How to Continue Being Motivated As Seasons Change

Motivation is a tricky, fickle thing. It is said that determination is more important than motivation, as motivation can be as fleeting as any feeling derived from the human experience. Sometimes, we have to force ourselves to be functioning, productive individuals.

The changing seasons also affect our activity levels. During winter, we might imagine that as soon as summer comes along, we will turn into powerhouses of activity only to find the heat is just as hard to deal with as the frost. Additionally, certain seasons seem to promote cozier activities, such as curling up with a blanket and a great book on a chilly autumn day.

Transitions of any kind, such as the changing of seasons, jobs or cities, can cause a decline in productivity, however, there are many ways to remain determined as the seasons change. Let’s take a look at some tips and tricks for staying driven and determined through the shifting nature of our lives:


Sometimes, all we need is a gentle reminder. Often, we have so much on our plates we aren’t sure where to start, and sometimes things gets lost in the mix. It isn’t that we are intentionally avoiding our duties, we simply forgot!

Leave yourself little reminders here and there of the things you need to get done. Little post-its placed at eye-level around your home or office can be useful; cell phone alarms or reminders are also helpful.

This practice is not designed to nag at yourself or make you feel bad in anyway, so don’t be afraid to include a smiley face or a little heart to help you feel a little more cheerful about the tasks at hand.


When we’re busy living our lives and taking care of our responsibilities, we sometimes forget to put the right amount of the best foods in our body. After all, it’s so much easier to grab a burger and soda from the nearest drive-thru than to take the time to cook a nutritious dinner. Fatty and unhealthy foods, however, are never going to provide that kick start we need to get moving.

Bad food will only leave you feeling sluggish and not at all motivated to accomplish everything on your to-do lists. Taking care of your life means taking care of your body, so make sure you get the vegetables and vitamins you need in order to feel like your most rockin’, capable self.


Ok, so maybe you don’t feel like spending all day, every day congratulating yourself for being a functional adult, but it is important to remind yourself that you are powerful, strong and qualified. We all need a little praise here and there, and sometimes we have to give it to ourselves.

When you begin feeling overwhelmed or under appreciated, take a moment to congratulate yourself for everything you have, and continue to accomplish. You’d be surprised how far a little positive acclaim can take you.

Treat Yourself

Maybe not for every small achievement, but after a particularly daunting task, give yourself a little reward. It doesn’t have to be big or expensive, but something that makes you feel a little better about all that hard work you did. Maybe a frozen yogurt or a a trip to the theater is in order after that hard workout or grueling workday.

Find Your Outlet

Pent up energy can be frustrating, and it acts as a hinderance toward your most motivated self. When we’re busy steaming over an argument we had with a loved one, or thinking about the tragic reality of the “one that got away,” it’s reasonably hard to get anything done.

Make sure you have an outlet for your more frustrated feelings. It could be as simple as writing it down, or as involved as actually seeking professional, emotional help. As long as you’re harming no one, feel no shame about the outlet you choose.

It is far more troubling to let the negative feelings reside in your spirit than to let them out, regardless of how you do it. Releasing these feelings will leave space for your determined attitude to shine.

Take Time to Relax

When all is said and done, you really do have to carve out some “you time” in your schedule. When we neglect our desires for the sake of our responsibilities, we create an opportunity for resentment and anger to arise.

It’s important to take a little time to rest and recuperate in order to save energy for the things that need to get done. Whether you use this time for some yoga, a good documentary or a stroll in the park is up to you. The important thing is to make sure you have time to do something you truly enjoy.

When we accomplish our goals and stay on task, we feel good about ourselves. There is joy to be found in hard work and responsibility. That doesn’t mean it’s easy to remain driven at all times, however. It’s perfectly natural to find your energy waning from time to time.

Utilizing these techniques will help you find your center and discover more energy to continue being a rock star in your own life. Stay focused and remember what you’re working so hard for, whether it’s your family, your career or yourself.

You have everything you need within you to push through the shift in seasons and stay on top of your game – desire, drive and determination. Put your best foot forward, remember to take time for yourself, and you’ll quickly realize that you’re capable of anything.

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