Essential Oils to Enhance Communication for the Zodiac

Communication is such an important ingredient in the recipe for a successful experience on this planet — the acquisition of the skill and talent to communicate effectively might just be the most important one of all.

Think about it, communication affects nearly every aspect of our lives, and so many events, circumstances, and situations are dependent upon successful communication transactions.

While studying interpersonal communication skills is certainly helpful, there are many interesting ways to boost our ability to effectively exchange information with others. One useful tool is astrology, which is a study that can help us learn myriad new and interesting qualities about ourselves and how we communicate so we can work with our advantages, and disadvantages, to improve.

But, because you are a bad-to-the-bone compilation of stardust and golden energy, we’re going to take it one step further. We’re going to use the magic healing properties of essential oils in conjunction with your astrological sign to create a recipe for open-hearted, honest, and compassionate communication.

Certain astrological signs respond to and resonate on a higher vibration level with certain essential oils. Using a dash of science, a teaspoon of esoteric wisdom, and a modicum of faith, let’s get in the kitchen and create a galactic pie of compassionate, cosmic verbal transmissions. (Or Communication Cake!)


You’re on fire, Aries! You’re spicy and flavorful, but sometimes that heat can be a little much, especially when the conversation starts to warm up. How can we cool that fire down? With a pop of peppermint, of course. This holiday scent is perfect for year-round pops of energy. 

Peppermint is an excellent essential oil for Aries, because it calms your senses without diluting your sensuality and zest for life. So take a whiff of peppy peppermint when you need to keep your cool during a conversation.


Grounded, reliable and earthy, the Taurus is one that is loyal but stubborn. You’re rooted, alright — and once you’ve planted your feet firmly in the soil of a decision, you are unlikely to uproot yourself. To open your heart and your mind in your interactions with others, use the healing properties of eucalyptus. Eucalyptus works to heal the throat chakra, which is responsible for communication, and it promotes a sense of inner freedom — an ingredient that is essential for the Taurus to feel comfortable enough to really open up.


For the quick-witted, curious Gemini, Bergamot will work wonders to help you truly connect with others in conversations. This oil assists you in remaining mindful and present while communicating, helping you stay focused on and understand what the other person is saying. This essential oil also has uplifting qualities, and a good mood will always help a conversation go smoothly. By remaining upbeat and allowing yourself to focus in and hear out someone else’s point of view, you’ll find yourself connecting more deeply than ever.


The watery Cancer can sometimes be a little sensitive, which leads to ineffective communication. Geranium is the perfect essential oil to help you remain confident and self-assured during conversations with others, reminding you not to take things personally. When you feel secure in yourself and connected to your inner emotions in a rational way, your interactions with your friends, family, and even colleagues will become drastically improved.


Your fiery energy is known to dominate a conversation from time to time. Your enchanting personality naturally steals the spotlight in nearly any situation. Basil is an excellent essential oil to help bring your mind clarity and focus, allowing you to pay closer attention to others in the conversation. It also helps you to connect emotionally and mentally with others, opening all parties up for vulnerability and honesty in the conversation.


The earthy Virgo can be quite opinionated and overly analytical when it comes to communicating with others. To relax the senses and help your mind remain focused on the present moment, take advantage of the ancient wisdom and natural healing properties of lavender. This essential oil will not only provide you with a sense of calm, it will enhance your intuition and lift your mood, inevitably bringing up the vibrations of the entire conversation.


Libras are a beacon of balance, and this is an essential ingredient in the recipe for an effective conversation with a Libra. For maximum balance and centered-ness, reach for the frankincense. This oil provides energy and calm, and it acts as a bodyguard protecting you against stress — this allows you to remain cool and collected in even the most heated conversations. This oil also promotes a “devil’s advocate” approach, which fits the Libra like a glove.


The Scorpio is known for being mysterious; you are not wont to wear your heart on your sleeve. But sometimes you do need to open up and display a bit of vulnerability to communicate effectively. Vetiver is the perfect oil to help you achieve an open mind as well as an open heart, helping smooth your conversations over with a bit of compassion and honesty. With such a deep, intriguing mind, it would be a shame not to let others get to know you better.


You’re funny and quick-witted, but your sarcasm can get in the way of your communication. You’re always one step ahead, trying to out-verbalize anyone in your midst. Ylang-ylang will help keep you grounded and in the present moment, as well as relax your overactive mind. Remember that communication is about creating a soul connection with others, not out-witting them.


The Capricorn can be quite serious, and may forget to lighten up during social encounters. Why so serious? Patchouli is the perfect essential oil to compliment your earthy nature while helping you relax and open up a bit. Sometimes you need a gentle nudge toward humor and light, and this oil will brighten your spirit and help you connect in a positive way with those around you.


You are a social butterfly who seemingly gets along with everyone, but your cool nature can sometimes come off as overly nonchalant or unsympathetic. To help your heart connect with others’, take advantage of the affection-inducing properties of rose essential oil. This oil will balance your heart chakra and help you empathize with others, improving your interactions with others.


As a dreamer, your mind tends to wander, and it can be difficult to stay focused during lengthy conversations. Myrrh is ideal for helping you remain grounded and focused during your encounters with others, so you can stay on task and follow along without becoming distracted by your rich inner world of fantasies. Bring those fantasies to life by improving your communication with others, allowing you to more deeply connect with friends and loved ones.

With the assistance of astrology and the natural healing properties of essential oils, you can vastly improve your communication with others and improve your relationships. So grab your oil, take a whiff, and let the mystical healing power flow through your body.

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