The Best End of Season Adventure for Your Sign

The leaves may be changing, perhaps the flowers are beginning to bloom or the weather is becoming fickle in its decisions. The end of any season brings with it new needs for specific adventure.

Because every person inhabits a different part of the globe, we encounter seasons in a different time and space and we experience different patterns, depending on where we are located. The fact is, the seasons continue to move and grow, regardless of our place in the universe.

The changing seasons inspire a desire for new adventures, and every changing season brings with it an energy of transformation, which affects each sign in a unique way. Take a look at a few experiences that each sign should attempt at this seasonal shift:


Your fiery sign calls for a unique, passionate adventure. Bring in the new season with a trip to a new city or a camping trip. Placing yourself in a new environment will bring out your spontaneous side, and help you connect with your global tendencies.

You want to see it all, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Get yourself out of your comfort zone to discover the “new you” that’s awakening.


Decadent Taurus should ring in the new season with an appreciation for the divine, as they are wont to do. Taurus is the sign of indulgence, and as such, you should allow yourself this opportunity to indulge.

You don’t get this chance often enough, as you are also concerned with remaining grounded at most times. Give yourself this opportunity to splurge.


Having trouble deciding on an end-of-season adventure? Never fear Gemini, for the positive aspects of your personality includes flexibility and openness. You celebrate often and in many ways.

Take solace in the fact that any adventure is likely to provide you with the life experience you need to make something successful of it. You love a thrill, so think about checking out the nearest amusement park or bolder opportunities such as skydiving or bungee jumping. Sit back and enjoy the flight, dear air sign.


Your next exciting undertaking should involve your artistic nature. If you have enough art, try finding some gallery space to host it. If you’ve written a song you like, take it to a recording studio and post it on the internet.

You’ve probably produced some piece of art that the world should witness, being so creative and emotionally enlightened. Don’t be afraid to be bold and put it out there!


Your free spirit is likely getting plenty of adventure as it is, but it’s time to step it up. If you have the time and the resources, consider a road trip with a good buddy. There’s nothing like the feeling of the open road to get your daring juices flowing.

Find as many unique or bizarre roadside attractions as you can to make this an unforgettable experience. Remember, the journey is every bit as important as the destination. Crank the tunes, slip into something comfortable and rock your favorite pair of shades.

Save some money by packing road snacks, such as sandwiches and fruits; one small cooler can save you tons of money that would normally be spent on fast food. It doesn’t matter where you’re headed, just find a pal who’s into the idea and start your trip.


You’ve likely spent the entire season working on and perfecting your craft, so responsible is Virgo. This is a perfect opportunity to unleash your wild side and let loose!

Respect your Virgo nature by making this adventure a productive one; maybe you’ve been thinking about renovating your home or working on a classic project car. You might like to work on revamping your “man cave,” or redecorating your apartment.

Sure, it may not be the perfect adventure for other signs, but chances are, you’ll find plenty of joy in a project that involves a bit of work.


The Libra loves to be surrounded by beauty. The best adventure for a Libra involves art, beautiful music and, essentially, anything aesthetically pleasing. Visit the most prominent museum in your area, or consider taking a trip to the nearest city with a well-known art scene.

Maybe there’s a new art gallery opening near you, or a beautifully moving play being performed in your neck of the woods. You might visit a state park or take a stroll through a local garden. Whatever you decide, you’ll be happy as long as stunning visuals abound.


Scropios love to get to the bottom of things, discover new mysteries and explore the deeper side of life. Any activity that uncovers something new will have you on the edge of your seat. Maybe there is a haunted tour in your city, or an interactive, murder-mystery dinner theatre.

Even a camping trip, equipped with scary ghost stories and roasting marshmallows might tantalize your senses. You don’t typically shy away from stepping out of your comfort zone, so get creative and explore the world around you.


Sagittarius loves new experiences, sometimes even of the not-so-pleasant variety. The Sag wants to do it all! This is a great opportunity to do something you’ve never done before. Research the attractions near you and see what strikes your fancy.

Take a trip to a city on the other side of the state for a day, just to see what it’s like. You love to discover every nook and cranny of life, so look around you and determine which flavor of life you’d like to try this season.


You could likely use an adventure right about now, as you are responsible and hard working, not often taking a break to relax. Your ideal adventure is likely steeped in tradition and culture. You might be a little on the conservative side, so don’t be afraid to try something a little wacky.

Maybe a day at the state fair will brighten your spirit, soaking in the local culture and cuisines. Perhaps a journey to the park to spend the day reading and enjoying the sights and sounds is enough to refresh your energy. Whatever you do, be present in the moment, and let go of the upcoming chores or workload.


The Aquarian is one of the more eccentric and quirky signs, typically technologically advanced and innovative. A social butterfly who loves music, you’ll feel right at home at a music festival. Surrounded by creative characters, bright clothing, and awesome tunes, you’ll fit right in.

This is an environment where you can really let loose and enjoy yourself so pack up a tent and some sunscreen, grab your tickets and soak in the scene.


Creative and intuitive, Pisces are often found daydreaming about their next adventure, sometimes more so than experiencing them. This is the perfect opportunity to get out of your shell and go make memories.

You’re imaginative enough to create an entire fantasy world within your head, so you are absolutely capable of creating that world externally. Think about taking a starry, evening trip to the beach with a notepad and a pen, and let yourself create whatever comes to mind, or try a romantic date with a new prospective partner.

As long as you’re following your heart and creating an emotional experience, you’ll never forget it.

There are so many ways to celebrate the transition into a new season, the important thing is the take some time for yourself and your loved ones. Life moves faster than any of us care for, and any opportunity for adventure should be ceased. Go out and soak up the rich, invigorating world around you.

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