Numerology & the Number 3: What March Means

Happy March! This is an exciting time of year. In the Northern Hemisphere – we have Winter coming to an end and the excitement of Spring blossoms and blessings. Meanwhile, the Southern Hemisphere is gearing up for the bounties and harvests of Autumn.

Wherever you are in the world, we have the zodiac cycle coming to an end at the same time as the Spring and Autumn Equinoxes. When the Sun enters Aries, the zodiac cycle begins again all over the world.

But, in addition to that, we have the glory of the number 3 upon us, as March is the third month of the year no matter where you live in the world.

That’s exciting! For all zodiac signs and all life path numbers, the numerology of this month coincides with the numerology of this year. Let’s talk about that today!

Numerology & the Universal Year 3

Every year that arrives we have a Universal Year in numerology. That means that the numerology cycle in Universal Years works in a nine-year cycle. In the zodiac, the cycles are in 12’s, and in the Tarot, cycles are in 10’s. When you reach 10 in the Tarot, you are bringing something to completion and finishing a chapter.

The same applies for 12 in astrology. Spring arrives when the Sun enters Aries and a new zodiac cycle begins that will take 12 months.

In numerology, the journey is 9 numbers long. In 2019, we are at a Universal Year number 3, and this means we are at the third stage of a particular journey.

The last two years have been intense in this journey. 2019 brings us to the third stage of this journey, and that’s exciting. It’s a chance to regroup, reassess, and stop for a fresh breath of air while we reflect on what is to happen next.

March 2019 is the same. It is the third month of the year, the month that bears the balance between the half of the month being Winter and half of the month being Spring. As such, this month is all about taking that last kick at the can in the first half of the month, and springing forward to plant the best seeds for an exciting Spring.

That’s what numerology and the number 3 mean for 2019 and for March. The vibration of the number 3 is a little higher this month than it is for any other month of the year because it’s a 3 month in a 3 year.

What is this all about? How are we going to really engage and embrace this collective universal feeling of reflection and taking that fresh breath of air as the seasons change?

Numerology & the Universal Year Number 3 in March 2019

In numerology, the number 3 is all about creativity, expressing yourself, and engaging your emotional sensitivities. Three is not the most practical number, but it is emotive, optimistic, social, humorous, and fun.

Bringing this number into the mainstream March 2019, it’s a time where we lighten up a little bit. We can relax more in spiritual enlightenment, or become empowered by this.

If you want a mission statement for a 3 year, it’s the same one for a 3 month: Truth to power.

That doesn’t necessarily mean complaining to the government for everything you can think of. Although you could! It’s a great month to engage that voice if you have a beef. It means being true to yourself. Come from a place of no, or come from a place of yes. Be okay with saying what you mean with kindness.

If someone asks you a favor and you don’t want to, just say so. “I can’t, sorry.” That works! We worry so much about hurting people’s feelings that we hold ourselves back from saying no. Say no, darn it! If you are holding yourself back from fun and enjoyable experiences, come from a place of yes. Again, we hold ourselves back because we feel we don’t deserve them, so we politely decline invitations and experiences that could be the gift of a lifetime. Come from a place of yes.

It’s all about being clear and direct in your communication. Be okay with this. No, really! Be okay with this. Worry more about how you are going to feel with your answer than how someone else will feel. You aren’t hurting any feelings of the ones who love you when you are true to who you are.

If someone has a problem when you speak your truth, that’s informative. Check their intentions.

Communication, having fun, connecting through emotions, creativity, and speaking your truth. Use these traits as you wrap up one cycle of Winter and prepare for a new one with Spring when the Sun enters Aries.

Your Checklist for Numerology 3 Month – March 2019

When it comes to the practical things you can do during March 2019 to harness the power of 3, the keyword is: communication. We are in the middle of a Mercury retrograde just as Winter closes and the Spring Equinox arrives. So communication is already a bit wonky.

Speak clearly with pure intent and kindness in all areas and you will get through March with a smile, even when those that aren’t doing these things are singing the cranky song all month long. That won’t be you!

Here’s a little checklist that you can do every day through March to win using the power of Universal Year 3.

Speak your truth.

Don’t live in fear. This is the month to really tap into that side of you that sits in silence when something disagreeable is happening around you. Don’t be afraid to speak up. To anybody. You don’t have to be rude, kindness is favored. You still have to think before you speak. But if you aren’t being respected, then shout it. You have rights and powers too. Speak your truth. Not doing that is living in fear. Don’t do it.

Respect those that speak their truth.

Communicating goes both ways. Obviously. When someone says something that you may not like, be okay with it. Respect them for being fearless and trusting you with their truth, even if they are saying no to you. This helps you to win too.

• Lighten up. Be funny. Engage in humor. Live. Love. And laugh, laugh, laugh, laugh, laugh.

Little slips will happen under Mercury retrograde. Laugh it off. Humor shows a real side of life that allows us to open a higher intellectual plane and relate to our fellow humans in an enjoyable way. It bonds us.

Teach yourself.

Want to learn something new? Join that club you’ve been too shy to try. Give yourself a reboot on something you are curious about. Take a cooking class. Take an eating class! Learn. Magic happens.

Follow through.

If you give someone a yes, follow through. If you say no to someone, follow through. Check in with them and ask them how that event or experience went, let them know you are on their plane. Follow through with everything you said yes to as well. Finish the job. Get ‘er done. Then celebrate yourself for speaking your truth, and finishing the job.

Concluding Thoughts…

When it comes to using the power of number 3 in March 2019, remember you have this Universal 3 power in a double dose. It’s a Universal Year 3 in 2019 and March is a 3 month. Be creative, optimistic, generous, and emotive, and speak your truth this month. Communication is a bit wonky due to Mercury retrograde literally all month long. And that makes kindness even more important. Thoughts become things. Be true to you.

This month, making that decision could be the most empowering thing you do in your life. What are you doing to empower your success potential this month?

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