Cancer Woman: Personality Traits & Characteristics of the Female Cancer

A Cancer woman is many things. According to Cancer astrology, she’s mysterious and complex, ruled by her emotions, but sometimes she’ll keep them bottled up inside under her hard shell.

Depending on who you ask, Cancer women are intriguing or frustrating, and she can go from compassionate and loving to protective and possessive in seconds, particularly when she’s feeling comfortable or threatened. But no matter what, her emotional vulnerability and strength is her strongest asset.

The Cancer woman is queen of the home and loves sharing her space with family and friends. She has a natural talent for picking you up when you’re down and supporting you from afar when you need a bit of me-time.

But don’t think it’s a one-way street. Cross a Cancer woman and her sensitive and supportive tendencies can be whisked away amid her fluid temperament. Less emotionally intelligent signs may be confused by Cancer’s actions but wearing your heart on your sleeve — or, better yet, hiding your emotions — is exhausting, and a Cancer that feels unappreciated may close up and withdraw. Communication is important, and it’ll give your Cancer lady the comfort she needs to really open up and let you in.

Because she’s so in tune with her emotions, she’s great at expressing herself through words and art, so don’t be surprised if your Cancer woman dabbles in poetry, painting or music. But it may be just for her, so don’t push too hard if she’s not ready to take things public just yet, or ever — some things are just too personal. However, the right handmade piece may be just what makes the house feel like a home and may provide a comfort that more ambitious dreamers may find silly.

Positive Cancer Woman Traits

Once you get past her tough exterior, a Cancer woman is loving, nurturing and loyal. She’s driven by her emotions and likes consistency in life to balance out her fluid moods. Decisions concerning her home, partner and circle of friends are not to be taken lightly, especially when she’s channelling her intuition, and she’ll often put the needs of others before her own when she’s feeling strong.

But while a Cancer may wear her emotions on her sleeve, she’s very in tune to those around her. If you’ve brought some baggage with you to a meet-up, she’s quick to empathize and join in, even if you’re not quite ready to talk about it. Cancers make great listeners and may even turn their emotional intelligence into a career in psychology, or as an empath or psychic. But even if she’s not working with emotions in a more professional role, she’s often the one in her family that others rely upon, and her strength can be a beacon for those in need.

That’s because Cancer women think with their feelings, not their minds, so they can get right to the heart of the matter, helping others that may not be as in tune with what drives them. In fact, any conversation you have will likely be about emotions instead of thoughts or beliefs, though Cancers do have a soft spot for tradition and nostalgia. But it’s all comes back to being in a safe space with the freedom to express herself without feeling judged or disregarded, otherwise into the shell she’ll retreat.

Negative Cancer Female Characteristics

Typically known for their moodiness, the Cancer female personality struggles with balancing the strength of her emotions with the callousness of the world. If she’s feeling self-conscious or vulnerable, she may retreat into her shell out of fear of being rejected. Though this shy or guarded side of Cancer is just a defence mechanism, it usually takes a change of scenery or another activity to entice her to open up again.

Sometimes, this may manifest itself in about of people-pleasing, especially if she’s feeling down or rejected, but don’t rush a Cancer woman to snap out of it. She’s equally stubborn as she is sensitive, and she can hold a grudge with the best of ‘em. So, it’s usually best to keep the criticism to yourself and let her overanalyze and work through it if she’s in the middle of one of her mood swings. Whatever you do, don’t overreact, because she’ll raise the stakes higher with her active imagination — it’s probably best to wait it out or to flatter her with kindness and acceptance, but be careful of being disingenuous. That could make matters worse.

Indeed, the biggest shock for many comes when they push her too far. If she feels betrayed or badly hurt, or if she feels taken advantage of, she may cut you out of her life forever. It takes a lot for a Cancer to let you in, so once you’re in, don’t blow it, or you may find yourself on the wrong end of a Cancerian cold shoulder.

Understanding the Cancer Woman

A Cancer woman is a dichotomy of emotions wrapped in a fear of being wronged or ridiculed. Not one to engage in confrontation, Cancer women are more likely to change course or adapt instead of raising their voice or having it out over the latest bit of drama. Many times, this manifests itself as a retreat as Cancer heads back into her shell. But it doesn’t mean she doesn’t care. Her distance or engagement is all governed by her emotions, and she decides when, where and with whom she’ll share herself.

When she does let you in, she can be kind, dependable and persistent, so they’re great to have in your corner when adversity comes your way. And because they work hard and won’t give up easily, they make great partners and friends, if you stay on her good side. Just don’t cross her or push her too far out of her comfort zone. She can’t be your rock if she feels uncomfortable or exposed.

To help you understand the Cancer woman in your life, check out today’s Cancer horoscope and the Cancer love horoscope, and read more about Cancer astrology right here at Astrology Answers.

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