Capricorn Compatibility With Other Zodiac Signs

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Have you ever wondered: what is Capricorn’s compatibility with other zodiac signs?

Take notes. It’s time to learn about loving a Capricorn. This Cardinal Earth sign brings a strong sense of self and endless logical growth into love, meaning if you fall in love with a Saturnian Capricorn, you must be ready to support them as they follow their passions. This means everything to them.

The sea goat is often seen as cold know-it-alls or workaholics. Still, if you take the time to get to know them, you’ll discover that they are secretly loyal, hopeless romantics that channel themselves into work/hobbies to avoid getting hurt.

If you enjoy long-term relationships and a lover that you can always depend on, love with a Capricorn man or woman is hard-won but worth every moment.

Read below to learn about your love compatibility with Capricorn below.

Aries Sign

Capricorn - Aries Compatibility

Slow and steady Capricorn may admire Aries’ impulse and pizzazz. While they operate differently, these signs share a go-getter attitude and natural inclination for leadership, both being Cardinal signs. Thus, Capricorn and Aries may be the ultimate power duo — or crumble to pieces very quickly.

Taurus Compatibility

Capricorn - Taurus Compatibility

Both sporting the grounded Earth element and a stable lifestyle, Capricorn and Taurus are a match that their friends and family will have been trying to set up for years — but shy Taurus and work-focused Capricorn are both unlikely to make the first move.

Gemini Compatibility Sign

Capricorn - Gemini Compatibility

Grounded Capricorn may question why they are attracted to unpredictable and Mutable Gemini, but perhaps opposites attract! If they are willing to learn, a Capricorn and Gemini love match will have a lot to teach each other about life.

Cancer Compatibility

Capricorn - Cancer Compatibility

Soft and sweet Cancer can be the perfect balance to sometimes cold and always work-oriented Capricorn. Capricorn must be willing to let down their guard, as even patient and sensitive Cancer will not wait forever for the emotional vulnerability they require.

Leo Compatibility

Capricorn - Leo Compatibility

Driven Capricorn may find Fixed Fire sign Leo appealing for what Capricorn will rightfully identify as Leo’s motivation, willpower, and determination. Both signs believe in fighting for what they care about and will respect each others’ core values in a love connection.

Virgo Compatibility

Capricorn - Virgo Compatibility

Both equally practical and Earthy, Capricorn and Virgo are an obvious love match to anyone who knows them. Even with as much as they have in common, Capricorn may still have to demonstrate patience and understanding with Virgo’s Mutable quality.

Libra Compatibility

Capricorn - Libra Compatibility

Charismatic Air sign Libra can seem like an odd choice for practical and often introverted Capricorn. Both are Cardinal signs with a passion and drive for what they love, though, and may use this to their advantage in overcoming the odds.

Scorpio Compatibility

Capricorn - Scorpio Compatibility

Initially, guarded Scorpio may seem just as withdrawn as work-oriented Capricorn, which will draw these two together. Capricorn will soon learn that Water sign Scorpio still wants emotional vulnerability, so compromise is needed for this relationship to work long-term.

Sagittarius Compatibility

Capricorn - Sagittarius Compatibility

Wild and free Sagittarius can seem like a breath of fresh air for methodical Capricorn, making this roaming adventurer an intriguing partner. Sagittarius is ultimately not fresh Air, however, and instead fresh Fire! Earthy Capricorn and Fiery Sagittarius must work to overcome their differences.

Capricorn Compatibillity

Capricorn - Capricorn Compatibility

Two Capricorns in a love connection can create a truly stable force to be reckoned with! These two will respect and appreciate each other’s boundaries and need for alone time but must find a way to meet in the middle and make time for each other.

Aquarius Compatibility

Capricorn - Aquarius Compatibility

Humanitarian and people-person Aquarius may seem like a strange choice in love for quiet and independent-worker Capricorn. Depending on how they’re handled, these differences can create a profound learning experience for both signs… or send the relationship into unstable territory.

Pisces Compatibility

Capricorn - Pisces Compatibility

A Capricorn and Pisces match will have little in common, from how they live their lives to how they communicate. Cardinal and determined Capricorn and romantic Pisces may not be fazed by this and attempt to make it work regardless.

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