Mercury Direct in Sagittarius Sets Your Adventurous Spirit on Fire

Greetings, Earthlings. If you’ve made it this far in the holiday season, and this far in 2018, with your sanity and *most* relationships intact, give your Self a big ol’ gold star. 2018 has been quite the year for retrogrades; we saw ten retrogrades throughout the year! It’s been a push-pull year as it seems like there’s always been at least one planet sending us back and forth, back and forth. This week all of that energy comes to an end and we begin to see some forward motion when Mercury enters Sagittarius after a very long retrograde spell. Mercury is already direct, but only for a few days. And there’s a chance you may still be feeling some retrograde hiccups. This is an exciting transit to close the year out on.

As Mercury enters Sagittarius on December 12, expect to see forward motion on all of the things that adventurous spirit of yours is calling on you to do. So today we are going to help you channel that energy by learning more about Mercury in Sagittarius, so you can end the year with a fiery spark in your eyes, instead of that “are the holidays over yet” glaze.

Let’s get to it!

What is Mercury in Sagittarius?

In this transit, we have communicator planet Mercury that rules travel and routes that our messages must take entering the Mutable sign of the Fire signs, Sagittarius. Before we talk about how to use this forward energy, now that Mercury is direct, it’s worth a reminder that Mercury direct will still be in the shadow phase until December 24.

I know. Don’t shoot the messenger planet though, okay? We always say in our Daily Horoscopes that as exciting as Mercury direct is, it always undergoes a shadow period before and after its retrograde period.

It’s basically like that period you go through in the morning when you first wake up. You don’t bounce out of bed and then go and give a speech to thousands. No. You have to ease into it.

Mercury does too when it makes a station or a stop, turns itself around, and then moves forward with full steam ahead. That shadow period takes about two weeks. This is the time when all of the wrinkles of Mercury retrograde will begin to sort themselves out. This year’s shadow period will end on Christmas Eve, just in time for us to relax on Christmas day. But between now and then it doesn’t mean you are experiencing major slow retrograde events. Compare the energy levels to sleep patterns again.

A retrograde period would be full of sleep. A shadow period would be that morning haze when you are just waking up, or that drowsy evening blur when you are just falling asleep in the shadow period before retrogrades. Mercury direct after the shadow will be like you plowing into work after three espressos.

Between now and Christmas Eve, Mercury is basically enjoying his morning coffee while you wait and think about what you want to see forward motion on in your life.

Now with Mercury direct in Sagittarius, you have the communicator planet exploring the lucky zodiac sign that thinks Big Picture, travel, and about the big wonderous questions of us Earthlings on this planet. So here’s what to expect, and how to make the most of this energy.

How to Use Mercury in Sagittarius Themes

Some people say that Mercury in Sagittarius is complicated. But it’s all in how you look at it. Some people find banana splits complicated too. I personally find banana splits quite delightful and easy to work with, even if they take me 4 hours to eat. Jokes aside, your perspective is the only one that matters when it comes to navigating your life’s path.

That’s why I always say retrogrades can be amazing times, because when you use this energy for its intention, you can see some pretty major rewards at the end of it. And communicator Mercury in adventurous Sagittarius is an exciting transit. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the lucky planet. So this means that at the end of this long retrograde year, we have communicator Mercury in a very lucky zodiac sign.

Be sure to bookmark your Daily Horoscopes and Weekly Horoscopes so you can be sure to find your day by day wrap up on how to capture and manifest this luck. But until then, taking advantage of these basic themes will also help.

People think this is a complicated transit because Sagittarius is big energy, big thinking, and moving quickly as a Mutable Sign. Mercury is moving quickly too. But also detail oriented. So we have to opposite energies here.

That’s actually a good thing. If you want a Big Picture to manifest (Sagittarius energy) then you want to know what details you need to make that happen (Mercury energy).

But it can be easy to blow things out of proportion – Sagittarius energy.

Then communication wrinkles happen – Mercury energy.

Knowing that this energy is even happening will help you a lot. You won’t be confused by grandiose delusions or communication problems because now you know it’s Mercury in Sagittarius.

But here’s how to use it to have an adventure as you wrap up this year.

  • Stay open-minded. Sagittarius is as open-minded as it gets. When holiday or year-end wrinkles crop up, don’t jump to conclusions and lash into someone. That’s bad communication. Stay open-minded. Ask others for their perspective and where they are coming from when you are in conversations before you jump to conclusions. Assumptions are relationship killers.
  • Be a visionary. Sagittarius wants to explore the world and think Big in the process. Do this in your own life. What can you change that would be radical but also amazing. There is something. The only thing holding you back is fear. With the travel planet working in the adventurous zodiac sign, your mind is wandering far and wide now for a reason. DO something about it.
  • The ideas planet is in the action zodiac sign. That tells you all you need to know right there. The big ideas are coming to you now for a reason. You are inspired. Being inspired isn’t enough. We can’t say this enough – See it, plan it, DO it.
  • Stay logical. You are more open-minded now but you also may be a little on the woozy dreamy side. That’s a combination of the holidays and Sagittarius. Being open-minded doesn’t mean openly accepting every word that comes your way. If the experiences coming your way seem a bit off, just check the facts and stay rational. Staying rational also means staying calm.
  • Think before you speak! This is a good rule of thumb during any day of the year, but even more important during Mercury in Sagittarius. The tendency to blurt is all the more present, and could land you in trouble. Use your words filter.
  • Aim high. As the archer of the zodiac, Sagittarius is always aiming for that next big thing. Now it’s your turn. Mercury in Sagittarius is all about taking your ideas to the limit, and then going bullseye on them with your arrow. The possibilities are endless. It’s game time now!

Concluding Thoughts…

We are closing out the year with this exciting energy of Mercury in Sagittarius. But we are also doing so with Mercury in the shadow period for much of it. Don’t let that get you down. Use that energy to your advantage. Think clearly, stay open-minded, and think big. Aim that arrow at the bullseye of your next big goal as you finish this year. Then go for it.

Your sense of adventure is literally on fire. This could be an actual adventure or a new chapter in your life. Or both! The only way you will find out is by going for it. What goals are you aiming at right now?

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