Cancer Man: Personality Traits & Characteristics of the Male Cancer

Like the Crab itself, Cancer men are tough on the outside and vulnerable on the inside (learn more about the Cancer sign here).

When it comes to unfamiliar people, places or events, Cancer men are likely to retreat into the comfort of their own little world, shutting everyone — including close friends and family — out. This has led some to call Cancers distant and reserved, maybe even shy, but get him around his best buds or family, and he’ll surprise you with his emotional maturity and sentimentality.

Not quite as hot-and-cold as a Gemini Twin, a Cancer man does battle with the two main forces in his life: his emotions and hiding those emotions from others. This is why one moment you can be deep in conversation and the next moment he’s cracking jokes to avoid a tricky subject. Emotions rule the day for Cancer men, and he’s always trying to balance between showing too little and overwhelming everyone with too much. Some call this behavior mysterious, while others see a jumble of contradictions. But whether a Cancer is in one of his guarded or outgoing moments all has to do with what his emotions are telling him.

If you happen to cross a Cancer man, you may never hear the end of it. They’ve got long memories and never forget a slight. Also, they can hold grudges for what seems like forever. While you’ve long since moved on, Cancers can sit and stew, working themselves up into a frenzy to be unleashed during your next meet-up. So make sure you don’t leave any unresolved issues between you and a Cancer.

Positive Cancer Man Traits

A Cancer man is first and foremost loving and considerate. However, this is usually reserved for his family and close friends. To strangers, he may come off as cold and distant, but that’s just him protecting his emotions from dissection and negativity.

Cancers have high emotional intelligence, which may even tip into sentimentality and nostalgia, and they can even be chivalrous and polite in their behavior when the situation calls for it.

If you get to know a Cancer man, you will see that he’s passionate, sympathetic and affectionate, especially towards the ones he cares about. He loves building a home and protecting himself and his loved ones from the big, bad world out there. He craves security and comfort, and gives it in spades to those around him. He’s also patient and supportive, which is great for those that need a little reigning in.

Cancer men are also highly reflective, so he may still be overthinking that conversation from last week even if you’ve long moved on. But don’t worry. Cancer fluently speaks the language of emotions, even if it’s wrapped up in a bit of logic or a riddle to be solved. The answer is that Cancer men love to be needed, and what looks like an obsessive drive to drive you mad is more about fulfilling a sense of purpose and security. Moreover, his loyalty and devotion mean you don’t have to worry about keeping his attention at a get-together or party.

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Negative Cancer Male Characteristics

For all of Cancer’s positive traits, his compassion and consideration of others can sometimes come off as controlling or possessive, particularly at home. And because Cancers are deeply sensitive and have a protective nature, they’re easily wounded, moody and often deal with bouts of insecurity, which can put a damper on a night out of if he feels slighted or underappreciated. So whether your Cancer man is prone to fits of jealousy or he’s stuck holding a grudge, know that you won’t be able to reason with him — he’s got to work through the emotions on his own, and only then will he stabilize his mood.

A Cancer man is also guarded, a product of his social defense, so don’t expect a Cancer to open up right away. He might be cold, distant or lack expression, but that’s just on the outside. Give him some time and he’ll show you the support, compassion and love that he’s capable of. But if he’s uncomfortable, he may lash out with fear, especially if things seem to be changing a little too quickly around him. Cancers seek stability and consistency, and when those things are missing, he may be overcome with a longing for a time long past.

Cancer’s sense of home may also prove problematic when he prefers another cozy night in when you haven’t been out in weeks. That’s the fear rearing its ugly head again, because a home is a safe place, and the judgment of others can be too much to handle if it’s already been a stressful or emotional period. The familiarity and consistency of a nice home-cooked meal beat the brash energy of a few drinks, and Cancer can really shine by wining and dining at home, and even doing the dishes afterwards.

The Cancer Man Personality

While there are exceptions, the male Cancer zodiac sign depicts someone that is typically loyal, empathetic, caring and compassionate. Cancer men are ruled by their emotions, and a shy or cold exterior is merely a shield he wields against the outside world. Some see a strange contradiction in a man that is ruled by his emotions but that simultaneously seeks to hide them from others, but Cancers, once you get to know them, can be affectionate, loving and even poetic or chivalrous. These traits define Cancer love. They’re sophisticated, not flashy, and traditions are great ways to build bonds, even if it’s just between two.

Unlike more one-dimensional signs, a Cancer man is complex, mysterious and sometimes shy. He’s got a tough outer exterior for strangers or times when he feels threatened, but he turns into a lovable teddy bear in comfortable settings around family and friends. He’s passionate but sometimes reserved, so he might need some coaxing if he’s still got his guard up. And once he’s comfortable, his intuition helps him navigate just about any romantic or emotional situation, if he’s not waxing poetically about how things used to be.

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