Learning to Trust Based on Your Sign

Whether you’re just coming out of a relationship that left a sting, or you’ve been hurt by a loved one before, we can all agree that sometimes it becomes difficult to trust again. Once you’ve felt the perceived or real betrayal of a loved one, your heart acts as a shield, hardening in order to protect you from further pain.

Seems safe right? In reality, this is the least effective means for healing from past hurts and forging on to create healthier, more fulfilling relationships.

It may seem like you should take this time to reevaluate your judgment or examine your relationships from the harsh lens of a microscope. Emotional disturbances create a survival instinct within us; we will do anything to avoid experiencing the same emotional pain more than once.

This is human nature, and it is natural to an extent. Your well-being, however, depends on your ability to learn to trust again. No good will come out of you shutting yourself down to the possibility of great partners and friends. You must regain your balance and begin to build your faith in humanity again.

It may seem impossible right now, but each person is absolutely capable of learning to put their trust into people again. It might be easier for some people than others, but with a few adjustments, you’ll find a method that suits you. Astrology, as with many situations, is beneficial for this quest.

Taking a look at your sun sign, and how it affects your ability to trust, can open your eyes to things you might have missed; perhaps you are not naturally trusting and have to work harder at it. Maybe you might be too trusting and find yourself being taken advantage of over and over again.

Let’s take a look at each sign and see how your astrological chart can assist you in reclaiming your trusting nature.


The first sign of the astrological zodiac, Aries, is one of fiery passion. When you’ve been burned you don’t heal quickly, and you’re definitely not inclined to step anywhere near flame anytime soon. Try to remind yourself that people make mistakes and look beyond their flaws. You might be missing some incredible characters if you continue to be so hard on people.


Taurus, you are fiercely loyal and generally dependable. You are discouraged when the people you love let you down and you can be quite stubborn when you feel that you are right. Try to walk the line between giving others a bit of a break and making sure you aren’t being taken advantage of.


You aren’t thrilled when forced into decision making, Gemini. Therefore, when someone new comes into your life, or an old friend revisits, one whom you aren’t sure if you can trust, you might find yourself riddled with anxiety. Remember, Gemini, that many decisions in life can be undone.

If you make a choice about trusting someone and find out that you were wrong, you can simply change your mind. Don’t overthink it, learn to trust your gut.


Oh, Cancer. I would not want to be the individual to lose your trusting affections. You love in a deep and devoted manner, and once you’ve been crossed it can take an exceedingly long time for you to forgive someone. Your fierce dedication to your emotions as well as your relationships can sometimes interfere with your ability to see things objectively.

Try learning to accept the apology a bit sooner.


Leos are optimistic, friendly and maybe a little too trusting at times. You want to see the best in everyone, and you love making new friends. Just make sure you are entering into symbiotic relationships of give-and-take. Use your intuition to guide you into relationships, keeping an eye out for less-than-savory individuals.


You are quite independent, Virgo, perhaps even too independent at times. When you feel you’ve been wronged by someone, you might be hasty in cutting them out of your life. You don’t need anyone, after all. While you are the liberated kind, human connection is a necessity for life to go on. We all need to relate to others on some level.

Try seeing things from another person’s point of view before you write them off.


Libras are all about balance and justice. You’re sociable and friendly, usually comfortable talking to anyone who might be within earshot. Your desire for balance causes you to see situations from every angle, looking for clues as to what the truth is. Sometimes, it’s best to just sit back, relax, and enjoy a relationship. It is ok to simply trust because your heart tells you to do so.


Scorpios are dark and mysterious creatures. It’s hard to know what you’re thinking at any given moment, so well do you conceal your emotions. It can be difficult for those who care for you to gain your trust, as you are guarded within your inner world. Try opening up to let others in, you might find more pleasant surprises than you thought possible.


You are adventurous and spontaneous, Sag. You sometimes make grand decisions on a whim, such as rekindling an old flame that previously left you down in the dumps. Your open heart can make you an easy mark for manipulative people, so make sure those you extend your trust to are truly worthy.


As a traditional person, you are generally polite and eloquent, Capricorn. Your relationships unfold in a naturally romantic, nostalgic manner. You are not quick to open your emotions for others to play with, and as such, it may take quite a time for you to begin to trust someone new.

Try to remember not everyone is as patient and slow-to-move-forward as you are, and see if you are comfortable with opening up more quickly than usual.


You are a social butterfly, Aquarius; moving from scene to scene and gathering more new and interesting friends and company along the way. You are thoughtful and intelligent, but your brilliant mind often remains a little too technical for more emotionally-driven people. You can appear aloof sometimes, even towards those people you trust the most.

Let people know you care for them and trust them from time to time, they might just be dying to hear it from you.


Pisces are incredibly dreamy and romantic, with sensitivities others might not pick up on immediately. Your trust has the potential to wane over a perceived rejection or betrayal, but try to focus on the positive aspects of any situation to see it more clearly. Sometimes your friends might be more trustworthy than your feelings.

There is nothing better than opening your heart to loving, trusting relationships and friendships. By learning to trust those who deserve it, your relationships will flourish with alacrity.

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