4th House Shakeups – Change Under a New Moon Eclipse

It’s time for a change, friends! Thanks to our Cardinal sign friend, Cancer, Summer has arrived! With every new season, we get the blessing of change from the Universe. This time around, Cancer is in charge. Eclipse season is just about to begin! With Cancer in charge of this eclipse, we are going to see some 4th house shakeups and change. Cancer leads the 4th house of the zodiac, which is the astrological house that rules the home and family. Experiencing some family change right now? The change has just begun.

Under this eclipse season, it’s all coming together in a very karmic way. We’re going to show you how to roll with it.

Cancerian New Moon Eclipse – Home is Where Your Heart Wants to Be

We talk about New Moons all the time, as it represents new beginnings. Every month we get opportunities for these new beginnings. This month, the new beginnings are epic because the New Moon in Cancer arrives with a solar eclipse. A solar eclipse is no different from a New Moon’s theme of new beginnings, but it brings a little more intensity to the New Moon. Epic new beginnings are on the docket! A normal New Moon effect will last for about 4 weeks, but a solar eclipse New Moon has the potential to impact your life for about 6 months.

With this New Moon arriving with a solar eclipse in Cancer, the theme of new beginnings will occur in the family sector. As the Cardinal sign of the Water signs, Cancer is the eternal mother of the zodiac. The themes of Cancer are very domestic, family-centered, and related to the home. The best chefs in the world are Cancers! Just ask Wolfgang Puck!

Nurturing the roots of your life is the theme of Cancer, and this is why Cancer rules the 4th house.

The 4th House – Know Your Roots

The 4th house is all about the roots and foundations of your life. It refers to your current home life, the place(s) you came from, and the place you go to in order to feel safe and happy when the world is crumbling down. It doesn’t necessarily have to involve your parents, your siblings, and your grandparents. Of course, it could include your bloodlines, but it doesn’t have to. Those besties or pals that are your soft place to fall, that’s where your foundation is. The people that make you who you are today, those are your roots.

From these 4th house roots and foundations that are ingrained in our souls in this lifetime, we learn things that we want to take into our souls and foundations as we grow up. Not many people actually stay in the home they grew up in. We grow up, move on, and create new root systems. These are the shake-ups of our lives.

These shakeups occur all of the time, throughout our entire lives. These shakeups can pull the rug right out from under us. Family shakeups are among the top listed stressors in the Holmes and Rahe Life Change Units Scale. This means that our health is at risk when these things happen. Even when a change such as an outstanding personal achievement occurs, stress units add up and our health is impacted. Under astrological influences such as a New Moon eclipse, these stressors and changes are more likely to happen and affect us deeply. With a New Moon eclipse happening in the 4th house, even more so.

So let’s talk about some ways to get through this.

Rolling Through 4th House Shakeups

When you are dealing with a major family shake-up or a 4th house change, stress is going to happen. There are a number of things that you can do to just roll with it. Psychological intervention, of course, is one option. Depending on the number of changes that you are dealing with, that may be an appropriate course of action for you. We want to help you roll through these 4th house changes in a more spiritual way that will provide long-term benefits. Here are some ways to do that.

  • Healing crystals: Gemstones and crystals are powerful calming tools. A healing crystal such as amethyst has a powerful calming effect on both the brain and the internal psyche. When family stress gets too much, tuck some healing crystals into your pocket, cleanse them with some sage, and have some alone time. Self-care is health care. Sometimes family can be demanding. You want to give your all to them. But you can’t do that if you aren’t well or are bouncing off the charts due to stress.
  • Chakra work: The word “chakra” is the Sanskrit word for “wheel” and refers to the 7 invisible energy wheels we have in the human body. When these wheels are aligned, we feel at peace and one with the world. But a 4th house shakeup such as a major family change will send our chakras out of whack. Some chakra work could help align these wheels and tone down the stress of life change. Meditation is a powerful way to align stress.
  • Tarot readings: Nobody likes it when the Tarot gives bad news, but sometimes the worst part of change is the stress of not seeing it coming. A Tarot reading eliminates that uncertainty. You can negate uncertainty by coming here for a Daily Tarot reading or even one of our three-card readings. Ask your question, get some clarity. Good news will certainly alleviate stress, and other cards will point you in the direction of how things are going. No news is bad news sometimes. Unfortunate news can be good news and help you prepare and roll with those 4th house shakeups.

    Concluding thoughts…

    Family changes can be a nightmare. Many Earthlings are going to experience family stress under the New Moon in Cancer eclipse this month. This will negatively impact our health: mentally, physically, and spiritually. Learning how to roll with these changes will help to alleviate that stress, and bring those stress scores down. Healing crystals, chakra work, meditation, and Tarot readings can all help align our psyches and alleviate uncertainty. Dear friends, use our valuable tools and take care of you during these uncertain times.

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