Netflix Shows & Movies for Aquarius to Binge this Month

Celebrating another journey around the Sun this month are our Aquarian friends! Happy Solar Return, Aquarius!

Instead of spending your birthday out at a bar or eating mountains of cake, why not have your closest friends over and find some time to just hang out in your imagination so that you can get back in touch with who you are as a soul, where you want to go with your life, and find the fuel to go there?

We’ve perused Netflix to offer you some of the best shows and movies that we know appeal to the big heart and visionary mind of an Aquarius. Hopefully, this will save you time scrolling through the endless stream of topics that are now at the click of a finger. Travel to another time and even another dimension through this portal of inspiration and all the while find your own fire burns brighter.

It’s your day, so you can watch what you want! Your birthday month should propel you into a fresh year that lets you be more open and more true to your inner muse. When you celebrate yourself you give others permission to do the same. As we get older, sometimes a night in is exactly what we need to feel rejuvenated. Take care of your emotional side by having a ‘Netflix and Chill’ party this year, Aquarius, and expand that wild mind of yours.

The Aquarius Horoscope Explained

The Air sign of the Water-Bearer has many strengths that set them apart as great leaders and innovative thinkers. Aquarians are famous for their revolutionary minds and independent spirits due to being a Fixed sign. They are global citizens that will forgo the simple pleasures in life to fight for the cause of justice. Ruled by Uranus, the planet of change and originality, they certainly know how to think for themselves and they also inspire others to work for the greater good.

Movies that touch upon the collective consciousness can be deeply inspiring for an Aquarius. Films and good shows can be a very influential learning ground for the Aquarius to step more fully into their greatest gifts.

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Movies to Binge Based on the Aquarius Horoscope

Here are five movies (including documentaries) we have hand-picked for the Aquarius to choose from based on the strongest traits an Aquarius possesses. Something all these films have in common is the way they stimulate the imagination and inspire the viewer. According to the Aquarius horoscope, Aquarians will go to the ends of the Earth to help others, so you’ll see the adventurous theme come through in these films and shows as well.


Coco is an animation film that is great for both children and adults because it shows how much pressure can be put on someone by their family and the journey one can go through to face the pressure and follow what is in their heart. This film shows how rewarding it can be to push boundaries, something the rebellious Aquarian is sure to identify with. The story of Coco shows how one person can change the world even against all odds, so it can inspire young and old Aquarians alike. If you want to reignite the spark inside, this film is very moving.


Extinction appeals to sci-fi loving Aquarians while bringing up ethical issues around technology and how it could very well threaten human health and safety in the near future. The plot twists in this film will surprise you – we won’t spoil it, but let’s just say it has to do with the survival and revival of the human race in direct contact with artificial intelligence. Innovative, tech-loving Aquarians will be fascinated by the questions in this film about how to save the world when robots and humans are hard to tell apart. This appeals to the humanitarian nature of the Aquarius and stimulates the imagination.

Like Father

If you’re spending time with family for your birthday, you may want to watch this heartwarming comedy about a woman who is left at the altar and finds herself on a cruise with the last man she expected, her estranged father. It will appeal to the sense of humour, the love of travel, the strong work ethic, and independent nature an Aquarius knows so well. The humour in this film has a way of soothing the spirit and touching on tougher subjects without being cliche or depressing. As the film progresses, the two protagonists learn more about themselves and each other – and for the occasionally reclusive Aquarius, it’s a good reminder that despite our differences, we are all ultimately after the same things in life.

The White Helmets

The White Helmets appeals to the good that can be pulled out of people amidst tragedy. It follows first responders who aid those being attacked in Syria. You could put this movie on while you take a relaxing bubble bath because it is just a short 40-minute documentary. Aquarians often feel called toward travel and humanitarian aid initiatives, so this documentary is sure to satisfy that craving. Since this film is a little heavy, we recommend doing gentle stretching, drinking some healthy herbal tea, or rolling out your muscles with a foam or jade roller while watching this film to turn the experience into self-care time.

The Pixar Story

Highly imaginative Aquarians are known to be instigators of creative social projects. This documentary tells the story of how Pixar animation studios started. This behind-the-scenes look can help inspire you to start a new creative project. If you’ve been considering a career change, wanting to find a creative outlet, or searching for a positive way to inspire others, The Pixar Story will certainly help you see how some people did just that. Knowing the story behind this company will help you see how your story could also be a made into a movie one day if you just take that first leap towards the unknown. Aquarians often become business owners because they are so independent and their minds can easily accommodate big ideas.

Shows to Binge Based on the Aquarius Horoscope

Black Mirror

This is a futuristic show which depicts what could happen if humanity’s darkest tendencies go unacknowledged and wreak havoc in a technologically advanced society. Black Mirror shows how our fantasies could create a twisted world where technology has no limits. This intellectually stimulating show asks deep philosophical questions, so it will quickly capture the philosophical Aquarian mind. Because an Aquarius isn’t afraid to question the norms of society and look at what’s working and what’s not, we know the concepts of this show will spark interest. Each episode is unique and leaves you on the edge of your seat trying to follow the complexity of the plot with its brilliant writing.


This futuristic show has 3 seasons so it could take your entire birthday month to watch. The plot is about using technology to avoid catastrophic events by allowing special operatives to enter the consciousness of people right before death. This way of helping humanity is mind-bending and certainly appeals to the sense of a greater mission an Aquarius lives with. This show is similar to Black Mirror in the way consciousness, time, and technology are all blended. Travellers brings up important issues we face today of how social media can mess with our emotions. It is sure to open the mind and stimulate your imagination.

How to Get Away With Murder

A strong-minded criminal defence attorney has created 4 seasons of a show any Aquarius will get sucked into. It’s been nominated for multiple awards and appeals to the sense of leadership and justice that the mind of an Aquarius naturally focuses on. The lead character is a strong woman who influences many and stays the course despite difficulties. Despite its name, How to Get Away With Murder is about doing the right thing, working through adversity, and dedicating your life to the greater good. If you want to get inspired to live a life of purpose, watch this series and you’ll find the right attitude.

The Good Place

This comedy series shows how an arrogant woman faces her life after her death when she’s accidentally sent to a utopia designed for the righteous and learns how not to be a jerk by learning to see things from outside the box. This funny, witty show will help you relax but still inspire you to look in the mirror and reflect on yourself. It’s a great show that we think will appeal to the sense of humour and love of self-improvement that an Aquarius doesn’t shy away from. Not everything has to be heavy, and if you want to laugh and still watch a show that isn’t intellectually vacant, The Good Place is just what you’re looking for.


Each Aquarius, being independent in nature, will have their own taste for media, but these ideas can at the very least be a springboard for a good relationship you can foster between you, Netflix and your own creativity. Cinema is soul food so don’t let it spoil in the back of the digital refrigerator.

Check out your Aquarius horoscope today and every day this month to make the most of Aquarius season!

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