Color(s): Blue-green

Affirmation(s): "I welcome different phases and change into my life."

About Chrysocolla

Soothing Chrysocolla has a calming effect that can assist in aura cleansing, give support to find acceptance, and help recovery from feelings of guilt, anger, and fear.

If we have been hiding something, Chrysocolla encourages us to be more honest. This crystal also is helpful when healing the Throat chakra and Heart chakra—while it helps us to be more honest, it also helps us to approach this frankness with compassion and accept the truth in our lives. 

Thought to be very helpful for Taurus and Virgo, two signs that are practical in their approach to life yet also stubborn. This stone allows them to communicate more freely. This crystal is also helpful for Gemini, augmenting their “go with the flow” attitude.

How to Use Chrysocolla

This stone is most effective when worn around the throat due to its association with that chakra, so try to find a Chrosocolla necklace/pendant or carry a piece in your breast pocket or bra.

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