Use These 6 Crystals to Break Your Bad Habits

Bad Habits: We all have a few, right?

It doesn’t matter what they are, our bad habits can make us feel like we’re out of control. Often, our habits are developed because they provide some kind of solace in a world of confusion, but breaking bad habits can actually lift your spirits and bring your life back into balance.

When you finally break a bad habit, there is a sense of freedom that washes over you; you’re finally liberated from the chains of routine! But bad habits aren’t easy to break, as anyone can attest to. If they were easy to break, we would only have good tendencies.

So, where should you start?

While there are many useful techniques for breaking bad habits, we’re going to explore the use of crystals and their ability to help us break destructive patterns.

Crystals are ancient, healing stones found in nature that each have their own unique energy print. Crystals can promote or dissuade energies, they can bring positivity in your life while banishing negativity. Some crystals are able to absorb negative energy themselves, protecting you from absorbing any of it yourself. Gemstones and crystals are a gift from the Universe that allow you to more easily navigate along your path.

Let’s dive right in and take a look at the most powerful crystals that can help you extinguish your bad habits for good.


Amethyst is one of the most well-known crystals for helping break addictive tendencies and fostering positive routines. Amethyst is known as an “anti-drunkenness” stone, and was used to make wine goblets in Ancient Rome to prevent inebriation.

This stone can help improve your will-power and ability to say “no” to situations or habits that don’t serve you in the long run. What feels good today might make for a really crummy tomorrow, so allow this stone to help you stay focused on the endgame, and make the best of the journey along the way.


Staurolite is a mineral that resembles a cross, and thusly it was given the nickname of the “fairy cross.” This stone is excellent at helping you release things, whether they be relationships, situations or habits that no longer serve your higher purpose.

This stone gives you the power and the bravery to let go of any negative traits that you might feel you can’t live without.


Chrysocolla is a gentle stone that encourages gentleness within yourself. It’s twice as hard to let go of bad habits when you’re being too hard on yourself; this stone encourages you to see the good within, and acknowledge the hard work you’ve done to get where you are.

This stone prevents you from acting out of fear, which is where many of our negative routines are created: the well of fear within. This stone helps you empty that well and replace it with the relieving waters of faith.


Onyx is a smooth stone that is black as night. This stone banishes and thwarts negative energy, allowing your space to be filled with positive vibes. This stone, like amethyst, also boosts will-power and helps you make better decisions that work for the best in the long run.

Let onyx give you the strength to negativity with positive energy, which will encourage you to create useful and beneficial routines to replace those bad habits.

Clear Quartz

Clear quartz represents a blank slate, a fresh start. It helps to detox the body and the spirit, and it amplifies the energy of any stones in its vicinity. Use clear quartz to boost the healing properties of your other crystals, as its vibrations will lift the vibrations of the stones around it.

This crystal, like many others, makes for beautiful jewelry and it effective when worn on any part of the body. Clear quartz is a great go-to stone to enhance any other crystals you may be working with or meditating on.

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s eye is a protective stone that acts as a guardian angel. It promotes motivation and keeps your eye focused on the prize. You’ll feel safer in the presence of this stone, which will promote a sense of security and calm within.

Feelings of contentedness and peace are vital for replacing bad habits with good ones, so keep tiger’s eye around when you need a protective boost.

Work With Your Crystals, & They’ll Work With You

These stones will certainly help clear the energy around you, but it’s also up to you to put the other half of the work in.

No crystal will work miracles without your participation. So meditate with and adorn yourself and your abode with these stones, and do your part to begin breaking those bad habits once and for all. You can do it!

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