Chiron Direct in Aries: Take Charge of Healing

Chiron just turned direct 3 days ago, ending its retrograde early in Fire sign Aries. Chiron’s official designation is both a comet and minor planet (but was originally an asteroid, so you’ll usually see it called an asteroid astrologically). Chiron has been retrograde in Aries since July, and begins moving forward again now.

Chiron travels between Saturn and Uranus, and corresponds to the wounds we have in this life. But Chiron doesn’t just show us our wounds (that would be mean!). Chiron also shows us how we can heal from our wounds and grow if we do things right. This makes Chiron a more powerful position than first meets the eye.

What Chiron Means in Astrology

In Greek mythology, Chiron was a centaur who was wise, a great teacher, and an incredible healer, but those healing abilities were more for others than itself. Instead, Chiron learned to live with the pain of its wounds, and pushed through to help others.

In your natal chart, your Chiron can show areas where great wounds may exist, and you have to use the experience to help others and learn from the pain. Over time, this can help you heal and grow. If you have a strong natal Chiron, you may feel a strong association with your wounds, but can also be capable of great healing and intuition.

In prediction, transit Chiron can show what wounds you need to focus on right now to heal and grow. This is found through the natal house transit Chiron is touring in your chart. When transit Chiron is aspecting your natal planets, this can make you more vulnerable under hard aspects (squares and oppositions), improve healing under beneficial aspects (sextiles and trines), and laser-focused on important wounds and healing under conjunctions. Transit Chiron aspects can make your wounds and healing an important part of your life while in effect, though there can be a subconscious element to them at times.

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What Does Chiron in Aries Mean?

Aries is the first sign in the zodiac, and is assertive, courageous, pioneering, energetic, and exciting. Aries astrology focuses on the new, the self, and the fiery. The natural ruling planet for Aries is Mars, the warrior planet.

Aries wants to take charge, so while Chiron is in Aries, you can focus on trying to take charge with your wounds and healing. This may come with some challenges at times, particularly when it comes to the ego and identity. This is ruled by Aries, and there can be struggles with expressing who you really are, or feeling that you even have the right to true self-expression.

The right way to go about it is to acknowledge it, and take initiative. Do something about it! Aries is all about action. Accept who you are (flaws, warts, and all) and allow yourself to be fully expressive. Let yourself be seen, and become more self-aware.

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Chiron in Aries & Natal Aries Planets

If you have any natal planets in Aries, this means Chiron will conjunct them at some point during this transit (which goes to 2027). This will be an incredibly important period for healing and growth for you, but it may come with some major hurt. Don’t run from the pain. Be like Chiron and embrace it to make yourself better.

If your natal Sun or Moon is in Aries, you can feel this the strongest.

You may be tested in a big way, and may even feel like you’re being personally attacked. But this also gives you the greatest opportunity to take charge and heal, and you have the ability to heal yourself. Pay attention to what you really need, and turn inward.

If your natal Mercury is in Aries, this may focus on the expression of ideas, and having to become more confident in your mental abilities and allow yourself to be heard; if your natal Venus is in Aries, this may focus on your relationships, and you have to work on relationship issues so you can make your relationships healthier and stronger; and if your natal Mars is in Aries, this brings out big Aries energy, and you have to work on being assertive, stand up, and taking control.

With natal Jupiter in Aries, this can expand on wounds you have, but bring opportunity as you take initiative with healing. It can be a little easier to navigate your wounds with Jupiter helping out. Natal Saturn in Aries is the reverse, and can make it harder.

You may have some massive Saturn lessons to learn related to your wounds, and it can feel suffocating at times, but is so important for you to address so you can move on (and please both Saturn and Chiron!).

Uranus just got out of Aries, so little ones may experience Chiron conjunct their natal Uranus (and really old ones!). This may bring out some extra rebellion if they feel they’re unable to be themselves (so parents, don’t box them in!). Neptune and Pluto won’t be in Aries for some time (and you shouldn’t have them in Aries in your natal chart, unless you’re a vampire).

Planets in Cancer, Capricorn, or Libra experience hard aspects, and there may be major blocks that need to be worked on in order to access healing energy. Planets in Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius, or Aquarius experience easy aspects, and healing can be accomplished more easily and with less strain.

If you also consider your Lunar Nodes, transit Chiron on your Aries South Node can dredge up some bad habits and old crutches when you’re feeling insecure, and may bring out some aggression at times. This is likely linked to subconsciously feeling inadequate or that you don’t know yourself well enough. Transit Chiron on your Aries North Node can help push you to heal as a way of opening up to your potential and allow you to take control, but it may be uncomfortable at first.


This Chiron direct occurred at 1 degree and 26 minutes of Aries, so planets under 4 degrees are feeling the end of Chiron retrograde right now. Chiron is square Jupiter and trine Mercury to end the retrograde, so wounds may feel bigger and there can be laziness associated with them thanks to Jupiter, but you can think about ways to do something eventually and talk things over thanks to Mercury.

Push through the laziness (Chiron does want you to push through, after all!), and start taking control of your healing instead of letting your wounds control you!

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