Which Disney Princess Are You, Based on Your Zodiac Sign?

Disney has been enchanting moviegoers since 1923 with animated films – in fact, they were one of the first companies to use live actors interacting with cartoon characters. Quickly realizing the popularity of animated features, Disney began a long legacy of fairy tale classics, historical reimagining, and completely original stories. The princesses of Disney, in particular, have attained worldwide fame. Many of us grew up with the classics, and those in the younger generations are growing up with brand new princesses.

Created to be inspiring and relatable, we can surely see a bit of ourselves in the qualities of our favorite Disney princesses. Read on to find out which Disney princess is most closely aligned with your astrology sign!

Your Disney Princess, Based on Your Zodiac Sign:

Aquarius – Moana, Moana

Strong-willed and driven by the need to improve the lives of the people around her, Moana is an obvious Aquarius. Keeping in the spirit of this Air sign, Moana also has a deep aversion to playing things safe, and can’t help but challenge the problems in her path with creative solutions. Just like this princess, an Aquarius’s selflessness, natural resistance to adversity, and drive for success is what ultimately fulfills them.

Pisces – Snow White, Snow White & the Seven Dwarves

Snow White is a consummate Pisces, with her generous and open spirit. Just like the second sign of the zodiac, this character is deeply compassionate, and happiest caring for those that care about them in return. While their trusting nature and desire to be helpful can sometimes land them in trouble, both Snow White and Pisces know when to lay low and avoid confrontation to protect their sensitive selves.

Aries – Mulan, Mulan

Only an Aries would have the will and resolve to take on an entire army, so this is clearly the sign best represented by Mulan. Decisive and bold, Mulan doesn’t let anybody stop her from accomplishing her goals. Mulan has the heart of a warrior, perfect for a fire sign ruled by Mars, and is confident taking risks to protect what she loves. Just like Aries, this character is a great leader and inspires all around them.

Taurus – Rapunzel, Tangled

Eager to prove their strength and ability to make good decisions, Rapunzel and this Earth sign have a lot in common. While it’s easy to dismiss their resolve as stubbornness, there is very little that will sway a Taurus OR Rapunzel from reaching their goals. When their sizeable intellect is focused on getting what they want, watch out- their calm and kind nature makes Taurus and Rapunzel likable powerhouses.

Gemini – Ariel, The Little Mermaid

Though she may live under the sea, Ariel is very much an Air sign; her aversion to the mundane and thirst for knowledge make her a distinct Gemini. Much like Ariel, curiosity and the lure of adventure drives a Gemini, which means there’s never a dull moment. However, that inability to settle and reflect can sometimes lead both Gemini and Ariel to miss what’s right in front of them- both good and bad.

Cancer – Cinderella, Cinderella

As a true Cancer, Cinderella is kind, forgiving, and humble; while it’s easy for this sign to be taken advantage of due to their giving natures, like Cinderella, Cancer will always find support and acceptance from those they’ve helped in the past. Perhaps a little quick to fall in love, and then retreat when things are not perfect, having their trust in a person proven right is what wins over Cinderella – and Cancer too.

Leo – Merida, Brave

Regal, stubborn, and, well, brave, Merida is the most leonine of the Disney princesses. While it can be hard for both Leo and Merida to curb their impulsive natures or let others be right, their confidence in their abilities is inspiring and one of their best qualities. Though pride is often the downfall of this fire sign and character, the saving grace for both is their unwavering loyalty and ability to love fiercely.

Virgo – Belle, Beauty & the Beast

What character better embodies a Virgo than Belle? Intelligent and independent, she is an earth sign to the core- though, in true Virgo fashion, this can sometimes read as ‘aloof’. With her devotion to family & willingness to sacrifice for those she loves, Belle embodies the best traits of a Virgo. The sincerity that Belle brings to all that she does is what allows her to thrive, much like her zodiac counterpart.

Libra – Pocahontas, Pocahontas

Invested in peace, with a flair for diplomacy and drama, there is no character that represents Libra more than Pocahontas. Often called upon for their rationality and ability to see both points of view, this air sign is a perfect match for Pocahontas, who is both free-spirited and unafraid of taking risks, but also a compassionate mediator. This balance of challenger and protector is the ultimate Libra personality.

Scorpio – Elsa, Frozen

Let it go? Not likely for this Water sign and their corresponding princess. Like most Scorpios, Elsa is perceived as distant or secretive by strangers- and just like her zodiac counterpart, this hides a deep need for acceptance and security. Creative and sensitive, it’s easy for both Scorpio and Elsa to be misunderstood as loners. Once you break past the icy exterior though, there’s a deep reserve of empathy to be found.

Sagittarius – Jasmine, Aladdin

Anyone willing to get on a flying carpet with a stranger must be a Sagittarius, and Jasmine is the perfect character for this sign. Adventurous and independent, both archer and princess are not very fond of conformity or responsibility. While Jasmine has royal obligations that most Sagittarius would balk at, like a true fire sign, she manages to get what she wants in the end with her ingenuity and persuasive spirit.

Capricorn – Tiana, The Princess & the Frog

With a dream of owning a business and the resolve to work from the bottom up, Tiana is a classic Capricorn. This assertive earth sign is logical, resourceful and has vast reserves of willpower- all traits that come in handy whether you’re magically transformed into a frog or angling for a promotion at work. Even with all that ambition, there’s still time for romance and happiness for both Tiana and Capricorn.

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