Your Must-Have Summer Accessory, Based on Your Sign

It’s summertime and the living is easy. Each change of season brings an evolution; we are constantly changing and growing. How can we keep up with the ever-changing nature of our beings?

One of life’s most valuable gifts is the ability to express oneself. There are some countries where self-expression is still banned in some way, shape, or form. We must revel and bask in gratitude in the fact that we are able to be authentic, and express ourselves how we see fit.

One of the easiest and most prevalent forms of self-expression is through our wardrobe, but it isn’t convenient, economical, or good for the environment to change our wardrobe each season.

How can we reconcile our need for self-expression with our resourceful and environmentally-conscious goals?


Accessories are an easy to way jazz up literally any outfit. Some of the most sought-after and well-loved red carpet looks are brought to life by the addition of one fabulous and flawless accessory, be it a clutch, a watch, or even a feather boa.

Accessories help us to create the story we wish to tell about ourselves, and with the creative placement of a feisty accessory, we can change up our seemingly predictable wardrobes. Even one new piece can glam up a closet full of clothes, if you know how to work it.

But what is the perfect summer accessory? When we take astrology into account and allow it to help us, as it does in so many areas of our lives, it can be remarkably easy to choose the perfect summer accessory. So let’s dive right in and discover the perfect accessory for you this summer, based on your sign.


Your unique personality is self-assured and aware; you know who you are and what you want, and you don’t stray too far from your core in that way. But, let’s face it, you’re a badass. And if you don’t already have a rockin’ leather (or pleather) jacket in your wardrobe, this is the time to remedy that. Summer nights cool down significantly, and leather (and pleather) provide a thin, yet cozy layer of warmth while helping you look as rock n’ roll as ever.


A wardrobe of staples and simplicity, you probably have quite a few pieces that you love already, but why not add a little zest to the mix? I challenge you to include a bit of edge in your look with the addition of some flash. I’m going to leave some of the creativity up to you, but I want you to go out on a limb, and procure something that has a little more pizazz than you would usually go for. You’ll feel great when you’re turning heads.

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You have a very unique sense of style that very directly reflects your personality: part intellectual, part wild, part out-of-this-world. Holographic accents are very big this season, and you are the perfect candidate for trying out such a long-standing and reemerging trend. Whether it’s a holographic blazer, a shiny bag, or a rainbow-hued belt, the eye-catching colors will draw only the best attention this summer. Embrace your inner unicorn!


The classic of the astrological wardrobe game: think Gwyneth Paltrow meets Meryl Streep. Elegant and refined are words that easily describe the items in your closet. I want you to go wild, Cancer, and consider something in a festive pattern, perhaps even an animal print. I’m thinking that a leopard-print headband would look fantastic with one of those classic white button-downs you’ve been rocking.


Your style is a bit loud like your personality, and charming through and through. Leave it to the Leo to bring a smile to anyone’s face. Your wardrobe is equally as fun and uplifting, with bright colors and patterns. Try something classic yet funky and exciting like a wedge sandal. The added height will make you feel a bit spicier, while the comfort of a shoe like a wedge will have you thanking the sandal gods.


Always down-to-earth, the Virgo’s style reflects their appreciation for Mother Nature. I would never ask you to wear anything uncomfortable, Virgo, but I’m thinking you could use some color in your life. Go out and find something bright and bold that also serves a purpose, like a rhinestone-studded fanny pack. Useful yet fabulous!


Ah, the sign of balance and beauty. The Libran is all about making these 2 meet, and what better way to do that this summer than with a comfortable yet incredibly beautiful kimono-style cardigan. These cover-ups are typically made of chiffon and provide a comfortable, breathable layer over your skin for those hot, summer days. You’ll love the compliments you receive as your shawl floats through the air.


Yours is a very determined sense of style, in that you know exactly what you like and rarely stray from what feels best on your body. Even when you want to change things up, you probably place limitations on the amount and degree of change that you prefer. The perfect summer accessory for you is a delicate yet beautiful toe ring for those sandal days. You might be the only one who notices, but you’ve always loved a secret.


Your style is constantly evolving, taking on different shapes and forms, but one thing that you’re always working on is maintaining your optimistic outlook and faith in the universe. Find yourself a vintage or modern-day mustard seed necklace. It is said that faith the size of a mustard seed can move mountains, so let this summer accessory remind you to keep the faith and keep on moving on.


You’re always busy working or taking care of your family, and it’s time to take care of yourself. The thing is, I know there’s an accessory you’ve been eyeing that you just haven’t managed to work up the courage to purchase. This is your time, Capricorn. Be unabashedly you and allow yourself to indulge in that aspect of fashion that you’ve been denying yourself; your spirit will thank you.


Always the original, it’s truly difficult to replicate the style of an Aquarius. You are 100 percent yourself in any given situation, so how do you decorate such an authentic spirit? I see you in hats, Aquarius. You can pull off many hats of many different styles, and this is the time to find the perfect hat for that advanced cranium of yours. It might even help to keep your many ideas and inventions secure!


You’re a true romantic, Pisces, and your style reflects this about you. You should focus on something dreamy and pastel this summer to match that soft and inviting personality of yours. Whether it’s a billowy blue summer dress or a shiny, pink, patent-leather pair of Doc Martens, be sure to find something that really makes your heart leap.

Accessorizing ourselves is an inexpensive, creative, and easy way to change up our style and fill the seasons with fun. Find your perfect, star-based accessory and watch your spirit sky-rocket!

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