Numerology & the Number 2: What February Means

Can you believe we are in the second month already? That means we only have ten months and change left to go on our goals.

No pressure! No, really. No pressure at all.

February is an exciting month because it’s a sweet short month that gets us that much closer to the end of winter in the Northern Hemisphere. But we only have 28 days to figure out what we want to do and accomplish in this month. As such, we have a lot of decisions to make. That is essentially what the power of 2 and the second month of the year is all about. That and, partnerships, pairs, and love of course, with this being Valentine’s month. But we can take this energy a little deeper and more beyond our Valentine’s themes and look at how to use the power of numerology and the number 2 when constructing our Valentine’s Day goals.

That’s what we are talking about today – February and the power of 2. Let’s have a look.

Numerology & the Number 2 – What Does it Mean?

There’s a lot of power in the number 2, more than people realize. Let’s look at what it looks like for example if we break it down.

One of the most common English phrases is, “One plus one is two, right?” Yes! 1 plus 1, or, you can just look at those two 1’s side by side like this, 11.

The power of one is something we’ve already discussed, with January numerology. 1 is all about winning, being the leader, starting new things, new chapters and new beginnings.

The power of 2 is kind of that energy kicked into high gear by multiplying by itself. 1 and 1 = 2. February numerology is a little bit like 1 numerology on steroids, sort of.

You use all of the drive and leadership you gained in January and try and kick that into high gear. Start putting some action energy into those goals of yours.

Along with that drive and leadership on steroids, think about bringing others into the picture. February is Valentine’s month and the month we are already thinking of partners. We can use that energy to bring in partners in every area of your life.

A big work project? Find someone to help you knock it out, or consult with someone. It’s also a good time of the year to go into a business partnership of any kind with someone. It’s all about being creative.

But that’s not all.

February Themes With Number 2 in Numerology

In the field of numerology, the meaning of the number 2 is also slightly more reserved than number 1. Number 2 is very driven but in a much quieter way. Even though it’s 1 on steroids, number 2 handles life in a more conservative manner.

Handling your projects and goals this month should take this into advisement.

2’s as far as life path number 2’s go are the sweet souls of the world. They are very bright though. They are sensitive and diplomatic and like to share and cooperate.

They are also the peacemakers and peacekeepers of the world. Patient, kind, and creative. The meaning of the number 2 is also very feminine. You can see some sensual vibes coming from 2, and 2’s are also ripe with gifts and talents.

2’s can be good with money too, and this is a good money month for many Earthlings. The post-Christmas bounce back is in full swing, and we feel more in control of our finances than we have in the past two or three months.

The second house of astrology is ruled by the Mutable Earth sign Taurus. Taurus is known for being grounded, hard-working, and very good with finances. Taurus is also known for being sensual, creative, and producing good things after getting their hands dirty in something like gardening or painting.

This is because Taurus is ruled by Venus and likes things beautiful. We see a lot of this feminine sensuality in the number 2 as well, which is just one more reason why February is a great month for Valentine’s. Time to really get your sense activated and feel the feels of this sexy month.

But just like every zodiac sign has a good side rolling, they also have a shadow side. So do the numbers.

The not so great things about 2’s is that they are very restless, and can even be a little bit spoiled. Because they are so good with money, if they don’t have it, they are very unhappy. And their relationship with the truth is sometimes a double-edged sword.

You might find a little bit of restless energy in February as well.

And, don’t forget, everything is connected. 2’s in numerology connect with the zodiac, and the second house of the astrological houses and they also have a theme in the Tarot.

The Major Arcana card in the Tarot symbolized by the number 2 is The High Priestess, and it is this card that connects the most to numerology number 2. The High Priestess is also a very feminine card, and she sits beside two pillars of information. She also has a bit of a smug look on her face.

She’s holding onto something, and that is probably information. Secrets are a big part of February as well, and these are secrets of the High Priestess. They will help move you on your life path, but you will need to go out and find them. Qe sees in the High Priestess that she is not moving any time soon.

We also have this stabilizing energy of the number 2. It’s very driven, but the information you may need to pursue those goals is maybe not so much. You may have to wait for it, and the information may be held by another party.

As much as you are putting some fire into your goals and getting your hands dirty with them, you also are in a bit of a hurry up and wait pattern as you wonder who is holding the trump card you need to move forward?

You’ll find out, and patience is the key to doing so when the High Priestess is in play, which is the case for February.

Using Number 2 Themes in February

Right now you’re probably thinking, whoa! That’s a whole lot of information, Batman! Who knew that 2 could give us so much to work with? Although this is a lot of energy, now we are going to talk about how to use this in your daily life to win in February. Here’s a handy checklist for you of the top 5 things to keep in mind and do every day to harness the power of 2 in February.

  • Discretion is everything.

Like The High Priestess, the power of 2 in February is taken from a more passive form of strength. Yes, you are going after your goals. But no, you are not charging in. Keep your cards close to your chest this month as you build partnerships, foundations, and get closer to your goals. Information is power and you will know what you need and when to use it when the time is right. You’ll know what that means by the end of the month.

  • The silence of the yams.

It’s time to stop looking at what is right in front of you, and pay attention to what is happening around you. And just soak it all in. Observe, like The High Priestess. Most of it is small potatoes. You’ll know what the big stuff is when you know it. For now, just watch, and learn.

  • Be the silent party in everything.

Silent partnerships are big in February. You could be part of one, or want to be a silent party in many experiences this month. When tempers crop up around you, just stay silent and diplomatic. Don’t give more information than you need to right now. You get power this way this month. Being kind, understanding, diplomatic, makes you the strong silent type that everyone wants to work with and love.

  • Be resilient.

That means being flexible. When something goes upside down one day and wrong side up the next day, just roll with it. The shape of the number 2 is a very strong but flexible line. Stay strong and just breathe your way through life.

  • Stay pretty.

It’s not only Valentine’s month, but it’s second house month that rules Taurus who is ruled by love and money planet, Venus. And Venus is beautiful. Venus is in Cardinal sign of the Earth signs Capricorn for most of this month, so you get strength from her in both work and money areas, and also in love! When we say stay pretty, we mean it. This is not the month to get caught without deodorant or lip gloss. You’re running into influential people and partners this month, in both work and love, and want to always look your inner Venus best. Sensual Venus in work-bound Capricorn, a commitment sign, is an exciting time to attract partnerships of all kinds. You just never know when wiley Venus is going to get her saucy ways into your life. Stay pretty. Because you just never know.

    Keep your cards close to your chest, always be collecting information this month because information is power. Be flexible and diplomatic when change energy arrives. Smile pretty. And always show your beautiful self to the world, because you just never know what you’ll be multiplying by the power of 2 when March rolls in.

    Concluding Thoughts…

    There’s so much to work with in February when it comes to using the power of 2. So many themes of creativity, abundance, wealth, beauty, and love. Create beauty in your life, at your desk, in your home, in your car, on yourself, and you’ll see ways that you attract powerful things this month. Celebrities with life path 2 that use this same strategy are Bill Clinton, Jennifer Aniston, and Jackie Kennedy! It’s about beauty and the power of partnership. Stay on top of your Daily Horoscopes and Daily Tarot to make sure you are doing everything right in February.

    What are your big goals this month and how are you going to create partnerships to get there? Let us know on our Facebook page!

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