How Tarot Creates a Strong Foundation for New Beginnings

Sometimes, all we want is a little change in our lives; yet, at other times, new beginnings can be a frightening prospect, filled with frazzled nerves and worried thoughts. It isn’t always easy to face changes with a brave posture, but using tarot can help pad the blow of a new beginning or two.

Tarot is a wonderful way to connect with yourself more intuitively and look inward to help maneuver the coming developments in your life. Reading your cards once a week or more gives you an idea of the prevailing themes in your life, including adjustments, and how to deal with them.

Recording your findings is an incredibly beneficial way to keep track of the cards that visit you over and over again, and learn to better interpret what they are trying to tell you.

Try using a spread for new beginnings. Place four cards in the shape of a cross before you, with number one at the top, two at the bottom, three to the left and number four to the right.


3 4


Number one will represent yourself, and where you are in the moment. This card will show you your own aura, which is often hard to see on your own.

Number two represents the energies, changes or new beginnings coming toward you. Three will highlight the best strategies or techniques for coping with the changes presented in number two, and the fourth and final card will give you an idea of the overall outcome.

(If the last card does not provide enough clarity, feel free to draw another card in the quest of a more detailed answer.)

There are also certain cards to pay attention to when dealing with upcoming transitions. For instance, many people fear the Death card, however its central message is that of transformation rather than a physical death. The Fool is also representative of changes and new beginnings.

The Eight of Cups often signifies a situation or relationship that would be better off coming to an end. The Four of Cups is often a suggestion to shake things up a bit, and The Tower invites you to release the tensions you’ve been holding onto and jump into the abyss of the unknown.

While the cards may not always show you what you want to see, they will always point you in the right direction. Turning to the tarot in a time of searching is always a good idea, and you will learn something new with each shuffle of the cards.

By learning to better interpret their message, you will be able to brace yourself for the new beginnings in your life, armed with a spiritual knowledge that is derived from your internal compass. Ask your questions and let tarot be your guide toward the answers you hold in your heart.

Their words of wisdom will hold your hand on your journey toward enlightenment, evolution and the sacred acceptance of change.

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