Addictive Personalities: What is Your Zodiac Sign’s Addiction?

Do you have an addictive personality?

It can be hard to see ourselves clearly sometimes, especially our faults and flaws. When our personality veers toward the addictive, we may not even fully realize it.

And even more curious, what are we addicted to?

Astrology can help us learn so much more about ourselves, and when it comes to an addictive personality, it can help us see what we’re missing.

Let’s take a look at each sign and discover which signs are more prone to certain addictive behaviors.


Your personality is intense and warm, and you like what you like. Aries definitely have a tendency toward addictive behavior, so keep this in mind when indulging in anything that has the potential to be unhealthy.


You love the finer things in life, and while you are rooted in your Earth sign, you do have the potential to become “hooked” easily. Stay balanced with something like yoga or meditation to thwart addictive behaviors.


Your mind is all over the place, and you may have too hard a time making decisions to really become addicted to any one thing. Stick to activities that have tons of movement variety but help maintain your inner balance, like dance or aerial sports.


You’re more likely to become addicted to people over things. Remember that everyone needs some semblance of freedom, and no matter how much someone loves you, we all need our alone time.


You love attention, just make sure you don’t place all of your happiness in your popularity. Remind yourself that you are loved, even when someone else is sharing (or stealing) your spotlight.


You are grounded in the Earth and relatively balanced, however, you may be addicted to one very surprising thing: work. Remember to take a break every once in a while. You deserve to relax now and again.


You love to maintain the balance, so you are less likely than some other signs to become addicted — however, you still need to maintain your own inner balance and center within your core to avoid overindulging.


You love a good mystery, and even more, you love to solve it. You have the potential to become obsessive when it comes to finding answers. Remind yourself that some things in life are simply a mystery, and are meant to stay that way.


For Sag, more is more. You want it all and you want it now. You have to avoid overdoing it with anything, especially substances or alcohol, as you definitely have a tendency to become hooked.


You feel passionate about your interests, but you do tend to overwork yourself. You have to take time to relax and kick back before you burn out. Your addiction may seem productive, but you have to allow your body and mind time to heal after exertion.


You are typically fairly balanced and light-hearted. If you do happen to find yourself addicted to anything in particular, get those hands busy moving. You love to invent, so tap into that passion rather than your addictive feelings toward anything.


You are addicted to daydreaming, that’s for sure. Put your plans into action to avoid the disappointment of waking up from those daydreams. Anything you can believe, you can achieve. So remind yourself that you can make it happen!

Whether we are prone to addictive tendencies or not, it benefits everyone to try to remain balanced and centered throughout life. Astrology can help us achieve our goals of focus and strength.

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