Mars in Virgo – Get Obsessed About Flawless Attention to Detail

It’s that time of year where the lazy, hazy days of Summer come to an end, and a season of harvest and productivity is upon us. It’s a little bit harder for some to pull their socks up and get the productivity wheels moving. Thankfully the universe is there to help.

This time around, the universe is going to help us get our bodies, minds and spirits moving again with the transit of Mars in Earth Sign Virgo. Here we have the warrior planet meeting the organized sign. Mars in Virgo is here to help you get obsessed about flawless attention to detail. Ready or not, it’s harvest time.

What is Mars in Virgo?

There are two key factors in this transit. Whenever a planet is in a zodiac sign, it takes on the qualities of that sign, so this is a good transit. Mars is usually very aggressive, warrior like, and won’t let anything get in its way.

Virgo is nothing like this, so the energy of Virgo really tamps down the energy of Mars a little bit over the next few weeks. That’s a good thing! Mars spirit and fire doesn’t go away, it is just…tamped down a little bit so the actions you take aren’t over the top.

Mars in Virgo is a transit that begins September 5th, and goes right through to October 22nd of this year. That’s almost two full months of this energy, lots of time for you to get some serious productivity in. Mars is the warrior planet, and Virgo is the Mutable Earth Sign of organization, productivity, and detail oriented tasks.

When Mars is influencing you, you are obsessed with getting what you want. You won’t let anything stop you. Virgo is going to peel this energy back a little bit while Mars is in play, and that’s a good thing.

With Virgo being so organized, productive, and detail oriented, that is how you are going to get obsessed about your flawless attention to detail. This energy is going to come in handy every single day, no matter what you are doing.

Time to Get Goal Oriented

If you have been having a tough time getting out of a rut, because summer was fun or lazy, or because of Mercury retrograde, there is no better energy to get out of it than Mars in Virgo. Mars will fire you up and have your passions stoked about creating a big change. Virgo energy is going to give you the motivation to do the work necessary to get things done.

One thing both Virgo and Mars have in common is they are goal oriented. Mars handles accomplishing goals in a much different way. Mars is full steam ahead. Virgo on the other hand likes to think about things, make lists, get organized, and come up with a careful and thoughtful strategy.

You can see why Mars in Virgo is a wonderful time to pursue some goals. You may pursue goals whether you want to or not, because Mars in Virgo energy will be touching your life, whether you want it to or not.

If you know that it’s available to you, make the most of it. This is a period where you are able to complete tasks, be efficient, get organized, and just get things done. You aren’t going to be worried about getting praise for this work so much anymore.

That was Mars in the Fire Sign of Leo, which we are just finishing up. This time around, you are more practical and more goal oriented. Sure, praise is nice, but success is even better! That’s what you’ll be thinking of with Mars in Virgo.

Relationships and Career Benefits

The beautiful thing about Mars in Mutable Sign Virgo is that you can use this energy in either your romantic affairs, or your work affairs, or both! Mars is a love planet and definitely on standby to help you with all of your relationship needs.

That impassioned Mars energy can also help you tremendously in the work place too. Follow those urges and drives! Mars in Virgo will help you to get obsessed about the details that will take you to success.

This is a “quiet confidence” kind of energy that you will use in relationships or career. In love, you are working on the steadfast more long-term nature of the commitments in your life. You are turning something fun from summer, into something that lasts in the harvest season.

It’s the little things that matter here. Put your all into those little things that make relationships work. It’s not as hard as you think – listen more, do those little things more, and just be quietly confident in the work that you are doing to make this work.

It’s also a time in relationships where you aren’t as picky as usual. Someone that leaves the toilet seat up is not going to annoy you in the same way it may have during the summer. You are looking for something that lasts, and those little things actually make a big difference in another way.

Rather than being obsessed about the toilet seat, you are going to be obsessed about the person who cares for you regardless of those little quirks we all have. When someone cares about you, those little things become the things we overlook or love them for anyways.

That’s how Mars in Virgo can help your relationships. Loving unconditionally because these details play a big part in the whole picture and becomes more crystal clear under this transit.

The same goes for your career. Efficiency, attention to detail, organizational skills, and quiet competence are going to be the traits that help you to succeed. Don’t say you won’t have the energy to do this. That’s the Mars component of this transit. You WILL have the drive.

The only question is, are you confident enough to use it?

That’s the kicker with Mars in Virgo in both love and work. There is an abundance of benefits to be had with this transit., in any area of your life. Are you ready to really use this energy?

Concluding thoughts…

Mars in Virgo is a thoughtful, slower transit that is going to help you in both your career life and your relationships. It’s going to be here for almost two months. And that means you have almost two months to use this energy to achieve your most productive goals.

It’s harvest time! Get obsessed about a flawless attention to detail, and use it for success. What are you hoping to harvest this Fall?

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