The Best Summer Treat for Your Zodiac Sign

You work hard; you’ve got dirt under those fingernails and you aren’t afraid to bust a sweat.

It’s summer, it’s sunny and temperatures are rising. You work hard for the money. You take care of your work, you contribute to your community. Don’t you deserve a summer treat? We think you do, and we’re here to help you find the perfect delight, the delectable pleasure, the juicy refreshment that you deserve.

Astrology is always on our side, and as usual, it’s here to help us out again. Let’s get cozy, dream of cool, refreshing ocean breezes, and discover the perfect summer pleasure, just for you, based on your Zodiac sign.


A treat for Aries needs to be seriously indulgent in an intellectual way. Aries don’t accept just any delicacy. To complement the heat of the Aries personality, as well as provide the soothing cool of a summer treat, try grilled peaches with a side of vanilla ice cream. The warmth of the peaches will create a smooth, melty ice cream delicacy.


You love refined goodies, such as delicious culinary feasts. Add some nutrition to your indulgences by throwing some fruit in the mix — try making your own fruit tart that can be chilled and then served. This yummy dessert will cool you down while giving you your daily vitamins.


You have a hard time making decisions, so create the best of both worlds when you’re looking for a treat this summer. An ice cream and cookie sandwich should do the trick — and these are seriously easy to make at home. Simply whip up a batch of cookies, or swap for store-bought, and place a thick layer of ice cream between two cookies for an amazing summer snack.


A romantic at heart, champagne and strawberries are the perfect summer treat for the Cancerian. You don’t need a partner to feel the love, simply set yourself up with some bubbly and fruit! Substitute for sparkling apple cider if you don’t drink.


You deserve a treat that will bring a smile to your face, Leo. Frozen yogurt can make anyone happy, and the best part is the toppings! You can create your own frozen yogurt bar at home, simply purchase your favorite toppings, a tub of your favorite flavored fro-yo, and go to town.


You need something that helps you connect to your earthy roots. On a cool summer night, grab graham crackers, marshmallows, chocolate and a contained bonfire, and what do you get? A seriously delicious good time. Bonus points for coming up with a scary story to tell.


You desire balance, even when you indulge. Try simply freezing a couple bananas, and you’ve got yourself a healthy, popsicle-like snack. You can thank us later. Talk about balancing yummy with nutritious!


You definitely like a mystery, and while this recipe is ridiculously easy, you’ll have everyone wondering what your secret is. Did you know that a glass of orange soda topped with a scoop of ice cream makes a heavenly dreamsicle float? Give it a shot!


You love new experiences, so this is a great time to try something new. Have you ever snuck a Nutty Buddy in the freezer? It takes the entire dessert experience up a notch, especially in the summertime. I personally like to eat these frozen treats one layer at a time.


As an Earth sign, we want you to stay rooted. Try making a dirt cake! With gummy worms, crushed Oreos, and a few other ingredients, you can create a fun summer treat that pays homage to your Earthy nature. Think about presenting this yummy treat in a clean flower pot for extra giggles.


Always inventive, you probably have a few ideas up your sleeve. But if you do need some inspiration, think mint this summer. Mint is an excellent addition to salads, desserts, and even drinks. Mojitos anyone?


Ah, the dreamer. Take your dreams to your tastebuds with the juice of a watermelon. Simply cut a hole in a whole watermelon, slide in a hand-mixer and go to town. The result is a slightly sweet, seriously refreshing beverage.

Get your creative juices flowing by finding your favorite way to keep those taste buds happy and cooled off, and keep your mind off of the heat. You’ll be the talk of the town with your wonderfully yummy snacks, so remember to share. Sharing is caring, after all!

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