Which Disney Villain Are You, Based on Your Zodiac Sign?

​Let’s be honest – sometimes, we empathize with the villain of the story. Nobody is perfect, and we all have our shadow self; just like every hero needs a villain, so every personality needs a dark side to accentuate the light.

In that regard, Disney has made some of the most relatable (and dare we say fun?) villains in cinema. Though we may want the hero to prevail, it’s wickedly enjoyable to watch these bad guys at work.

Which Disney Villain Best Embodies the Traits of Your Zodiac Sign?

Aquarius- Cruella de Vil, 101 Dalmatians

You are not known for giving up on your goals, Aquarius, no matter how outlandish or bizarre they may be to others. While you have a reputation as being one of the most socially driven signs of the zodiac, you’re also one of the most ambitious, so good luck to anyone that tries to stand in the way of getting what you want. Dalmatians can’t change their spots, but you can work on being a little more adaptable.

Pisces – Dr. Facilier, The Frog Princess

It’s not really in your wheelhouse to do things the hard way, now is it? We’re not saying you’re lazy, but if there’s an easy way to get something done without putting in work, you’re all about that Pisces. This may not always pan out for you though, because cutting corners can sometimes lead to unpleasant consequences- perhaps not as serious as vengeful voodoo spirits, but certainly nothing you’d enjoy!

Aries – Hades, Hercules

Good at seeing the big picture but with a confidence that borders on being a little arrogant, you can’t help but expect the world to give you what you want, Aries. It’s not in your nature to take ‘no’ for an answer, and you hate being put away on the sidelines, which can be a positive personality trait – as long as you’re not self-serving or taking power away from others. Be generous, lest you end up in the Styx.

Taurus – Queen of Hearts, Alice in Wonderland

It really has to be your way or the highway, doesn’t it Taurus? You know exactly how you want things to be in your life and domain, and aren’t particularly well known for adapting to change or opposition. You’re not likely to resort to ‘painting the roses red’ when things don’t go your way, but you can be difficult when your desires aren’t met. We’re all mad here, so learn to embrace the unexpected a little.

Gemini – Sid Phillips, Toy Story

Hate to say it Gemini, but sometimes you can toy with people; it’s not really your fault, you barely know what you yourself want half the time – never mind what you want from other people. It’s not an excuse to play with people’s feelings or leave them feeling used though, so make sure you take care not to discard friends and lovers like an old doll when they bore you, or can’t keep up. Learn to play nice, okay?

Cancer – Gaston, Beauty & The Beast

You’re so used to being liked by everybody Cancer, that occasionally it’s hard for you to accept that you’re not irresistible to the world – and heaven forbid you actually have to work for that affection, rather than just assuming you deserve it. Your tendency to hold a grudge or get your claws out when you feel unappreciated is decidedly beastly. Be forgiving, and you’ll be the belle of the ball in no time.

Leo – Scar, The Lion King

Pride goes before a fall Leo, which you should know better than any other. In your mind, you are the star, you deserve it all, and you have no qualms about taking it – but maybe, sometimes, you go a little too far. Your inability to consider the needs of others if they’re in the way of getting what you want is not particularly regal.

Virgo – Ursula, The Little Mermaid

Nothing turns Virgo into a witch quite like people with their hand out. You like to consider yourself fair and altruistic but can’t stand when people refuse to help themselves – or hold up their end of the bargain. You may think you’ve been fair in your judgment, but things can get a little scary if you feel you’ve been slighted. Good luck to the poor, unfortunate soul that takes advantage of your goodwill.

Libra – Yzma, The Emperor’s New Groove

Your inability to commit to one course of action leaves you in a bind more often than not, Libra. You may have grandiose ambitions, but your lack of ability to plan and execute sets you up for failure. The problem is you can see the merit in every angle – you just can’t pick which one to use. Spend a little less time imagining your wins and a little more actually putting in the hard work, and you’ll hit your groove.

Scorpio – Shere Khan, The Jungle Book

Scorpio, your appetite for being moody and distant is rarely satisfied, and you’re always hungry for another opportunity to push people away if they don’t meet your standards. While you may revel in the aloof, intimidating persona you’ve cultivated, it can be hard to go through life as a lone wolf (or tiger). You need to trust people and let them in since you might need their help one day – it’s a jungle out there.

Sagittarius – Maleficent, Sleeping Beauty

There is no bigger insult than not inviting you to the party, Sagittarius. You may be one of the most free-spirited and fun signs of the zodiac, but that energy can turn mean if you feel like you’ve been excluded from something or disrespected. Your ability to hold a grudge knows no bounds when you’ve been insulted, and you’re not above wanting a little revenge. Learn to sleep on things before you overreact.

Capricorn – Captain Hook, Peter Pan

Capricorn can’t help it that childishness and a lack of ability to take things seriously winds them up; they are so focused on their goals that they see such behavior as insulting to their own efforts. You don’t mean to come off as bossy or controlling, but your single-minded pursuit of success doesn’t leave you much room to relax. Try being a little less pushy, and you might find yourself getting a helping hand.

We can all do better in life, and half the battle is acknowledging the things we need to work on in our personalities. If this list left you feeling a little villainous, just make sure to focus on the best qualities within yourself and you’ll be back to being the hero in no time!

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