Warm & Cozy Living Space Upgrades for Cancer

Emotional, intelligent and warm, Cancer is one of the most nurturing signs of the zodiac. While they are known to be homebodies at the best of times, during their season, the urge to nest is irresistible for this Water sign – which makes it a perfect time for them to update their living space!

In this recurring monthly series, we’ll discuss ways for the various signs to get inspired and make some changes around their most important spaces within the home. Regardless of budget or skill level, there are always small ways we can adapt our living spaces to bring about renewed inspiration, harmony, and energies to the places we occupy.

Being a Cardinal sign, Cancers can recognize the importance of change, though their sentimental nature can sometimes make it hard to detach their feelings from logic. As long as they’re prepared to separate their nostalgia from their needs, Cancer makes a great home decorator. Read on for some Crab-friendly home updates!

What’s In for Cancer?

Pale Grey

Cancers are prone to taking on the moods of the surrounding environment, so constantly being overstimulated by bright colors while at home is not really ideal. In lieu of having vivid textiles and bold paint, this Water sign should focus on incorporating shades of pale grey in their abodes.

Using this versatile neutral as an anchor in their rooms allows them to relax but still achieve a polished look, and since its coordinates so easily with every other color it’s easy to incorporate into an already existing scheme. Just keep the shades light, to avoid being overly somber, and you’re good to grey… err, go.

Natural Elements

When Cancer feels burned out or stressed, it’s easy for them to get overwhelmed and want to retreat from the world – they aren’t called the Crab for nothing! When they’re in this fragile state, nothing revives a Water sign like a strong connection to something pure and simple. Ensuring that they incorporate as much natural material and living objects into their space is key for a Cancer sanctuary.

Materials like bamboo, linen, and wool all invoke a feeling of comfort, and the act of caring for a beautiful array of plants feeds their desire to nurture. It’s like a little slice of paradise in your bedroom.

Art Deco

Though there are many classical art movements to choose from, Art Deco is a perfect match for Cancer.

Their natural inclination towards items with history combined with their love of aesthetically pleasing design means this Water sign will find beauty in Art Deco pieces. While genuine artifacts from this era are difficult to find (not to mention pricey), there are budget-friendly options like prints of well-known paintings, and Deco-inspired pieces like sculptures, lamps and more.

Go get your Gatsby on!

What’s Out for Cancer?

Unpolished Details

Of the three Water signs, Cancer is the most outgoing and social; they’re not as shy as Pisces, or as secretive as Scorpio, so they feel pretty comfortable displaying the treasures of their home.

However, it may not always come off as polished or presentable – Cancer is more likely to just tack up a poster from the musical they loved, rather than framing it properly. While their enthusiasm for the things they love is one of their best qualities, when it comes to décor, this level of dishabille looks a little sloppy. Taking the time to frame photos and pot plants elevate a living space and brings it all together.

Old Textiles

There’s no denying the happy feeling of a hand-quilted blanket or a squishy throw pillow. In fact, this love of personal luxury is a cornerstone of the Cancer vibe. However, regardless of their attached memories and emotional ties, once textiles start looking ratty & worn, it’s game over.

Throwing down a pilled shawl or shedding pillow is hardly going to invite your guests to settle in. Having layered textures, such as loosely knit blankets with velvet throw pillows in a sitting area, still keeps everything soothing without sacrificing style.

Harsh Lines

While every sign has their exceptions to the rule, for the most part, Cancers are an easy-going bunch; they’re naturally charming and find it easy to relate to people. With that in mind, harsh and rigid lines within furniture and décor don’t really give off the inviting attitude a Cancer has.

Minimalist and industrial design feel too unyielding for their domains, so replacing austere pieces with more soft and fluid design is key for this Water sign. Abstract paintings, rounded bowls, and vases, and slightly overstuffed chairs help lend a mellow vibe. A Papasan would be a key piece to work with here.

Once they’re ready to leave behind the things that no longer serve them, Cancer will feel invigorated and at peace in their newly decorated digs. Comfort is key for this Water sign, so enjoy your beautiful new haven – you’ve earned it!

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