Feeding the Bull: The Best Food & Diet for Taurus

Ah, Taurus! One of the strongest and most steadfast of all the zodiac signs, Taureans are known for their unwavering and resilient natures. Stubbornness is just as powerful as strength with this sign; once a Taurean puts their mind to something, there is no holding them back!

In the realm of health and fitness, like all other signs, Taureans have their strengths and weaknesses. Back in the day (long, long ago) medical astrology was a genuine branch of medicine. Doctors would use a person’s astrological chart to determine which illnesses they may be susceptible to and methods of prevention. Just because it is no longer officially recognized doesn’t mean medical astrology is no longer helpful to individuals today. Read on to find out what foods are best for Taurus and helpful exercise regimes they can include!

What Should Taurus Eat?

Taurus is an Earth sign, and therefore can be prone to sluggishness, heaviness, and a slow metabolism, especially as they age.

Combined with a particularly potent love of food indulgence (due to the sensuous pleasures coveted by any Earth sign), they can bulk up and pile on extra pounds, particularly around the midsection, more than other signs. Because of this, it is important for Taureans to get enough exercise and eat foods that are particularly beneficial to their sign.

Foods low in sugar, starch, and fat are important to include in Taurean diets because of their tendency towards weight gain; a natural sweet tooth can make it difficult for them to resist sugary snacks, candy, and cakes. Taurus would be better off allowing themselves a ‘treat’ every now and then, as cutting these sugary delights out entirely may prove difficult, if not impossible for them.

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables are a must every day and the vegetables should be steamed preferably.
  • Lean meats such as free-range chicken and turkey should replace red meat.
  • Fibre, such as oats, nuts and seeds, is an important part of their diet as it helps them feel full for longer.

As Taurus rules the neck and throat, this can leave them vulnerable to thyroid problems. Therefore, to ensure a healthy thyroid, Taurus should get enough foods containing natural iodine. This includes seafood, seaweed, liver, kidney beans and eggs.

Every sign has their own unique cell salt and Taurus’ is sodium sulphate, which controls the amount of water in their system. An imbalance of this can lead to thyroid problems and bloating, so it is important to get an adequate amount of it in their system. Foods with this mineral in it include spinach, onions, cucumber, nuts, cranberries, asparagus and cranberries.

Taureans are advised to drink plenty of natural spring water to keep their bodies hydrated!

TIP: Drink a cup of fennel tea after meals or before bed. It will help combat bloating.

How Should Taurus Exercise?

Exercise can be challenging for Taurus natives. Due to a love of indulgence and enjoyment, the idea of getting up and engaging in strenuous activities which can become thoroughly tedious after a while is not very appealing in many cases. Therefore, it is essential that Taureans engage in exercise that they consider to be fun more than anything else.

Fitness classes such as Zumba can be very entertaining for Taureans, so they would benefit from visiting classes a few times a week. Similarly, classes with lots of music and sociability can help motivate them to make it to their workout. Taureans do not typically enjoy things such as treadmills or rowing machines because they consider them dull and repetitive with no immediate gain.

Taurus natives are advised to lift weights to keep their muscles strong, as these can weaken from a sedentary lifestyle. It doesn’t have to be anything strenuous! Dumbbells of about 2lb or 3lb are totally fine; in the absence of dumbbells, filling two water bottles with water makes a very good alternative.

Earth signs also naturally gel well with exercise that is directly linked to the Earth itself. Therefore, hiking, rock-climbing, and jogging through the fields is beneficial to them as they will subconsciously feel motivated by the Earth’s power and effect on their own elemental sign.

TIP: Ensure to stretch at regular intervals. This will help prepare for exercise itself and also drive away any creeping feelings of fatigue or sluggishness.

Concluding Thoughts…

Taurus is a sturdy, hard-working sign that is determined to see a task through to the end. They patiently plod forward and, as a result, move slower than other signs. That said, Taureans are the embodiment of slow and steady wins the race as their dependability ensures a high rate of follow-through. On the negative end of the spectrum, this can also lead to a body that slows down before it should, accompanied by a love of good food and drink.

If Taurus can maintain a healthy diet and regular exercise routine, they shall find success in this area of life, as well as all the others. Make sure to stay tuned to your daily health horoscope as well for day-by-day personalized health advice straight from the stars!

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