Fall 2014 Fashion and Lifestyle Tips for Every Zodiac Sign

Well it is that time of year again, that time when the Sun begins to dip just a little bit lower in the sky every day, and stay out for a little bit less time every day as the seasons change. And you know what that means when it starts to get cooler, fall fashion excitement is just around the corner! Around our house this time of year, we try to catch every ray that we can right now and refuse to say the “F” word, but the truth is, Fall can be the most beautiful season of all. And so if you are having a bit of a rough go transitioning with the seasons, know that you are not alone!

One way that you can navigate this cooler time of year is by finding reasons to enjoy the beauty of it all, and what is more beautiful than the vibrancy of Fall fashion? This is a fun way to enjoy the change of the season, so if you have been tired of putting the same old maxi-dress on for the past couple of months, get ready to kick your fashion sense up a notch as we are about to show you how to make the most of this season change through fall lifestyle and fashion tips that are tailor made just for you by the zodiac sign. With these fashion tips, you may surprise yourself and find just the right tip to make a bold statement or purchase that will get you excited about the “F” word before it even begins! Are you ready? Let’s get to it. Here are your lifestyle and fall fashion tips by the zodiac sign!


As the Cardinal Fire Sign, Aries, red is always your color, be it Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall. You are also great at the big ideas, and so your head may be the area you want to focus on when it comes to fall fashion and lifestyle tips. Hats then my dear, Aries, are going to be your fashion statement piece this Fall. Consider investing in a sweet fedora, a cool newsboy piece to top off an outfit, or even a knitted hat that sits snugly and cutely on your head full of big ideas. For every area of your lifestyle that you want to change this Fall, love, work, or play, write down one of those big ideas or dreams that you have, and create an action plan on how to get there! For you Aries, it’s all about see it, plan it, do it. Put on your thinking cap and get it done!


Taurus is ruled by Venus and so luxury is your middle name. Taurus also rules the throat, so when Taurus is thinking of Fall fashion, think luxurious fabrics and something to decorate the neck or throat area. You won’t need to make major investments in Fall fashion, but stocking up on cashmere scarfs, blingy neck gear, paired with a sweet go to turtleneck in Earth tones and your Fall wardrobe is set. Time to start cleaning up the garden as well friend, which will definitely depress you. As you do, make a few purchases for next year that you’ve been putting off all summer. That will excite you and give you something to look forward to as you put your garden or summer house items to bed.


Being ruled by Mercury, this Air Sign also rules the arms and hands that carry messages. This makes fall fashion for Gemini very easy, concentrate on ways to decorate this part of your body. Women should invest in bangles and accessories that are eye catching and can be worn both day and night. Men may want to consider purchasing that designer watch they have been eyeing. Details on sleeves will also go very far for Gemini Fall fashion this year. When it comes to lifestyle tips for 2014, Gemini gets the green light to invest in new technology, upgrade their phones, or find a new tool to communicate with to others in their inner circle this year.


When it comes to Fall fashion for Cancer, Cancer only needs to remember they are ruled by the Moon and should utilize those colors to their advantage. For Cancer this Fall, think silver, white, and gray for your staple wardrobe pieces. Cancer also rules the chest area, so V-neck pieces such as a vest or a sexy knit sweater will certainly emphasize those assets in all of the right ways. As far as lifestyle tips are concerned my friend, family oriented Fall outings will create a centered domestic bliss for you that will ensure you hardly even notice the season change.


Being ruled by the Sun with a Summer birthday, Leo can get a little cranky when the seasons change. The best way for Leo to overcome this is by wearing or investing in colors that bring the Sun back to the Fall. Think of bold statement pieces that are gold, orange, and red, all the colors of your favorite start. A bold new hair cut or look will also make Leo feel like they are still in the spotlight this Fall. If you aren’t sure what to do with a new do or new look, consider highlights in your hairstyle that will pick up lovely rays from the Sun and add a vibrancy to your look. Auburn or gold highlights for either men or women will be very sexy for Leo this Fall!


We all know just how much Virgo loves to stay organized and clutter free, and so this is the mindset Virgo needs to remember when getting ready for Fall. Tailored pieces with clean, structured lines will make Virgo feel at the top of their game. A sweet designer handbag, or lovely tailored jacket will give Virgo the personal touch they need to excel in all areas. For your Fall lifestyle, Virgo, a new bag or accessory that will organize your life will get you excited about Fall. Consider items with many pockets for planning, organization, and structure, and you are good to go for a very successful Fall.


Libra is our other zodiac sign that is ruled by Venus, and this means luxury is the name of the game. Unlike Taurus however, Libra’s luxury is more vintage, and simplified. Lace will be key for Libra women this Fall, and you will want to consider Edwardian styles that come with lace, ruffles, and a lot of beautiful flowing fabric that makes you feel enchanted and beautiful. For men, cashmere is the name of the game, and you can bring out your inner Venus with a gorgeous silk scarf or a bag that is textured and can be a lovely conversation piece. For lifestyle tips, Libra, you want to add texture and flair to your life in simple vintage ways. Spend your Fall weekends browsing antique shops and garage sales and you will be inspired to take your Fall to an all new level in no time.


With the Sun going down into Fall, Scorpio can get a little cranky about having to say good bye to mysterious shades. But there is no reason for that at all, as sexy sunglasses in rich Fall tones will complete any Scorpio outfit. Your colors this year Scorpio will be as mysterious as you are, think black, purple, and some deep plum shades that add an air of mystery to your look. Consider complete outfits in these shades for a monotone look that gets people thinking about how bold your mind must be to match your bold fashion sense. For lifestyle tips, natural fabrics, particularly leather, in any way will amp up your Fall in a way that will make you happy that Summer is over!


As the natural adventurer of the zodiac, Sagittarius is the most flexible with this season change. Sags are often always blessed with really great legs as well, which can make Fall depressing for some if they feel they need to start covering those up. You don’t, actually, Sagittarius, you only need to get creative with how you are going to show those legs off. Think skinny jeans or leggings in neutral shades that will make your best assets shine. For men, khakis and cargo pants always speak of your inner adventurer and will never go out of style. To give your lifestyle a boost this year, Sagittarius, consider booking a Fall road trip to somewhere you have never been, and someplace with a fire place. This exciting turn of events will make you forget about Summer all together.


Whether you work in business or not, Capricorn, your Fall fashion should keep a business mindset. Earth tones and earthy textures are going to get you everywhere this fall. Think pinstripes, houndstooth, and tweed in any and all areas. Whether that is a new suit or a new handbag, a bold textured piece or accessory will make you feel fully prepared for Fall. And, if you are not in the work force or work from home, flannels and plaids with fun Earth tones will help you feel as prepared as you need to be. Practical matters will take precedence for you this Fall, Capricorn, but if you are tired from the Summer already, outsource some assistant work either at home or in the office and you will feel great relief and ready to enjoy the Fall just as you like it.


Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, so you can always expect the unexpected when it comes to Aquarius. As such, Aquarius is also often light years ahead of the rest of us when it comes to fall fashion. Aquarius also rules the ankles and the feet, so boots are going to be a fun way for Aquarius to step out this Fall. Whether you want a new pair for every day of the week, or a new investment pair, boots will be the only thing you need to purchase in Fall fashion this year. Keep your wardrobe simple as always, and your new boots will do all the talking. For your lifestyle this Fall, Aquarius, I encourage you to sign up for that hobby or group that you’ve been talking about for years. You love meeting new people, and this is exactly what will take your life to the next level this Fall.


Like Aquarius, Pisces rules the feet but more in the foot zone of things than in ankles and pretty legs. Pisces as a Water Sign however needs cooler colors like ballet pinks and sweet, sexy blues. Think softer textures as well when you are looking at your Fall investment pieces, Pisces, like suedes, leather, or even some velvet. When you are thinking of shoes this year, Pisces, place an emphasis on the flats as these will help you to move around to all of the fun places you love to jet off to, and keep you grounded in the process! A dance class or group that will help you keep those pretty feet moving will also be a great way to keep active this Fall, Pisces, and maybe even put you in the path of some new people, friends, or lovers, that give you something to dance about!

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