How to Use Rune Stones for Guidance in Love

Rune stones aren’t really the oracle that you’d think about consulting when it comes to matters of the heart. 

They’re often very blunt—even cold—in their messages, and many of the meanings reflect the harshness of the Nordic environment. However, using rune stones for guidance in love can bring to you the cold reality of the situation, and fairly quickly, too! 

Be sure you really want to know the answer, though, because the rune readings tend to be concise and too the point, without much wiggle room for guesswork! Let’s take a look at how rune stones can help you when it comes to matters of the heart.

Why You Should use Rune Stones When it Comes to Romance

  • They’re concise
  • They’re to the point
  • You don’t need any fancy spreads or layouts to get to the heart of the matter
  • There’s not a lot of room for conjecture
  • You can find out a lot of information very quickly

When it comes to relationships, many of us look to the stars, Tarot, Oracle cards or other forms of divination to get a hopeful glimpse into our future. Rune stones, unlike Tarot cards, are not as left up to interpretation – so if you are looking for a more cut and dried reading, using rune stones will get you an answer – whether you like it or not! 

Runes are fantastic tools, and available as a set of stones (which most people prefer) or a set of cards. The symbols on them are Germanic in origin, and they’re shrouded in mystery. No one really knows who started using them or when they originated—and of course, that just adds to their enigmatic appeal when used as a method of divination!

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There are many different kinds of rune stones. Probably the most popular is a set of 24 stones referred to as the Elder Futhark. Every symbol means something different. The significance of each rune is profound on its own. More complicated spreads—sometimes called layouts—can be used for a more involved reading.

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What Each Rune Stone Means When it Comes to Relationships

There are numerous reference materials when it comes to learning about the runes. They’re one of the divination tools that takes minutes to learn, but a lifetime to master! 

Below are possible interpretations of the rune staves when it comes to matters of the heart. Remember that if the rune is presented upside down, it’s considered to be ill-dignified, and its meaning—its energy—is being challenged or delayed in some way. You might want to draw an additional rune for clarity if this happens in your reading. 

Fehu: This is a good omen for love when it’s upright, indicating newness and growth, or coming out of the friend zone and into romance! Upside down, things may not be what they seem.

Uruz: There’s a definite masculine energy here, and the vitality to make your dreams come true. Changes are usually positive, so it’s another good sign for love! If it’s upside down, though, you need to look at the integrity of the situation and see what may be lacking.

Thurisaz: This rune indicates synchronicity, and balance. When it comes to relationships, you should both be on the same page. However, if it’s upside down, either you or someone else is being too pushy, and some restraint and patience are required.

Ansuz: This rune means ‘mouth,’ and it’s considered to be Odin’s rune—and he was the bigwig in Norse traditions! It’s a good omen for communication, unless it’s upside down. When it’s inverted, you’re not listening, or you’re listening to the wrong person.

Raido: This is another rune that might indicate positive changes. It also has to do with travel, which could be actual journeys or a metaphor for a relationship progressing. If it’s inverted, then things are stuck, and not going to go anywhere until some changes are instigated.

Kenaz: This is a very feminine rune and it relates to responsibility and having the ability to change what you don’t like about your life and the relationships in it. When it’s upside down, then something has usually come to a close, and if it’s your relationship that’s ending, don’t try to rekindle it. It’s over.

Gebo: This rune means ‘a gift,’ and it could definitely be bringing you a gift when it comes to romance! It’s the same upside down as it is right side up. To ensure that your relationship is everything that it should be, you need to make sure that there’s equal give and take.

Wunjo: Wunjo is associated with the planet Venus. It represents joy and happiness, and a wish coming true. It’s a sign of good things, which is what you want to see when you’re asking about your love life! However, when it’s upside down, something’s not quite right, and you’ll need to change either your mindset or your partner to get back into the happiness groove!

Hagalaz: You do not want to see this rune when asking about love! It means destruction, something beyond your control. It’s the same upside down as it is right side up. It always indicates some kind of a warning that something really is very wrong in your relationship.

Navdiz: When it comes to love, this isn’t the best rune to see, either. It’s a rune of self-sufficiency, and it could well be advising you to be alone for awhile and get your ducks in a row. When it’s inverted, it’s stern advice not to compromise your integrity for anyone else.

Isa: This rune is cautioning that self-control is needed. It’s neither good nor bad—and it has no reversed meaning. Your relationship could be cooling off. Whenever you see this run in a love reading, you have to back off and try to be objective, rather than seeing what you want to see.

Jera: This rune is an indicator that hard work could pay off in a great way. If you’re thinking of life mate or soul mate or twin flame or karma or past life connection, then this rune indicates that it may actually be there. Patience is the key to finding out! It also is the same way upside down as it is right side up.

Eihwaz: It’s time to look at your motives and what is concerning you about this relationship when Eihwaz appears. It’s all about how you feel and has no inverted meaning. If your relationship isn’t stimulating you, then you’ve got to look underneath the surface to find out why.

Pertho: There are secrets around when Pertho appears. They don’t have to be bad secrets; maybe an engagement is looming, or perhaps a surprise party is being planned! Are you pregnant? This rune is all about the life force, and might indicate fertility or childbirth. Upside down, it’s a very stern warning against taking any unnecessary risks.

Algiz: This is a very protective and watchful rune. It’s a good one to wear, or to give to your loved one to keep them safe. In love, it’s counseling you to only take calculated risks. When it’s upside down, you could be too stressed or emotional to listen to wise counsel.

Sowilo: This rune has no inverted meaning. It always brings light, hope, and brightness—in fact, it’s said to represent the Sun! It’s pretty consistent as a positive omen. Whatever you’re going through when it comes to love, this is a good sign for better times ahead.

Teiwaz: Logic and sensibility are the message that Tiewaz brings. You can’t let your emotions override what you know in your head to be best. Your situation has a good chance of improving, but not if this is inverted. This rune upside down indicates too much doubt and insecurity for you to get what you really want.

Berkanan: This rune has no upside down meaning. It’s another fertility rune, and while this could indicate conception, it could also indicate newness of other kinds; new romance, new partner, or a new depth to an existing relationship. It’s usually a positive indication when it comes to love.

Ehwaz: This is another good omen in a relationship reading—at least, when it’s right way up! It means cooperation and teamwork. If it’s upside down though, then things aren’t as harmonious as they need to be. One or the other of you is being too stubborn and that’s not going to get you anywhere.

Mannaz: This rune is advising you to pause, and see things—including yourself—as they really are. It’s another rune where you have to be very objective. If changes are needed, you have to instigate them. If Mannaz is upside down, then you may need to make a break from things and be on your own for awhile. There’s too much blame and not enough responsibility here.

Laguz: Pay attention to your intuition, your hunches, and your dreams when this rune appears. You’re very intuitive, and you need to see what’s going on behind the scenes in your relationship in order to really understand things. Inverted, it indicates illusions, delusions, and the inability to see things clearly. Make sure you’re not feeling overwhelmed.

Ingwaz: Things are growing when you see Ingwaz. It has no inverted meaning and is usually an optimistic and positive rune, provided you’re paying attention. You have to learn from your mistakes, and how you do that will influence how your love life unfolds—or not! Don’t try to be something you’re not.

Dagaz: This is a rune of awakening into your full potential. It has no upside down meaning. It indicates a revelation, a change in how you see things. Go with this when you see it. When you’re with a partner who’s truly on your wavelength, you’ll both grow and evolve for the better.

Othala: This is another rune of personal growth. When it’s applied to romance, it is an indication that others are looking to you for inspiration. Perhaps you’re a good influence on your partner! However, when this rune is inverted, then the relationship is out of balance, and you’ll have to bring things back in line if they’re going to stay harmonious and pleasant.

For more on the history of runes, and how to use them, visit our Runes page

The Rune Stone Love Spread

As I’ve mentioned previously, the easiest way to get a short and straightforward reading with the runes is just to reach into the bag and pull out a stone. Put it on the table, and there’s your answer! This is called a one-stone reading, although there are many other ways of reading the runes, each method having its own nuances.

One of my favorite spreads when it comes to using rune stones for guidance in love is to lay ten runes out in a heart shape and use the interpretations to mirror what’s going on

  • Position 1: The current situation
  • Position 2: How you see yourself
  • Position 3: How you see your partner
  • Position 4: What is working with you
  • Position 5: What is challenging you
  • Position 6: What you want to see happen
  • Position 7: What you’re afraid might happen
  • Position 8: Where your responsibility lies
  • Position 9: Where the other person’s responsibility lies
  • Position 10: The potential outcome.

If you want to see a Rune Cast in action – check out our How to Rune Cast video! 


It takes a bit of practice to apply the outspoken and forthright language when using rune stones for guidance in love, but once you get the hang of it, it’s actually quite simple. The runes are not for the faint-hearted, but they aren’t unkind, nor are they ugly. 

They have a tendency to cut through all the superficiality and unnecessary details and provide you with the bare bones of the situation. Their messages are loud and clear, straightforward and to the point. If you’re like me, once you learn the language of the Elder Futhark and bond with your rune stones, you won’t want to put them down!

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*Editor’s note: This article was previously published April 26th, 2017 and has been updated for astrological accuracy.

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