10 Miracle-Making To-Do’s Under the Full Moon in Committed Capricorn

Well, it’s that time again folks, time for you to look above for all of the energy that you need to take your life to that next level! Have you been waiting for an epic moment this summer to really turn it around? Asked, and answered. We are just a few days away from the next epic event, the fabulous Capricorn Full Moon.

This Full Moon will be in committed Earth Sign Capricorn, which means that if you have been needing someone to lock it down, this may be the very gift you will receive this month.

And with every Full Moon, you know what that means… time for some miracle-making!

Today we are going to talk about how to do just that, in 10 fabulous ways.

The best news is that this will work in all areas of your life, in work, love, AND play, if you play your cards right. Remember that Full Moon energy peaks on the day of, but is potent for 2 full days before AND after.

Since we have the Full Moon arriving on July 5th, you have this energy at your disposal. How are you going to harness commitment miracles with the Full Moon in Capricorn? Here is your handy-dandy checklist to give you a lift!

Key Themes With Full Moon in Capricorn

  • What: Full Moons are about illumination and endings as the Moon fills up to its fullest potential. Have you needed answers? They are coming. They may not arrive on the Full Moon day, but the light of the Moon will reveal all, soon enough. Full Moons also bring closure. Most of the time we need answers to problems so that we can put them to bed. That is precisely why every Full Moon is so exciting. Time to put some things to bed!
  • Where: With the Full Moon in Capricorn, Capricornian themes will be emphasized. Work will be favored if this is where you put your focus. Love answers arrive that allow you to be committed long-term. Endings could occur. You will be committed to someone else, or yourself. And that’s not a terrible thing. Don′t worry about other people′s values. Stick to your own, and the Universe will reward you in kind.
  • Who: Capricorn being the Cardinal sign of the Earth signs, the Earth Signs (Taurus, Capricorn, and Virgo) are going to feel this the most. BUT, being a Full Moon that all Earthlings will experience, ALL Zodiac signs will benefit from this intense energy. Are you ready?
  • When: Start making use of this energy June 26, the energy will peak on June 28 and begin to wane through June 30. Enjoy!

10 Ways to Make Miracles Under The Full Moon in Capricorn

1. Commit to you

The Moon is about emotions and intuition, so pay very close attention to what feelings are coming up during these times, and what issues are coming up. Those are the ones the Moon is telling you to put an ending to right now. Time to stop living in fear, and feel your way to the most committed future possible. Make a commitment to YOU for a change, and don′t let these tidal waves alarm you, they are pointing you in the direction of peace and love. Commit to Self before you commit to anything else. Yes, this Moon says it’s okay to be selfish.

2. Revisit goals

Are you there yet? Use the previous New Moon in Cancer goals or resolutions that you set to guide you. Remember when we launched this fabulous New Year? Revisit this checklist you made and make some mental notes on how to move forward on key issues that you have neglected due to nothing other than time and life itself. It happens, we let our goals go for others. This Full Moon is about taking time for you for a change. Cross off that list!

Every Full Moon is about karma, so know that revisiting and reviewing things may seem like you are dwelling in the past, but you aren’t. You are still moving forward and closer to that karmic boomerang.

3. Give yourself a performance review

Your professional life has the potential to be made front and center. But romance does too. So if you have been having some love woes, the Moon wants you to put a pin in that right now and focus on something you CAN control: your gifts and talents.

Focusing on these right now will not only take your mind off of any love matters that may be vexing you, but will also be very, very lucrative for you. Consider this Full Moon your own personal performance review, where you are the CEO of your life. What is working in your life, and what isn’t? What gifts can you use that will take those dreams to the next level?

4. Be the CEO of your life

Even your love life. Gather your Cabinet, family, and friends, and discuss big decisions. Then make the final choice. You are the boss of you. If a love matter does need to be addressed, now is the time to do it. This is particularly true if a commitment is what you are after. Again, who is the CEO of your love life? Someone else? Or yourself? Like every good CEO, establish your goals and higher agenda, then determine your action plan to get it.

This is not just dreaming or wishing. This is doing. Yes, we are talking about miracles. But they don’t just arrive at your door. Make your plan to attract them. Ask for what you want!

5. Plan your detours

Be prepared for answers that you don′t like under this Full Moon. Should that stop you from asking for what you want? Absolutely not. Do you want the truth? Handle it. Who is the captain of your ship? You are.

If you don′t get the answers you are looking for from place or person A in your quest for commitment, thank them for their honesty and move onto a new place or person B. Being real about what you want is the only way to get it. Capricorn is about as real as it gets, and so is this Full Moon.

6. Be realistic

Set time limits on your dreams. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the keeper of structure and time. This is not a beat-the-horse-until-it′s-dead and then keep on wishing kind of moment. Want a commitment in love or work? Ask for what you want on Friday or Saturday, tell them to get back to you by Monday. If they don′t, don′t say you don′t have an answer. You have your answer.

Their time is up for their wishy-washy games, and the time has begun for you to go after your goals. Capricorn is the boss remember, so set deadlines on those goals, and they will happen one way or another.

7. Laziness is not an option

There are some Moons that want you to reflect, meditate, rest, and relax, this is not one of them. Capricorn is a hardworking one, that′s why they are the Boss of the Earth Signs. So, if you want dreams to come true, lying around in the Sun all day is not the way to do it, unless getting a tan is the biggest thing on your agenda. And hey, maybe it is!

If you haven′t seen the Sun all Spring yet because you’ve been in the cubicle, time to WORK on your You Time. Being lazy about your goals and the miracles that you want right now is the exact opposite way to get them.

8. Have a roadmap

Yes, you have goals and lists, and you are committed to getting boxes checked. Plan it out. Brainstorm your agenda. Capricorn is a See It, Plan It, Do it, kind. But he also always has a course of action in mind, and he is successful because he doesn’t dive in unprepared.

Your lists and your dreams are the See It part, the Plan It is the roadmap part. How are you going to get there? Map it out, with your deadlines you already set above. Once you know, do it!

9. Think big

… as big as you possibly can. Capricorn is a Cardinal sign, a born leader and starter. They become successful because they think and plan and do bigger than almost anybody else. So now is not the time to hide behind dreams. Do you want the world in love? In work? See it. Plan It. Do it. And before you do, see it as big as you possibly can.

Be realistic, as Capricorn is grounded. But if you feel in your gut that your goal is possible, then the Moon is telling you that it is.

10. Wrap it up

Full Moons are always about finishing things and bringing them to completion and fulfillment. Saying goodbye and closing doors can be difficult, like in love or a job you really love. But saying goodbye to a goal that was dead before it started can be liberating.

Think about what isn’t working in your life and then close that door. Yes, it will probably be emotional because this is a Full Moon. But, miracles don’t come to those that are just waiting for them. They often aren’t easy changes. But they are miracles all the same. You want miracles, right? Then it’s time to wrap it up. Drop the dead weight.

Concluding thoughts….

We all want miracles under the Full Moon in Capricorn and every Full Moon. This 10 step action plan is the way to take those miracles seriously, and send the message to the Universe that you are ready to take them on.

Commit to you. Make the plan. Wrap up the dead weight and turf it. Be realistic and practical. And get to work!

Make sure you are following our Daily Horoscopes and Weekly Horoscopes to stay on top of what your Zodiac sign needs to do in order to make those Full Moon wishes come true.

What are your Full Moon in Capricorn wishes?

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