Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius: Major Change

July 27th is a Full Moon lunar eclipse in the Air sign of Aquarius. We are in the middle of eclipse season, which is known to bring major life changes for just about everyone. For those who have been actively pushing towards their goals, they generally see changes they’ve been working towards finally happen. For those who are unaware of what’s going on astrologically and just letting life happen to them, they often are shocked by how much change and emotion comes with this time.

According to this Astrology King article, this will be the longest lunar eclipse of the century. There are a lot of aspects influencing this particular lunar eclipse that you will benefit from knowing. We’ve broken it down for you in an easy to understand and practical way. After all, we want this to be helpful in your daily life!

Overall, expect to see an influx of change around you in the areas of love, work, and home.

Full Moon in Aquarius Meaning

The Full Moon always brings to fruition things we have been working towards. Particularly with the Moon (which controls emotions) in Aquarius, we will see chapters closing in our social lives, an expansion of our humanitarian side, or technology-related ideas. Aquarius is a sign that looks at the big picture and not smaller details such as taking out the trash, decorating, or checking the mail.

A Full Moon will always make people’s emotions heightened because it is the cosmic body closest to Earth and has the strongest effect on the water in our bodies and the nervous system. This makes people finally pull the trigger on decisions, or if they’ve been bottling up their emotions, it can make them very aggressive.

Because of the placement of Mars on this Full Moon, we will see people’s passions spewing out like a geyser. Our advice? Take a trip away from any people you know are prone to emotional swings or hot tempers. Especially avoid engaging in arguments, even if it’s via text!

Mars energy will make people hot-headed on this Full Moon, so do things to relax like getting a massage, use lavender essential oils, and take a break from being around people to let the storm pass. It’s not all negative though, look forward to the seeds you’ve planted bearing fruit!

Sun in Leo Affecting the Eclipse

People are under the influence of the arrogant fire sign Leo which could mean they’re more likely to speak their mind rashly on this eclipse, being that they have extra energy coursing through their veins. Avoid bars and mosh pits for sure!

In a positive light, this could bring about good exposure if you channel your energy towards creativity and showing up for others. Clean someone’s car, let your anger out in a painting or take an extra long hike to give that energy an outlet. Don’t sit and let it boil!

Retrogrades Affecting the Eclipse

We have 5 planets retrograde right now, a rare occurrence, meaning we will feel a bit wonky. Mercury stationed retrograde just a day ago, and it’s easy to have miscommunications or experience electrical malfunctions at this time. Additionally, the Full Moon often makes people late or messes with travel plans. Just laugh it off and go with the flow!

Mars being retrograde may mean you don’t have the energy you normally have to put behind your work, and this can lead to outbursts if you’re prone to bottling up your emotions. Take extra care to do things that calm you down.

You may see people from your past or patterns that you want to break show up now, so you can finally heal your past and move on! A Full Moon is a great time to have the courage to release the things we no longer need that aren’t serving our higher purpose. The Aquarius Moon can also help us see the big picture we want to align our energy with, and thus if our relationships, hobbies, or lifestyle isn’t congruent, we will rebel against them with staunch assuredness.

Concluding Thoughts…

Don’t think this is all doom and gloom! The seeds you planted and the momentum you created since the last eclipse season in January are going to show now. It’s exciting to see the fruits of your labor! Full Moons are great wish fulfillers; add the eclipse on top, and it’s like a Full Moon on steroids!

The things you started on the New Moon eclipse July 12th will likely mature now. If you started something in the last two and half weeks, visualized it and took action towards it, you’re likely to get what you wished for!

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