Capricorn friend, it could vastly improve their relationship! We all have complexities that can be further unlocked by examining our birth charts. To continue learning, check out your partner’s Moon sign, seventh house, and North Node. This will keep you busy for a while and reveal a lot more about them.

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