Work Slows with Saturn Retrograde in Capricorn

When Saturn the planet goes retrograde we can expect to mature in relation to the zodiac sign it’s in as well as the areas of life it rules. This time, the retrograde occurs in the Earth sign of Capricorn.

Because Saturn is linked to work and responsibilities, and Capricorn is the quintessential hard-worker of the zodiac, we can expect our work lives to slow down, and we may find it extra challenging to find motivation and energy during this transit.

As with all retrograde periods, the time is ripe to lean into your weaknesses and the things you struggle with so you can find ways to improve. This retrograde specifically will highlight the areas where you most need to build up discipline in regards to your work and obligations in life.

Whatever lesson you need in terms of career, you can use this time to help you if you properly prepare your mind. When we know there is going to be a challenge, we can meet it with a strong intention and persistent will.

5 Tips to Use During Saturn Retrograde in Capricorn to Improve Your Work Life:

1. Keep a To-Do List

If you have been acting like an adult child and doing as little as possible to get by, it may come back to bite you now. It may come across a lesson that will help you develop a stronger work ethic.

To get ahead of the curve, keep a daily list of things you need to do and cross them off as you do them. Use a notebook, an app on your phone or computer, whatever is most convenient for you. It will help you see what you’re doing and feel good about it.

2. Pin-Point Where You Waste Time

Do you spend a lot of time daydreaming, complaining, or watching television shows that are not making you any happier? Make a list of the habits that might be just a colossal waste of time that drain your energy instead of contributing to it. It could be arguing with a partner about petty things, eating when you could be taking a walk, or playing video games instead of reading about something that would inform you about a topic of interest. Write up replacement habits that would make you feel better about yourself next to the ones you want to delete from your life.

3. Identify Specific Career Goals Are

Perhaps this is a time that you can see how you’ve been repeating behaviors in your career instead of making headway. If you have just been working without a real goal, it’s time to get some clarity around your mission in life. How do you want to use and develop your passions to help the world? Write it down and come up with a task list that will get you there. This can help redirect your energy and inspire you in your work life.

4. Don’t Try To Do Too Much

You might feel less able to accomplish tasks during this time, so it’s important to give yourself more wiggle room. Don’t over promise what you’re capable of and just practice self-love if you find yourself making slower progress than usual. It’s not always the right time to move full speed ahead. Be patient with others if they are also struggling to move forward with work targets. This can reduce tension for you and with others just having the awareness that we are all psychically looking into the past to see how we can learn from the habits we have, which means that there is less ‘get it done’ energy.

5. Budget & Reduce Excess Spending

Revamp your use of money and see if you’ve been buying too much extra stuff you don’t need. Are you eating meals out too much? Maybe you’re not paying bills on time and getting hit with late charges? Where can you tidy up your finances to lower stress and start contributing to your savings? This is a time where you may not step into new opportunities as often, so keep what you have with careful attention and an attitude of gratitude. You’ll be learning valuable lessons that strengthen your character that will lead to more growth in the future.


Saturn is sometimes called the planet of karma, or the planet of limitations. It’s not that it’s a negative planet, though, it’s more that it teaches us how to maneuver in the world and use our time as wisely as possible in order to achieve as much as possible. Saturn’s masculine energy acts as the disciplinarian of our consciousness. It’s not the fun police either. It simply helps us see where we are our own biggest obstacles to success.

Since everything we put out into the world comes back to us, we can see those intentions in our career coming back to us during retrograde. This is a time to grow from within so you can again push forward and expand when the planet goes direct.

You may feel particularly tense and have some strong internal battles waging. Give yourself time to be with your soul and thoughts in meditation over the next few months so you can hear your inner truths coming to the surface. When we work with the planetary movements instead of against them or without regard for them, our souls can evolve and we can become better versions of ourselves. Each time we learn a big lesson, we are able to show up better for the world. Embrace the challenges and welcome the lessons.

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