Hit the Ground Running: New Moon in Virgo Solar Eclipse

It’s here! We are officially in the eclipse zone. Tomorrow we will have the New Moon in Virgo as our September 2015 New Moon, and this will be preceded by a lovely solar eclipse that is designed to usher news and change into your life. A lot of people fear eclipse season but the truth is, there’s nothing to be afraid of. Every spiritual walk is about learning and passing the tests that we need to pass in order to further our spiritual growth. If you don’t pass the tests, you keep getting the lessons. So this is why we keep saying that the more preparation you do for eclipse season, the easier and smoother your walk will be. And if you do pass those tests, well then, eclipse season is a remarkable time that can herald blessings and miracles. Either way, for most Earthlings, change is a-coming, and that energy is in play right now.

One thing you want to keep in mind is that not all changes are going to happen this weekend. In fact, the seeds of change are just beginning to roll now, and the energy of this big change needs some time to percolate. As such, the New Moon in Virgo solar eclipse should not eclipse too much out of your life right now. In two week’s time, however, with the cycle of endings and completions that occurs with every Full Moon, when the total lunar eclipse occurs is when you will begin to see more profound change ushering in. But we will cover all of that in good time, and, even though the energy is lighter, you still want to make the most of this powerful solar eclipse and New Moon in Virgo event happening this weekend. Because, whether you realize it or not, the seeds of that change that is coming are being planted right now as you read this. So how can you make the most of this eclipse season? By using the New Moon in Virgo and the solar eclipse to hit the ground running with your biggest New Moon wishes! Here’s how to do it!

Themes of the New Moon in Virgo Solar Eclipse

• What: Here we have the New Moon in Virgo transiting in between the Earth and the Sun. This means the Sun is blocked, or “eclipsed”, meaning, the Moon is blocking the Sun’s light on the Earth. Confusion will be high as details and clarity are obscured with this shadow period.

• Who: This solar eclipse will influence all zodiac signs, but Virgo will feel the energy the most. Also, the events that transpired under this energy will take on a Virgo tone. This means Virgo themes such as organization, attention to detail, thoughtfulness, and reflection, cleanliness, and health matters, will take precedence under this transit. If you hit the ground running on these matters, you are way ahead of the game!

• When: September 13 is the date of the New Moon and solar eclipse in this hemisphere. In the Eastern Hemisphere, this will occur on September 14. The energy however is available from September 11 to September 15 for all zodiac signs.

Let’s Use the New Moon in Virgo Solar Eclipse Energy

There are a number of things that you can do to maximize your soul potential under this powerful energy. The most important thing to remember is that details are not clear right now. The Sun is being momentarily blocked under this energy. Your intuition can help, but even that can feel muddled.

Use Virgo energy…

to maintain an orderly flow, and take an organized and detailed approach to hit the ground running with this solar eclipse and New Moon in Virgo.

Act as an Earth Sign, Virgo is stable, reliable, and organized

Virgo is also a wonderful gardener, making this a great time for planting spiritual seeds. Think of what you need to blossom in your life over the next 6 to 12 months. Create a detailed action plan on how you are going to grow those “flowers”. Write it down and be specific, Virgo loves lists!

Under this eclipse there is some confusion, some information you do not have available to you yet to meet those goals. Make a list of all of the questions you need clarity on. This is your way of telling the Universe, “This is the information I need you to send me.” If your goals are relationship-oriented for example, you might say, “How does he really feel about me?” This list of questions should be about things you need more information or clarity on.

Prepare yourself spiritually for letting go.

Even if you are not sure what you will be letting go of, or even if you will be. Embrace the mindset that saying goodbye is a blessing, as it opens new doors and creates new beginnings. There may be something or someone, or even a dream, that you say goodbye to within the next few weeks. When you are prepared spiritually to do that, the lesson is learned and the test is passed before it even happens. You may not have to say goodbye or let go of anything. But if you are prepared to, it makes the change less stressful. Be okay with the change that the Universe is preparing for you, and embrace its truest potential. This way when it happens, it truly does feel like a good thing.

Create a health regime and a plan to stick to it

Virgo rules the health and will draw attention to health matters if you are not careful. Make an action plan if you know you need some work here. A great thing to do under a Virgo solar eclipse is to have a detox. Cleanse your mind and your body for a day and feel free of toxins that can eat away at your soul. Smudging is a great way to do this or create clean pathways in your home that are organized and detox anything that is no longer serving you. Make your home, and your health, a clean slate. Now you’re ready to take on the Galaxy!

Practice random acts of kindness

Virgo is a natural humanitarian, and this is a great way to store up some karmic bank during a heavy eclipse season. Wherever you can be of service to someone, find the way. Be sure your actions stem from unconditional love, and not the need to reap karmic rewards and Universal blessings. Come from a place of love, and you shall be rewarded.

Reboot love relationships!

Under this transit, we also have the gorgeous Venus in Leo going direct, and this is adding a lovely positive vibe to this New Moon in Virgo solar eclipse. If a change in love is what you are hoping for, then Venus in Leo gives you the energy to make a bold move. Do so before September 17 when Mercury goes retrograde and communications and plans slow down. These planets are also trining with Uranus in Aries right now. Something unexpected is happening in love if you are open to it. Are you?

Make an Action Plan!

If work or career or professional matters are your concern under the New Moon in Virgo solar eclipse, then Virgo demands that you make an action plan. Plant the seeds now, do more planning and less doing, and your professional life will take on a new outlook over the next few months. Be clear and organized and detailed in your intent, and make the lists and schedules that you need to in order to accomplish those goals. Don’t “do” so much right now activity-wise, remember, the Sun is blocked and more information still needs to come to light. But the plan, yes, do that as much as you can to every last little nit-picky detail.

And that’s all you need to know to put away fears and manifest magic under the New Moon in Virgo solar eclipse. What area of your life are you hoping experiences epic change during eclipse season? Do you have any questions on how to get through the eclipses? Drop us a line in the comments and let us know how we can help!

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