How to Make Friends and Influence Difficult People With Mars in Scorpio

You’ll notice that our Weekly Horoscopes have recently brought something to your attention. You’ll see it soon manifesting in your Daily Horoscopes as well. That is the intensity of the next big upcoming transit of Mars in Scorpio. It is as intense as it sounds. Here we have the warrior planet meeting the intense and transformational power player Scorpio.

It’s going to be a LOT of energy, and with every astrological transit that comes our way, where there is excess energy, there are excess problems for some, but not if you are following us. Today we are going to talk about how to use Mars in Scorpio the winning way. Don’t get caught in Mars or Scorpio’s shadow sides!

Here’s everything you need to know to make friends and influence difficult people when you are wrapping up 2017.

What is Mars in Scorpio?

Mars in Scorpio is exactly what it sounds like. It’s the aggressive and passionate warrior planet Mars entering the aggressive and passionate warrior zodiac sign Scorpio. It’s a LOT of energy. Many Earthlings who are not as self-actualized or evolved as you are will be too hot to handle, but you won’t be. You can even turn them around if you want.

If you want to win under this transit, there are many ways to do just that. When you think of the good, the bad, and the ugly of Mars in Scorpio, consider some celebrities with Mars in Scorpio. For some, Mars in Scorpio in their birth chart has done very well for them.

For those examples we look to Oprah Winfrey, who has used her energy and passion to make many very important friends, and influence very difficult people – even famous ones! There is of course a shadow side to Mars in Scorpio, and when that manifests, it can get ugly. World renowned ugly, like actor Charlie Sheen.

Obviously, you want to channel your inner Oprah Winfrey while Mars is in Scorpio, and release the negativity that could lead you to become a Charlie Sheen. As we know with Oprah Winfrey, when you channel this power well, you not only change your inner dynamic, but you change the entire dynamic of everyone you are in contact with.

By channeling Mars in Scorpio the right way, you become the leader of the pack, and a very successful one at that. This transit will not only help you wrap up 2017, but also to help you launch 2018 with a powerful bang as well. Mars in Scorpio will run from December 9 and lasts right through to January 26, 2018.

Of course, the next question you are asking now is…how? How do I perform this magic in my life under Mars in Scorpio? I’m so glad you asked!

Mars in Scorpio Themes

The most important themes of Mars in Scorpio are determination and intensity. Under Mars in Scorpio, we go after what we want and we don’t let anything stop us. This is not always a great thing, just ask Charlie Sheen. When your energy is invested in the right intention, amazing things are going to happen, and that’s the key to success under this transit – intention.

If you are trying to deceive someone under Mars in Scorpio for example, you may win, and you may win big, but karma will find you in the end. Like Charlie Sheen, you will lose, and you will lose big. Or, you can be an Oprah Winfrey. Who doesn’t remember her legacy statement, “You get a car! You get a car! Everybody gets a brand new car!”

You don’t need to buy everybody you know a brand new car to win big under Mars in Scorpio. If you want to use the intensity of this transit for good, begin with a solid intention, and the universe has a magical way of working everything out for you.

Another key theme of this transit is Self-Determination. There is no room for fear under this transit. You saw that with Charlie Sheen. He fearlessly went to a Las Vegas hotel one night and did all sorts of things. He then lost his job, his family, and respect around the world. Know what you want, be determined in your quest for it, and start with the right intentions.

Mars is the ruling planet of Scorpio, and there is literally nothing stopping this energy when it is applied properly.

The Power of Transformations

Scorpio, as the eighth zodiac sign of the eighth house of transformations is all about big change. If it doesn’t work for Scorpio, it’s dead to Scorpio, no questions asked, no going back, no beating around the bush. At the same time, as a fixed sign, it takes Scorpio a long time to get to the “dead to me” stage.

Scorpio is loyal to the bone, and will give anybody and everybody a second chance, a third chance, and an eight thousandth chance, unless that person has really messed up. Don’t take advantage of a Scorpio because you never know when they are going to make that decision.

One day, after eight thousand chances, Scorpio is fine. The next they aren’t. That is the power of Scorpio and their ability to create intense transformations on a dime. When used wisely and well, with Scorpio ruler Mars by your side, the power of transformation is amazing. Scorpio is the only zodiac sign that can change the dynamic of an entire room just by speaking.

This is because Scorpio has an inner quality that is intense, and makes people listen. When Scorpio is using words of love, worlds and lives change. When Scorpio is angry, again, worlds and lives change, enter the “dead to me” stage. Now all zodiac signs will have this super power while Mars is in Scorpio.

Here’s a good example, appropriate with the upcoming holidays. Imagine you’re at the dining room table set for 27, and the ambient noise and flow of holiday spirits is flowing strong. Someone brings up a subject like, say, politics. Oh boy. Heads start rolling. The Scorpio in the room is the one with the power to bang their wine glass on the table like a judge’s gavel and say, “Enough!!”

When a Sagittarius or other sign does that, folks might chuckle and keep arguing about the latest political horror, and get ugly with their nearest and dearest at the same time. When a Scorpio does it, a deadly silence will fall upon the room. It will take a full minute or two before conversation resumes.

If Scorpio follows it up with, “Enough! Let’s take a minute to go around the table and tell one person in the room why we think they are great. No more politics tonight.” It was probably a Scorpio, or someone with Mars in Scorpio, who invented the phrase, “I don’t care who started it, I’m finishing it!”

See? It’s a special power you don’t want to miss using wisely. You can use it to win in any area of your life you want. Be sure you are keeping tabs on your Daily Horoscopes to find out how, during every day of this lengthy transit.

Concluding thoughts…

When you use the power of Mars in Scorpio with the right intent, amazing things happen. The dynamic changes in an instant, because of the transformational power of Scorpio, combined with the impassioned energy of Mars. Now YOU have that power when Mars is in Scorpio.

You have that power, your friends have that power, your family has that power, everybody gets that power! Now you know how to use it for good, to make friends and influence difficult people.

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